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      Gm I salute you , please GM is it true that a Marina that no any amount of charm he or she will do that will work because he is from water
      And is it true that charm don’t affect marina’s

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      What is a charm?
      Do you know?
      For example a child walks up to you and ask, uncle what is a charm? What could you have answere him?
      This question is open for anyone to answer.

      Through the answer, we look forward to know if it true or not, that charms works for mariners or doesn’t work for them
      Give us your answer.
      Zaa ajụjụ a nke ọma.
      It’s high time I learn from you hence I don’t even know this one. Teach me!

      Do you know that sometimes, a teacher has to learn from the students?
      If you don’t know, you will know it today. Because you are going to teach me on this subject.

      What is a charm somebody?
      May the gods and goddesses give you more wisdom to teach us what we don’t know as we look forward hearing from you. More and more light that shines greater than the sun on your path as angels guide you. Iseee

      key strock:
      1. the power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others.
      2. a small ornament worn on a necklace or bracelet.
      3. an object, act, or saying believed to have magic power.

      4. delight greatly.
      5. control or achieve by or as if by power

      That is the little I know about charm

      You can help me more GM

      A charm is a magical spell or an object that brings luck: it’s also a quality of being attractive and pleasing. To charm someone is to attract them

      Lemme try…

      Joseph Mazoje:
      A charm is a spiritual object that work like magic either positively or negatively to course change to persons or the environments

      Charm is of two aspects…from d English dictionary its means delight, attract,captivate,allure etc….but spiritually its means bewitch,hypnotize, to be in total control of something

      To my own little undastanding, I can say that charm is a spiritual mixture, preparation made by a spiritual person or dibia either to bring or yield a negative result or a positive result thank you
      More light on our paths

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      If charm spiritually is what you said…… To be in total control of something, then I ask, what could we say that charm is in one word?

      As spiritual practitioners and a spiritualist we are, we can say and explain charm in one word. What could it be?

      Charm bu *ogwu*

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Onye Igbo dee na oyibo _ Igbo man write in English letter

      Joseph Mazoje:
      We are in an Exam hall nw,GGM always say after the reggae we play the blues,we go see who is the best student here today

      A spell

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Mmụọ dike. In conclusion, what is charm in one word!

      Charm is a spell

      Queen David:
      Charm is ritual practice that brings positive or nagative effect

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      We need a true one word that defines a charm

      Joseph Mazoje:

      Eugenie Austral:
      Charm is a power to attract

      Samuel Okereke Malaysia:

      Should I say that charm is

      One word for charm…an OBJECT. Or INCANTATION

      Aondoyima Fred Akighir:
      Charm other name juju

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Is alright

      Let me help us reading from our present state of knowledge which we have expressed so far

      It’s good to have a thing like this. It help say our mind over things proving the truth

      Joseph Mazoje:
      Ahhhh dis one pass University

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      We all tried reading from our contributions. Do you see why we often said, mmụọ dike?

      Yes, spirits are most powerful

      They are wise indeed

      Most times, they hide from us informations to make a difference. This is why we stand differently

      This is why the world is the way its today

      Saying or accepting it to be true that charm doesn’t work for or against a mariner is what igbo’s called ‘ntụ’ _ lies

      Going by the truth we have to ask, who is a mariner?

      Onye bụ nwa mmiri ọgwụ na anaghị ere n’isi ya?
      Who is a mariner that charms doesn’t work for him/her?

      Are mariners not humans?

      If they are then we ask further, what is this charm?

      Eziokwu bụ ndụ _ truth is life. Th

      is is why we must keep saying it day and night

      Do you know that charm are spirits?

      How many of you knows?

      Ị maghị na ọgwụ bụ mmụọ?

      Then if spirits are charms and charms are spirits how could one possibly say that charm doesn’t work for a mariner and another will accept it to be true?

      When we talk about the spirits _ mmụọ. We see them in waters, herbs, roots, earth, air, plant trees, fire, seen and unseen creatures

      Samuel Okereke Malaysia:
      GGM your right, you have thought us about it every juju/charm there is spirit behind it and is the spirit that will make the juju/charm to manifest

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      This true knowledge is why we employ these forces reading from their individual powers for an effects

      When you say you need charm for gun or bullet protection, there is no where in heaven or under the sea where a dibia goes to get the power

      This is exactly what I wanted to say but I wasn’t sure

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      The powers and possibilities are within us. This is why you can make charm, I can make charm: we can make charm. It has to do with knowledge of the truth which helps effects.
      Still on our discussions.
      When you need power for disappear and appear, it’s same ‘seen’ items within our reach that a dibịa shall use for the services.

      Telling you that these things you see here and there are the spirits you don’t see but wish to see

      This is why without knowing or knowing, as soon as you come in contact of these things, you feel the effects. It becomes a charm!

      Take for example, the leaf we call nju ọfịa in Igbo

      A leaf that has the ability for lost of memory

      When you come in contact of it, you feel the effects

      It could make you lost from sight for a period of only the gods knows how long and days

      When you do, owing to the purpose, you might be fed by the spirits all through the period of days until you gain your consciousness

      What about another we call ngige?

