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      What is Oseoji and where does it come from?

      OSEOJI is a seed from a particular type of grass. That which produces oseoji is called oseoyo. It’s not a tree, but a grass.

      When it’s freshly brought out from the ground, it’s wet and will have to be dried under the sun.  After drying under the sun, then it gets to look like it is now – pictures below.


      Before opening oseoji, it has to be taken behind your back. The reason to break it open behind your back is because oseoji is a spirit, and like every spirit, it forbids certain things to remain effective.

      This is why it shouldn’t be opened in your front. To open oseoji, take your two hands behind your back and use your fingers to break it open. After which, you now bring your hands to your front and then pour it into a plate, cup, etc for intended use or keep it like that depending on how you want to use it.

      Oseoji forbids a lot of things. The reason for this is that so that it remains effective. Below are things that oseoji forbids, as well things that makes it more effective.

      Never keep oseoji where a man or woman can cross over it, especially women. The reason for the emphasis on women is that most times they are menstruating, and this affects the effectiveness of oseoji. Therefore, you’ve to be careful where you store the oseoji.

      Oseoji is good when stored on earth (sand). If you’re staying in a place where you’ve a tree in your home and you’re sure that no one will go to the tree anyhow, then you can drop it on the ground under the tree.

      For those that stay in urban areas like the various cities, then you’ve to look for a particular type of stone to keep your oseoji on top of it. There is this type of stone that grows inside water. It has holes around it.

      I believe you can buy this in most spiritual shops in the market. Ask of water stone with holes around it – pictures below.



      When you get it, you can keep your oseoji on top of it after opening it pending usage.

      If you can’t get the water stone, then look for a bottle that has cover. Make sure not to use anything that has stainless or iron. Rather a plastic or bottle container with a good cover will do. Then after opening the oseoji seed, bring your hand to your front and pour it inside, covering it tightly.

      Whenever, you want to make use of it, open the container, take the number of seeds you need and cover it tightly afterwards.

      Why all this carefulness about the oseoji seed? It’s because oseoji is a spirit – simple! So be careful how you open, store, and use it to ensure its effectiveness. If not, you’ll be praying with it not knowing that it’s useless and no longer effective due to how you opened or stored it.

      Yes, we called it a fruit, because it’s a fruit. But the truth is that oseoji is a spirit. Every spirit has things that it forbids. There is no spirit today that doesn’t have things it forbids.

      This is why it’s important to know the spirit you associate with, so you know what it eats and doesn’t eat, what it forbids and doesn’t forbid. Knowing this allows the spirit to serve you better.


      The spirit, oseoji forbids a lot of things. They are as follows:

      After praying with oseoji and circling four times around your head, be careful where you drop it. Be careful you do not drop it anywhere a woman will cross over it. This is because once a woman menstruating crosses over it, it renders it ineffective and all your prayers with it becomes useless.

      Once the oseoji drops on the ground and toches the soil, it becomes a medicine. It communicates to earth (soil) your prayer intentions and they start working towards perfection of your prayer intentions.

      As the breeze blows by, it interacts with earth, communicating your intentions as well and they carry it. It’s now effective because breeze blows everyday; in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo (4 market days).

      As the air carries it, it transports it across the sun, the waters, the earth, the trees in the forest and the heavens. You now see what we do and the reason we do it. That message you sent with oseoji, you now see how it reaches the heavens – because when breeze comes, it blows off sand and everything on the ground.

      You don’t know where it takes it to. All these things it carries and wherever it takes it to, all works together.

      If it drops them on top of the leaves, the leaves show it to the sun. When the sun comes, it communicates to it that this is a message from earth, which the wind brought forth.

      The sun now carries the message and communicates them to the waters, telling it all things being said and for them to start working towards perfection. You now see how all these things work together. How all the spirits are one.

      So, whenever all these things are happening in the spirit and a woman crosses over the place where you dropped the oseoji anytime, be it in 2, 5- or 10-months’ time, all the ritual prayers begins to reverse. Therefore, be careful where you drop your oseoji after prayers.

      Depending on your prayer intentions, it may not matter when a woman crosses over the oseoji seed if the prayer purpose have been achieved. Some prayers are meant to last for a long time, while others are for short periods.

