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      Pls my GM, can I one take his chi to any location like; taking it along has one undertakes a temporal journey either to Lagos or London and later return it to one’s permanent location? Is the Chi to be placed in a permanent location? And what are the rules and regulations to be observed on how the Chi should be handled? Is there any action or inaction that can make the efficacy of the Chi importent? I am curious to know to avoid grave errors. Nnam biko.

      You can take your Chi along with you to any location irrespective of the distance since, “ala bu otu” the earth is a single and stupendous whole is a single unit. The earth remains the earth and does not vary with a change of location. It may be called a different name at several locations by the unlearned in spiritual matters The Earth is Earth whether it be Lagos, Abuja, London, or New York. But to the gods, it a single unit called “The Earth”.

      This is why the gods have access to humanity irrespective of geographical locations.

      Water is water, earth is earth. They are one and united. No division! No disparity.

      Your Chi shrine is a single unit that cannot undergo several redos. You won’t need to do your Chi shrine two or three for any reason.

      What you may do is this; If you aren’t comfortable and take your Chi to your location for a reason best known to you. Having instituted your Chi temple, you may offer your Chi necessary sacrifices asking him to accept your present sacrifices, being in your new location.

      Having done the above,, you may leave the temple wherever it pleases you to re-visit at your convenient time.

      The paying of utmost attention is the most important factor here:

      Your Chi as a spirit, requires sacrifices for active force (maximum impact).

      This is what every human owns his Chi consciously or unconsciously, you are indebted to this activity.

      Just in the same you have bodily needs to take of, so do your spirit guide requires adequate sacrifices(needs).

      To help your balance:

      Human balances are measured spiritually and physically: this is the reason inordinate sacrifices may have adverse effects on a ritual practitioners.

      In answering to your second question, you must understand that your Chi temple is not by any means a juju/charm and shouldn’t be called, or mistaken for one.

      Therefore, you are not to be afraid of anything concerning your Chi temple. After the institution, the spiritualist/priest must let you know how to keep rituals fit to help your Chi.

      Always take whatever he said to be serious and follow every instruction to the letter.

      At this juncture, let me pass this information across:

      Wherever you keep your Chi or any other spiritual assignment such as awele or any charm prepared for spiritual purposes, you must be very cautious not to use broom on them.

      While you are sweeping the environs, be careful not to allow your broom to touch on its body.

      This information is important

      Be guided.


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          Odogwu Akataaka O wise one greetings  I will like to know more about myself, how can I speak to you privately.


            Ndewo nu ndi nkem

            How can someone activate his chi

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