      If a land or property owner do not want anyone to pass through the territory. He simply go and get the plant known and called OKPOTO and mote it be (say what he want). Drop round about the borders, off he goes.

      Only him/her can access the land without effect and another that has the knowledge to the undo

      Otherwise, as soon as you cross the path ignorantly, you feel scorches all over your body and it has to continue for days till remedy is applied

      Do you need grammar to qualify all these?

      When a dibịa applied these using knowledge inside a pot, calabash, ring, wood, cloth, or anything and offers to you for the sole purpose. It remain same having same name and can’t change

      Charm/Spell /juju are spirits. Na spirits dem bi

      That’s why after too many conjunction, we have the reason to bind them together using blood (in some cases).
      As the result maybe, we bind them together with kolanut incantation, pour drinks in some cases and oseoji in other cases. These has to do with knowledge of spirits.

      Be it blood sacrifice or whatever we used to bind them together, all stands unity.

      Hence the items are differently and serve different purposes, when we get them and wish they work together for a purpose. To make this possible is to unity them upon blood ritual sacrifices or we use other means as stated.
      To prepare a charm is to understand creatures and their purposes.
      Because we know what tortoise can do, we tortoise to make a charm.
      Because we know what lizard can do, we use a lizard for charm.

      Because we know what crocodile teeth has power of doing, we add the number that serves the purpose.

      These are what a dibịa does upon angels guide. Finally, we call it a spell/charm/juju.

      We name the ‘do and don’t’ for perfection! Ọ bụrụ nsọ ọgwụ ka ọgwụ we dị irè.

      Observing the rules gives you the desired result

      Ofeke would say charm do not work for a mariner and mirina

      Haven said these, I shall tell you people that charm do not work for no matter how much you try?

      Do you know who and why?

      Mmụọ dike.
      Kamụ biakwa.
      Ejighị ike akpọ ụtaba.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

      Victor D:
      Thank you GGM am grateful and app

      reciate these spiritual teachings, indeed is only here in Light House of Wisdom one can get these insights into the world of the spirits, spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Less than one week l joined this great house with the information I have gotten has make me have hope and confidence handling the issues of life, thank you the great one, may the MOST HIGH GIVE YOU LONG LIFE, MAY THE GODS AND GODDESSES, THE ANGELS CONTINUE TO GUIDE YOU……ISEEE

      GM thank u for your teaching, may the gods and goddess continue to strengthen you. With all honesty Wisdom is power. I bless the day I find the Light House of Wisdom and I can boldly say I am happy to be here and am on the right track of ruling my world. I can never be an Ofeke…more light on our path .. Iseee

      Victor Shedrack:
      Thanks for the approval, am happy to join light house of wisdom

      Henry Jos:
      Another wonderful spiritual tonic from the Odogwu akataaka, the grand master of wisdom.

      Victor Shedrack:
      Please can someone tell me the meaning of Ofeke? I’m a new member in this light house of wisdom.

      Henry Jos:
      Ofeke is simply Spiritual ignorance. Someone that is ignorant spiritually is an OFEKE.

      Victor Shedrack:
      Well penned down, thank you sir

      Henry Jos:
      More light to your path, as angels continue to guide us all.

      Simo Logistics China:
      Odugwuakataka Onye Oma , The GGM himself, greetings from China . I am learning with great speed and understanding. More lights to our paths . Iseeeeeee

      Elsie Ekong:
      Greetings great one. I have followed your write up on alligator pepper. I find it encouraging.
      My question is this I use both the sweet and the hot one. This sweet ones look long. While the short one is the hot ones which you discussed about. Please can you clearly tell the difference?

      Simo Logistics China:
      GM please want to know, if i am to stand or seat down while performing the kolanut ritual, thanks and more light to our parts .

      Elsie Ekong:
      Also great one I use alligator pepper every month as its always in my bag where I keep my money and the drawer. Am a lady whether period or not that particular alligator pepper, remains there. does it mean from January to December its work as I want it to work is not correct.

      Ezeh Oge:
      Exactly!! GGn

      Kendo David:
      Odogbuakataka nnukwu mmuo please sir about the body cleanse after i have use two of the alligator pepper early in the morning how am i going to use the third one after sex

      Nwosu Ngozi:
      Please let’s try and read instructions carefully in order to get our rituals right

      Kendo David:
      GGM good evening sir! Please like I’m suspecting some customer about bringing bad money to buy something from me please help me sir

      Like i understand that i should use two early in morning . one with my right hand and other with my left hand so I’m confused of how many i can use after sex

      Elsie Ekong:
      This issue of customers bringing bad money to take yours is the reason why I put alligator pepper where my money is oh. Please great one how does one protect money collected from customers/people?.

      Odogwu Akataaka: @Elsie Ekong, get a piece of (unused) red cloth. Possibly buy a quatre yard to tie out a little piece of the cloth. Get a charcoal (one round standing charcoal), 7 piece of bitter kola and count 7 piece of alligator pepper. Tie them together and put inside your drawer (where you keep your money). Angels guide

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