      For example, if you prayed for a new job and a woman crosses over the oseoji seed you dropped after you must have gotten the new job, then it doesn’t matter anymore because the intended intention for the prayers has been answered.

      All in all, be careful where you drop your oseoji seed after prayers. If you drop it carelessly and a woman crosses over it, then your ritual prayer becomes ineffective without you even knowing it. If you stay in a fenced environment, it’s advised you drop it close to the fenced wall where it’s unlikely that anyone will cross over it.

      Furthermore, another thing to know about oseoji is that we use it to say a lot of prayers, depending on the intended purposes. There is a type of prayer that will require you to count a specific number of oseoji seeds and hold it in your hands while saying the prayers. This can be anywhere from 1 seed to 21 seeds or more.

      There is also a prayer that will require you to deep your hands and carry enough oseoji seeds in your hands without knowing the quantity. Some type of prayers will require you to hold the oseoji seeds in boths hands (right and left hand). Some will require you to blow off the oseoji seeds from hands after prayers.

      All these depends on the type of prayers you’re saying with the oseoji. You should know that this is a spirit and we can’t say everything here at once as it all depends on Angel’s guide and it’s individual specific.

      Still on the type of oseoji prayers. Some prayers will require you to chew and swallow the oseoji seeds after saying your prayers. This may not be easy should that be your case, but very important as it’s based on Angel’s guide. This will require a certain number of oseoji seeds and will be made known to you.

      If it’s a prayer that you as a man you don’t know what is happening to you or you want to visit someone and don’t know anything about the individual from onset. What you need to do is count out eight seeds of oseoji. These eight seeds represent Mgbeke, Mgbafor, Mgborie, Mgbankwo, Okeke, Okorie, Okafor, and Okonkwo.

      Do you know who these individuals are? Okeke is any man born on Eke market day. Okafo is any man born on Afo market day. Okorie is any man born on Orie market day. Okonkwo is any man born on Nkwo market day. Mgbeke is any  day. Mgborie is any woman born on Orie market day and Mgbankwo is any woman born on Nkwo market day.

      Every person in this world is born on any of these market days. Any person that is not born on any of these days is not of this world then. These are four market days. After Eke market day, we have Orie, followed by Afo and then Nkwo. After which it starts all over again from Eke and keeps rotating. So every individual must fall into any of these days.

      Therefore, if there is a prayer you’re saying and don’t know anything about the person you’re praying against, the eight seeds of oseoji represents every individual and spirit whatsoever. This type of prayer is said according to how the spirit directs.

      There is a type of message we can’t give people to avoid making them foolish. That’s why at Light House of Wisdom, every member should be spiritually connected, because in certain situations the spirit will have to reveal to the person directly what needs to be done.

      Some prayer types will require you to count out a certain number of oseoji seeds and then chew and swallow them after the prayers thereby retaining the powers within you. It can be 3 seeds, 7 seeds, 21 seeds or more depending on the prayer guide given.

      Some will require you to chew the seeds and then splash them out, making your prayer request to go with the wind and the sun with a view to achieving its intended purpose.

      Sometimes, it may require you to chew the seeds and then splash it out 4 times. At other situations 7 times, according to the prayer guide given.

      There is also a type of oseoji prayer that will require you to chew the required number of oseoji seeds. After which, you then get a handful of gun powder and pour inside your mouth. Oseoji never embarks on a shameful journey and gunpowder never rejects fire. Picture of gunpowder below:

      This means that your words will not be shameful words in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo; in the life of any man or woman; in the eyes of the spirits and human. That the words you say during your prayers will be effective in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo. And will never reject fire in the Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo; in the life of any man or woman; in the eyes of the spirits and human just like gunpowder never rejects fire.

      So when you have both the oseoji and gunpowder in your mouth, you chew them together and blow it out. Depending on the type of prayer, it may require you to splash them out once, 4 times or 7 times. This is the medicine/charm/juju that you hear about.

      You know, when people keep mentioning juju/charm, it looks like every individual that does it will have to visit dibia (a native doctor) to have it done – No! All these things show you that there are a lot of things created by the Most High and left at our disposal for usage.

