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      Osun S London:
      Apart from consultations, has any one found useful links with their ancestors. We don’t talk about this area much in England which I think it’s a shame.

      Chukwuebuka I:
      Ancestors are very important.

      Osun S London:
      Greetings Chukwuebuka,
      Thank you for your thoughts. Yes I share this belief. It is however most unfortunate that ancestors and honouring them is seen as taboo here in UK. However I know they desire to show me more.

      Chukwuebuka I:
      There’s no books that I know of, but use the search feature in telegram and type in “ancestors” you will find all previous discussions about ancestors the Grandmaster has covered.

      Osun S London:
      Thank you Chukwuebuka.

      Chukwuebuka I:
      Continue to keep fit rituals, and that experience you seek with your ancestors will find you. Everyone is different, everyone’s chi is different, but my ancestors has appeared to me in dreams with messages at key moments same night or days after ritual practices.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      No book for wisdom!
      Get that known today. No book that offers wisdom. Wisdom is a spirit which is most available for the spiritualist. Remember, spiritualist are those who has spiritual knowledge.

      It’s the gods that giveth wisdom. This can’t be possible when you keep your distance with them. Draw closer to them for more knowledge and guidance. These are ways to become wise.

      No book shall talk better of your ancestors if not the book you find yourself. To find this book yourself is to get knowledge of the truth. Upon its arrival, you shall get understanding, through which you keep calling upon your ancestors.

      Because they are the ancient who had earlier lived here on earth before us, they will help you with more information on things you don’t know but wish to know.

      As elders and beloved, your ancestors has the great supernatural ability to help you rule your world. A knowledge you can’t find in any book written by any man or woman.

      To get closer to them is not as difficult as your mind speaks. Here in Igbo land. We the sons and daughters knows that our ancestors answeres by the prayer of kolanut.

      The ancestors are so visible and active when we pray them with kolanut. This is why our parents never cease doings so every morning.

      A child learned from his parents to gain knowledge and understanding. This is why we have two types of education. Formal and informal education. Formal is the most important because its the first knowledge with sound wisdom.

      This we gain from our parents. A child who look at his father, who is spiritual inclined: shall become a great father. This is why Igbo has the saying that a child who knows his father also knows the ancestors.

      When your father consults the ancestors during early morning kolanut rituals, you find out that before him are a piece of kolanut, a drink, nzu, ose ọjị and edo. These items must be present to help ritual perfection.

      He shall use these to pray them, asking for long life and prosperity, wisdom and security.

      Watch that which the elder often ask every morning, all of them are given to them without refusal. This is why most of us has ije awele (self journey, luck, success, progress) on our path while our father are still alive until death do him apart.

      Failure to take over, doing as he did would enable negative energies to fight our destiny.

      This is a period one begin to have set backs in business and in work place: as a result of the deceased father. Unlike when his father was alive. The Igbo’s says, nna na_anochi iro (fathers stand against enemies). The secret has to do with the prayer rituals he does daily, calling upon the ancestors.

      He takes a snuff and also gives to them (the ancestors).
      He takes a drink and also gives to them.
      He takes a kolanut and also gives to them.
      We call all these, orikọ mmụọ na mmadụ (communion of the spirits and human). It’s very necessary.

      You must know the truth to help you rule your world.
      The world is full of mystery that your brain can’t help calculate and accumulate its activities. This is why you must identify yourself with forces to help you rule your world.

      Mmụọ ma ibe ha – spirits themselves just like we humans knows ourselves.

      Don’t be stupid to misunderstood your world as a result of religious doctrines.

      Get knowledge and understanding. Know the truth and practice the truth you know.

      The truth you know and practice shall set you free.

      This is light house of wisdom discussion forum where truth rules.

      Its our duty to get the truth known to you.

      This we look forward doing day and night upon angels guide.

      I ask you keep fit ritual practices to draw more positive energies.

      As you do, you shall have a course to give thanks to the gods and goddesses in no distance time.

      More light on your path as angels guide us all.


        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Please I’m in Ghana and I want to start communicating with my ancestors, can I do it</p>
        <p style=”text-align: left;”>here, please grand master guide me</p>

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