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    Grand Master

      We are grateful for this great teachings sir!!! May you live long. Pls sir I will like to know how one can know if he/she is a mariner.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      There are many ways by which you can know if you are a mariner. We have hitherto discussed this topic earlier but can’t tell if it was posted online or not. Nevertheless, I wish to throw more light on the subject matter once again.

      There are many ways you can get to know if you are a mariner or not even without consulting a spiritualist or anyone for that matter.

      One of the ways is through dreams.

      First, get to know that everyone dream dreams. Even when some claims that they do not dream dreams because of their spiritual bearing. Everyone dreams but some cannot recall or understand their dreams when they wake up because of their spiritual lethagy.

      To such person(s), dreams does not exist.

      However, dreams are true events which convey our spiritual connections as spirit beings.

      Now, to know if you are a mariner without visiting a spiritualist. Recall your dreams to see if you often see yourself swimming in the dreams.

      Do you often or have you ever dreamt where you were in a boat with other unfamiliar faces?

      Most often you saw yourself fly in a relatively high speed in water body.

      But before you see such, it simply means you are in good tune with your mariners. Your path is clear. No hold on a minute!

      Do you often dream playing with unfamiliar faces beside, above or beneath waters? This is another means of identification.

      Thirdly, another way to identify a mariner is their feelings and reactions towards marine and water bodies.
      Those of you who are mariners knowingly and unknowingly feel at ease with marine; you always have passion visiting, sitting beside waters. Always feel relatively comfortable in a pool of water. Even when the reasons are beyond your imagination and explanation.

      Swimming is another way of identification:
      Just like fishes have pleasure swimming so you do every time. And each time you do, you always feel renewed. Have great joy, special that can’t be priced.

      5. Dada
      Dread hair is one of the visible signs telling our marine involvement as a mariner. Those of you who were born Dread are mariners. You may ask your parents to tell you if you were one or a spiritualist

      Haven said the list, it’s not as if all mariners enjoy swimming hence your marine environment doesn’t guaranty your ability to swim. That’s to say, some mariners fear to swim or even to come near waters. Coming to this, I will tell what led to it.

      Our spiritual ignorance is one of the most important factor that makes it possible for a mariner to have fear of unknown to water bodies. It’s like when a child does wrong to the parents, next he began to keep distant from home. Call him to enter the house, he won’t agree but chooses to remain outside even when he /she is not comfortable been outside. This is what happens to us when we aren’t in peace and unity with mariners regardless our true being as a mariner

      This is why some of you who are mariners often fear, going to the river, swimming and staying by the side of the river all alone. The moment this bond is broken, peace settlement takes place, true information are given, you find out that water doesn’t have to swallow a fish – ama ka mmiri bụ osimiri, ọ naghị elo azụ

      Instead water will swallow true mariner, who is in peace and unity with mariners, haven wronged none and owes none: they keep you away should you fall ignorantly inside water. Do you know that water is a true ọfọ?

      Before water swallow any human be he a mariner or not, he must have hold ọfọ for him or her. Otherwise, the body reject you and throw you outside. Many are false information passed to the people against water bodies which I do laugh hearing them.

      Sometimes they said, someone got drowned by the river, ocean or sea. Do you know that water is harmless to creatures?
      Do you know that water is a mother to creatures? Does a mother give birth to eat her child?
      If not, how can we possibly say people are getting drown in the water if they are innocent? It’s not possible.

      Anyone that got lost in the water, got drowned has offended nature and has to be taken away otherwise it’s not possible for a mother to eat her child as food no matter how hungry she might be.

      To prove this further, many corpses of those who are drowned in the bodies of waters are never traceable. They are never found afterwards while other corpses are found after some days by the riversides.
      Still, some other corpses are often seen floating on the river surface after some days. This a mystery.
      I reiterate that water is a true ọfọ as I have hitherto stated.

      Ọfọ is justice. Water is just, the very reason it serves as a tool of justice to creatures.
      Nature has diverse ways of passing judgment, water bodies are one of the judges and one of the messengers that administer judgment. This is why they have to take you away from the physical world, held you hostage for some days or hours until you got cleared why you were captive. If your deeds warrant death, the spirit of death would be invited to perform his duty. Such dead bodies would be chosen to feed the fishes or to be rejected as the case may be.