      You just have to get the required knowledge and become a champion in each respective field to make your life a success.

      The thing is, when you know all these things, you become a champion on your own without requiring any additional help from the Grand Master. I don’t want a situation where someone will only be courageous when he/she remembers me.

      I want a situation where you’ll be courageous because of the knowledge you got from me, Odogwuakataka! Because one day, I will not be there again. That’s why I bring out my time to impact this knowledge to you.


      Oseoji Body Cleansing

      When it comes to cleansing your body with oseoji, you’ve to make sure that the oseoji seed touches your body. Hold it in a way that the oseoji seed is exposed and clearly visible and, can be able to touch your whole body. Don’t cover it with your hand while holding it.

      Why you ask? Because when the oseoji touches your body, it serves as a magnet and as such magnets all the negative energies in your body wherever the oseoji seed touches; from your toes to your arms and chest, which when you finish your prayer and throws the seed away, it carries all those things with it.

      This is what is called cleansing, just like a snake sheds its skin to wear a new one. When you cleanse your body with oseoji, you shed off all the old bad energies to replace it with a new one, making your body holy and as fresh as new.

      Even the Bible we read made us to understand that our body is holy. That holy temple being talked about is our body and nothing else. And anything that is holy doesn’t need corruption. There are several ways that the human body can be exposed to corruption.

      That is why anybody that knows anything about the spirit know that he/she should cleanse his/her body with oseoji at least once in a day, preferably in the morning. You can do it any number of times during the day, but at least once in day. Why it’s important to be done in the morning is because morning is a new dawn. So you take it to start your day.

      Remember, oseoji is a spirit and can do anything. Oseoji told us to send it on a message and to anywhere, that it will go and deliver the message for us. But that does not mean that someone will now come and say that oseoji prayer is the only prayer he/she knows and will be doing – No!

      Everything worketh according to Angels guide and some ritual prayers will require oseoji in combination with other items.

      May the Most High and his Angels guide us as we acquire this knowledge and put it into practice – Iseee!


      Ritual Prayers With Oseoji

      Oseoji has many uses as we explained above.

      Buy OSEOJI that has many tiny seeds. Do not open it holding it before your front or face.  Take it behind your back and open it using your fingers. Then bring it forward and pour into a plate without black or red colours.

      For Body Cleansing

      Pick one seed from the plate. Hold it like this.  (See picture below to see how OSEOJI is held)

      In between your thumb and finger. Use the exposed seed to touch your body. Make sure the seed is touching your body.  Start from your toes to your tummy, your hands, chest and forehead. Cycle around your head four times holding the OSEOJI in ANTI-CLOCK WISE (4 TIMES)  after which you throw it away.

      Make sure you throw away the seed where no female would cross over.  If any woman crosses over it, the purpose is defeated.  It becomes useless.  Cleanse your body by declaring yourself clean and pure.  This you must affirm.

      Repeat the above process with your left hand as well. This is to say that after cleansing your body with your right hand, you then perform the same exercise again using your left hand.

      Also, you must clean your body immediately after having sex. This you would do by repeating the body cleansing rituals three times with three different seeds and throwing them away as directed.

      Why cleanse your body after sex you ask?

      Be wise, sex does not speak good in life of every individual no matter who you are.

      In as much as we are permitted to have and enjoy sex, take note to understand that sex doesn’t speak good about your spiritual life: therefore, take heed. Therefore, to remain spiritually pure, cleanse your body with oseoji each time after sex using 3 seeds of oseoji.

      It doesn’t matter if it’s with your husband or wife. Sex is sex. Yes it’s said our wife and our husband is our bone and our flesh. Truthfully it is, but then, sex is sex.

      The moment you understand this is when you come in true exposition with the truth, having relationship with spirits, hearing from them and talking to them.

      It’s upon Angels guide you understand that sex with your wife or husband is sex. So is sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend. They are all sex

      None talks good about your spiritual life and physical life to an extent.

      Meanwhile, oseoji is not sex supporter therefore do not ask you to go on sleeping with dogs and goats, sheep and pythons. Be careful!


