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      We have given complete tutorial on agwụ which you may click to read HERE.

      Here we are to show you and explain further in detail’s about ọkụ agwụ ikenga as seen here.

      Ọkụ Agwụ

      This is ezumezu ọkụ agwụ – agwụ Ikenga.

      This ọkụ agwụ Ikenga is called ezumezu – completion owing that all agwụ that has to work with individuals are invoked here. This is also known as Agwụ ikwu ịnọ.

      They are agwụ from your grand maternal home and your maternal home – agwụ sitere n’ikwu mụtara nne nne gị na agwụ sitere na ikwu nne gị. Agwụ from your father’s maternal home and your paternal home – agwụ sitere na ikwu nne nna gị na agwụ sitere na ụmụnna gị.

      Hope you have seen why it’s called ezumezu ọkụ agwụ Ikenga?

      This is not agwụ nrụdo – the type of agwụ that is been instituted on your behalf at your maternl/paternal home with ogirisi tree. Such can’t be called ezumezu agwụ Ikenga hence it lacks many functionaries as we see when we defined ezumezu ọkụ agwụ Ikenga.

      Let’s go to the ezumezu ọkụ agwụ Ikenga.

      Ọkụ Agwụ label

      Look at the pictures here, you have seen the ọkụ agwụ, which contains the institutions except ọfọ agwụ, oji agwụ and okuku agwụ.

      The ọkụ agwụ as seen has red and white cloths tiled four corners for eke, orie, afo and nkwọ spirits – east, west, north and south spirits hence agwu functions within this circle of powers. The red symbolizes danger and the white clarity.

      Looking on the background you see soil/sand/earth. Right inside are many properties that has deep secrets, hidden Powers as seen on earth. This is where the herbs you were asked to collect from your paternal home and your maternal home are also found. All have to be hidden for powers. Many others are left undisclosed for some reasons.

      Looking at the three images are Ikenga Agwụ ji mgbịrịgba anọ, at his right are ọnọdụ ndị ichie nwanyị /chi ndị nwanyị – place for the goddesses and left are for ndi ichie nwoke/chi ndị nwoke – the gods.

      Still on the left and right are aba igwe which are used to hold those forces invoked for the sole mission and for agwụ spirits mission.

      4 times 4 sticks of ogirisi are seen together and in straight lines, each represents agwụ from the lineages as mentioned earlier.

      Four Mirror’s are there for each and for clarity. These are reason spiritualist/dibia’s sees at night and day, everyday and from four parts of the earth.

      We have two nzu nwoke before ndị ichie nwoke and four nzu nwanyi before ndị ichie nwanyị.

      In between the two different nzu are found an egg.

      Edo have been used to pray the agwụ to the owner when a final ritual holds that shall see the blood ritual for initiation.

      Beside are oji agwụ.

      Right before the agwụ are the ọfọ agwụ.

      The other is okuku agwụ.

      Click to HERE read more information about ezumezu agwụ Ikenga.

      Four nzu are before the agwụ .

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