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      Our able GM,I salute you. Pls sir, how can someone locate and know a genuine man dibia?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      When you know the truth, you will know a genuine dibịa. Without knowing the truth, it’s impossible to know a genuine dibịa.

      Ngwere n’ile nọ mmakpu mmakpu, amaghịzi nke afọ n’asa.
      Just like the popular saying, mechanics did not permit the novice to know mad people. However, you can still know the mad people if only you know what madness is all about and qualities of madness

      But if you did not, it will be so easy to assume that he/she on a dirty cloth is a mad person. That’s how you end up assuming a mechanic to be a mad person.

      I have given so many lectures in the past on how you can identify a genuine dibịa. It’s not hard to find. Just like the igbo proverbial saying, eji anya ama ọka chara acha _ by looking at ripe corn, you can tell its maturity.

      So you can help identity a genuine dibịa perhaps upon visitation.

      Dibịa is a servant of the gods and goddesses, a mediator, a half human and half spirit.

      With the above explanations, one would find it so easy to locate and identify a true dibia. Because he is a servant of the gods and goddesses, he must be a truth sayer.

      Been a truth sayer is why you who is set to meet with him or her must know the truth. Without you knowing the truth, how could you identify one with the truth?

      Without you knowing what is the truth, how could you know one with the truth?

      Do you now see the root of the impossibility? Why you find it difficult to find and identify a genuine dibịa?

      Dibịa is a mediator, middle man, he who represent the spirits before mankind. To identify a genuine dibịa is to identify he who possess this qualities and characteristics.

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