      For Early Morning Prayer

      Use seven seeds of OSEOJI if you have undergone any spiritual baths or rituals.  If not use only three seeds.

      On bare feet, remember.

      Pick the seeds and pour them into your mouth.  Do not chew them yet. Start your ritual (prayers). Start by thanking the MOST HIGH, the archangels, the angels, the gods and goddesses of the land and your ancestors for the gift of life.

      Say your prayers. YOU ONLY KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS.  Affirm positively. Remember not to curse or call names. Do not shout for the gods and goddesses are not deaf. Only ask for your intentions. Be serious.

      After saying your prayers, chew the seeds and swallow. It is peppering, yes.  But do it.

      Remember to use ISEEEE not AMEN in all your ritual prayers.


      For Protection

      If you are embarking on a journey and you are not sure of your safety. Select seven (7) seeds of OSEOJI and put inside your pocket. It will protect you against poison or accident. On your return, immediately remove them and throw away.


      To Curse Your Enemies

      Equally, use 21seeds of OSEOJI to curse your enemies. Here be careful.  Select only 21 seeds.  No more no less. Hold them in your right palm. Thank the Most High, the angels, the gods and goddesses and your ancestors. Call on EKE, ORIE, AFO AND NKWO (4 known market days) to bear you witness.

      Make sure your hands are pure for OSEOJI is unblemished. Do not call names. The gods and goddesses know your enemies. Do not shout.  Be focused. Pray to blind their eyes with which they monitor your life.

      Pray to cause them dumb the mouth with which they use to evil against your progress. Pray to cripple them.  The legs with which they walk against your progress in life. Having done with your prayers, pour the seeds inside your mouth and chew all. Do not swallow. Rather Splash three times thus:

      Splash to blind their eyes and never see you today as you go about your businesses.

      Splash to block their mouths and ears causing them not to hear nor speak on your behalf.

      Splash to cripple their legs so that they don’t work faster before you nor slowly behind your back.

      For more information, write the admin on +2347062855001(WhatsApp)

      Emmanuel justine9275

        Please, after getting the water stone,should I drop the bottle of oseoji on top of it?

        Emmanuel justine9275

          Please, what time is good to pray with it in the morning


            Good evening Odogwuakakata

            Grand Master.

            “at Light House of Wisdom, every member should be spiritually connected, because in certain situations the spirit will have to reveal to the person directly what needs to be done” your words.

            My question is “how can one become spiritually connected as a member?

            Thank you.

            Joseph Val


              Thanks you so much master… pls I got a prophecy from an apostle that told me he saw an oku being placed in a river in uromi against me… he said he saw an image that represents me in the oku he said he saw usu, chameleon, and frog inside the oku… then the person used coconut to cover it… dnt no what those represents though but he said that’s why my contacts are hidden and running away from me and that’s why I no longer hv money… pls sir what is the interpretation of those things and what do I do to break that oku if it is real and what do I do to cleanse me self from it and be getting jobs and making money….and pls can I get your direct contacts so I can reach you and discuss more with u thanks master


                <p style=”text-align: left;”>Good afternoon odogbu akataka, its a wonderful teaching here</p>
                Please enlighten me more about the gun powder and the oseji, how is it done when it involves odeshi and how long will it last


                  <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thank you so much Odogwuakakata!</p>
                   About the body cleansing, can i do it in the bathroom like when i want to shower? Still using just a seed (1) of the oseoji?


                    Grand master i greet you, please what time is best to perform the Ose oji body cleansing and the early morning prayer?


                      Odogwuakataaka I love you and you are too much


                      Uchechukwu john ndudim

                        Grand Master, I greet you, can I use it to beg my ancestors to make ways for me?


                          Grand master, thank you so much…I’m very sure that it was the gods that directed me this forum, I’m really happy


                            Please educate me on the use of oseoji and ogirisi leave


                              Sir , how can one be spiritually connected and alert and how can one open his third eyes


                                Thanks Sir


                                  <p style=”text-align: center;”>Grandmaster thank you so much it is God who directed me to this page</p>
                                  Please am a Ghanaian what is are the four market days

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