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      Here are ritual materials to keep of our schedule seasonal ritual exercise. It takes place next tomorrow, Friday 22 May 2020 ahịa Nkwọ.

      This ritual is for anyone who is interested. I will not tolerate any childish questions such as, GM should I join?

      GM I didn’t do the first one, should I join this 2nd or 3rd ritual?

      Whatever that sound stupid will not be tolerated.

      This ritual is for everyone.

      How many times did I say it?

      Get these ritual items tomorrow to enable participation next tomorrow.

      Here are items needed:

      first ritual 1

      1. A bunch of alligator pepper
      2. Kolanut (4 cotyledons)
      3. White plastic ritual plate
      4. An egg
      5. 4 pieces of Agidi
      6. Salt and oil (for ritual salt and oil, I will make it clear that you buy unused salt from the market and oil and keep it separate for rituals. Such item we call ritual salt). That’s to say, you should not pick salt or oil from the one you cook and put hands every day in your kitchen.
      7. Nzu and edo

      Get these items ready and wait for ritual guide which comes your way tomorrow or next.

      More light on our path as angels guide us all.


      first ritual contd.


      Here are how our first ritual presentation looks and is going to be.

      It kicks off tomorrow. Get involved and be ready to participate in upcoming rituals.

      This is a ritual season for all us at great light house of wisdom discussion forum. Through ritual sacrifices, we make a difference.

      Ọgbụgba àjà anaghị akọ nwa dibia

      It’s impossible to exist, live happily, be successful and enjoy life in it’s fullness without ritual sacrifices

      Ọgbụgba àjà anaghị akọ nwa dibia

      Okwu m gwara gị

      Now we are starting, ofeke in our midst will still be watching until we go far. They will develop interest and start asking GM should I join?

      GM I haven’t done the first and second, should I join on this?

      Nevertheless, we aren’t asking you to join us if you think is not for you. But then, hold onto your questions when you cherish ignorant. We will not take it lightly with you if you must ask us stupid questions during this period of ritual exercise

      For those of you who are interested, get the ritual items as listed earlier and expect ritual guides which comes your way before or tomorrow morning.

      Àjà bụ ngọzi _ Ritual engagement goes with the blessings.

      Only the wise will tell you this truth.

      More light on our paths as angels guide us all.


      For your information, you only succeed getting ritual materials at spiritual line/market within your locality.

      When you do, you won’t find any item wanting.

      Using ceramic plate is on your own expense. What we have here is plastic plate not ceramic.

      White plastic plates are common and easy to find than ceramic. But because you people want something you want, that’s why you are going for ceramic.

      Getting to spiritual material lines, you won’t see any ceramic plates but plastic

      Our ritual holds tomorrow upon angels guide.

      More light on our path



      • Please do take enough time to study this ritual guide before participation. Avoid rush, carefulness kills a cat. By the time you go through this ritual guide twice or more, you could understand better than before.
      • This ritual could be done at night or day period.
      • It’s done indoor then taken out door to be dropped by the side of the road.

      How to perform your ritual.

      Now you have bought your ritual materials and brought them home.

      If you haven’t opened the alligator pepper before now, kindly do so putting it behind your back. When you do, with your both hands (fingers), pinch at it and get it open.

      Then bring it back at your front again to count as many as you want. We have earlier given the directives while we held lectures on alligator pepper.



      Take one seed of alligator pepper and cleanse your body then throw it away. Read our alligator teachings to know how best for body cleansing using alligator pepper.

      Now, find a seat and sit down. Feel at home and relax yourself. Forget about your worries for better ritual engagement.

      When you do, now you are about to start practice using the materials.

      If you are inside your room, (haven no temple) haven locked your door, face the entrance.

      If you have a temple, face the temple.

      Count 4 pieces and put inside your mouth, pray against every negative energy that could be found around, commit the presence at the hands of positive energies. When you done praying, chew the alligator pepper and splash on the materials and say ‘chakenu’ or ‘chakee’ (be responsive).

      Stand up and do so at four corners of your wall and be saying at each ‘keep off negative vibration’.

      When you done, pull off your cloth and be nude naked. Been nude naked here is not compulsory but it helps our exercise. Been naked during ritual practices helps our engagement. Only the truth will let you know this secret.

      Sit down and bring out four or seven seeds of alligator pepper as your spirit permit. Put them inside your mouth and count seven again, holding at your palm. Raise up the white plate and present before them saying I am here to make sacrifices for you, forces as seen in my life.

      Use a seed at each point to affirm that your ritual will be acceptable as alligator pepper which doesn’t embark on a shameful journey. When you done saying this, put a seed inside the plate. You are to repeat this seven times putting a seed in each saying.

      Drop on the ground. Open the bottle of ritual oil and add little on the ritual plate. Open the sachet of ritual salt and add a pinch (quantity that are enough for the mixture. As if you want to eat with it, enough of the salt that could be used at the volume of the oil).

      Begin to mix together with your fingers saying ‘nnu na mmanụ anaghị ese okwu’ salt and oil aren’t enemies. You aren’t fighting with anyone, any spirit in your world. That you stand for every spirit that are for light and good. That you shouldn’t be segregated. In union and oneness you stand with every positive energy which speaks good for mankind and your world. (keep with prayers like this).

      Open the four Agidi and put them inside the ritual plate. Mix them together with the ritual mixture and be saying, agaghị m atakwute ụwa m aja na ọkpụkpụ ‘. Itakwute ụwa aja na ọkpụkpụ here means finding things hard and difficult in your world.

      Continue, as I present to you my chi, agwụ, ndị mmiri, ndị otu, ndị ichie ani, ọgbọ na uke, mmụọ na aga na-ezi na ụzọ, agidi which bears no sand and stone, may my life henceforth bears a new look towards my destiny. (Continue with prayers such as these).

      When you done saying your prayers with the agidi. Collect the egg mix with the ritual mixture. Now the body has be soaked with the mixture roundabouts the body, raise the ritual egg up and say, harm me not. You all whom I have err, one way or another, harm me not. I pray you wage your war against me. I am just a child in my world.

      I meant no harm and ask for no war. In peace I come and in peace I pray you all. I ask you handle me with care just like an egg. (continue with prayers such as these).

      When you done saying your prayers, put the agidi as seen on the picture (posted earlier today). Each will face east, north, west and south. Then the ritual egg will be placed at the center. Look at the picture very well.

      Collect the nzu with right hand and edo with left hand. Hold them and say prayers for light, progress and peace. Put them as seen on the picture.

      Pick the ritual kolanut and say prayers as well. Committing your ritual exercise in the hands of every spirit that walk and work at day light and dark hours. Spirits that work on the road and protect travelers (when you are talking about travelers, mind you, everyone is a traveler).

      Make it known that this ritual aren’t for any spirit in particular but for every spirit that stand for your good and progress, life and success. This is why you call them who are here and not here to partake in this ritual as little as you can afford. Whether it’s complete or not complete, you ask them to accept knowing that it’s from your heart. May your world get better day by day. Pray you will do more. That this is just a step towards recreation, forward ever and backward never.

      Mote it be.


      Splash four times on the ritual.

      Open the kolanut and drop on top of the rituals.

      Ask them to guide you as you go out dropping the ritual at a point where it will be acceptable by them. Find a bag and put the ritual.

      Put on your clothes if you early removed them. Wash your hands and take the ritual to your desired point. Drop and return back home or go to work.

      More light on our part as angels guide us all.

      Next ritual comes your way after today’s exercise.

      Mmụọ dike _ spirits are powerful


        I just read this post can I do it now…

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