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Grand Master

    @LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM where knowledge rules: truth is our keyword and watchword.
    Upon angels guide we flow. Telling the people the truth at all times.
    Because you deserve to know the truth to make a difference, you sure to be ritualistic.
    Yes Rituals!
    One may ask, what is rituals?

    Yes because of the presence of evil seen among men today in our society, many are tales following spiritual knowledge and practices promoting likes and dislikes.
    Truly the gods are wise and spirits most powerful! Mmuo dike!!
    Wisdom does whatever that pleases her.
    Do you know this to be true?
    If you are wise you understand better!

    Yes wisdom does whatever that pleases her. Do remember the world was founded upon wisdom.
    In the book of Proverbs 8:22 we read
    “Adonai made me as the beginning of his way,
    the first of his ancient works”.

    In the book of Proverbs 3:19 we read also
    “Adonai by wisdom founded the earth,
    by understanding he established the heavens”.

    “By wisdom Adonai (The most high) founded the earth” telling you that wisdom is a gateway to divine possibilities.

    Because wisdom is a gateway to great possible possibilities, the wise does whatever they like.
    This true formation an ofeke misunderstood and has to call it evil in most cases even when he lacks the knowledge of truth.
    Ask an ofeke what is evil and good, he will begin to speak like a pot of water on fire.
    Making sounds without a discerning body language! (that’s the sound of pot of water on fire).

    Evil if I tell you, to know “evil” and understand “good”, you must be wise!
    Otherwise both would remain a nightmare to you.

    Some are mistaken evil to killing.
    Yes you were asked not to kill your fellow human being. it was written and also a call from wisdom to humanity but then how is it that who asked you not to kill often gives them a supporting hands to kill as many as possible souls during the war?
    Could it be he is an evil spirit as ofeke would say?
    Following by the ways and understanding of an ofeke, he seems and could be mistaken to be an evil spirit thus it looks like a deceit.
    But then, when wisdom sets in, wisdom would say, No!
    He is not evil and can’t be called a deceptive spirit nor an evil spirit but a wise spirit.
    Wisdom remembers, permits us to do whatever we like at any time hence she is there to direct our path.
    Wisdom can’t allow the wise to take wrong decisions.
    Upon wisdom, no spirit can take wrong steps.
    Upon wisdom, angels guides!

    Do you now understand why you were not permitted to judge unless you are wise?
    To avoid evil and punishment, an ofeke shouldn’t judge.

    Solomon became a good judge immediately he gained access to wisdom _ Knowledge of the truth!

    @LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM where knowledge rules, we leave you with surprises upon angels guide.

    This true information is reaching you not for entertainment sake but for a recreational, reformational purposes and godliness.
    Asking you to accept a call of wisdom and understanding.
    Stop life of ofekeism because ofeke is too bad – ofeke ajoka!

    We are ritualistic, an exercise that has wisdom support.
    We are humans, an image of the gods and goddesses.
    Before our earthly coming, we have existed elsewhere. A place not different from the realms of spirits.
    From there, we were sent forth for the sole purpose of creatures.
    Because earth is a mission field, spirits are been sent batch by batch annually to this mission field (earth) as caretaker’s and workers.
    Earth we should know is a field, farm land of the gods and goddesses. This was why after creation, behold he looked and saw that all was good. He said to them, come, let us make mankind in our images and likeness. And let them rule over all fishes etc.
    Read Genesis 1:26 for more information.

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