      When death occurs and corpse is rejected by the body of waters, no fish in the water shall eat the flesh of the deceased. In some cases, they may choose to hang you above the water to announce to the people so that your body will be taken away from their premises. Sometimes, they will do the necessary and bring the corpse out from the water bodies, and dump it by the river side.

      Whichever way, people who got downed by water bodies are not fit to be taken home for burial. They have to be burried by the river sides. This often sends a warning to other human beings. A sign telling humans to be conscious of evil because ọrịa gbuo mpete, ọ laa ya n’afọ.
      We have to draw the cotton here. More light on our path as angels guide.
      Ka e mesịa!

      I fall into this category. I cannot be besides a body of water alone. I was once pulled by unseen forces in the ocean (Bar beach in Lagos) when I was much younger.

      Ujunwa Vivian:
      /Now that I have done my marine settlement my question is my unborn children will their come from marine too

      Odogwuakataka! may you live long in prosperity. Your teaching is full of wisdom. Thank you for the opportunity.. I feel I am connected to the Marine, for a very long time now I have been searching for a true Marine priest or priestess to consult for settlement with the Marine spirits, and also make sacrifices. Please advise.

      Odogwuakataka, more lights to your path. Am so happy about your insight on reincarnation, nmuo dike please how do l apiece the spirit, somebody said I should do saraka ( offering) please how do I go about it. Angels guide

      More light on your path GM. Please GM consider my question. What if somebody didn’t settle with the marine world as a mariner and then died. Will he return to the marine world? Will he be welcome or they will punish him for ignoring his origin? Are they different clans or families in the marine world? Is that world govern by one entity? Is there sun or moon there? I am lost mother Wisdom let your servant to bring light in my path. I surrender

      BIG JOE:
      Ur wisdom shall know no bound,indeed d spirits are wise.This is an open truth that people can’t tell us,and we just receive at a platter of gold from d GGM,May u live long sir Iseeee

      Big thanks to you our master for today’s lecture….may you grow more in wisdom… Iseeeee



      All information past, present, and future or Marine Realm, Mariners, and etc can be found here!!

      BIG JOE:
      What an in-depth lecture,I have once come across details like dis but not full depth of this magnitude.our GGM u have done justice to d teachings,if I was not a human being that have spoken with u over d fone,I would have said u are one of d gods to have known so much like dis.indeed spirits are wise.May ur reign be long and d world will hear ur voice,I Kno one day to come when u are speaking, media’s, internet and Cyber space will stand still for broadcast for truth is power and wisdom is life and I pray dat our ancestors,gods and goddesses will keep us all to witness that day.more light to our part as Angels guide us all Iseeeeee.

      Nna anyi….odogwuakataaka!!!!!daaluooo….thanks Gm for not getting weary in broadening our knowledge,.. More light to your path sir

      Prince Daniel:
      My GGM, Sir! Isi mmiri igbo nile! Odogwuakataaka 1 of our generation and generations to come!! I greet you sir. Thank you for your priceless teachings. May you live long and prosper. Iseeee

      Yes I know this too, I know that, one day many lost souls shall be restore by hearing your Voice, I know that, the gods and goddesses have a great plan for the world at large by choosing you.may they continue to manifest their powers through you as the angels guide you,more light on our path.

      Odogwu Akataka.. anu nkanka mpi.. Nkanka mpi.. Nkanka mpi.. Mmpa nnukwu n’ idi too much.. Iga adi k’ echi Maka n’ echi adighi agwa agwu

      If tomorrow I see Odogwu Akataka on suit and tie.. Chilling .. Nwanne I will not be surprise..
      The way he talks.. at times he will run off and u think he’ missed it..but then u will see him Swerve and (bang) back to track and rolling.. He is a multi purpose human being.. A lecturer a dibia etc etc..

      Nna Anyi I want to ask.. What about those of us who are from the Ugwu (mountain) what’s our stand??
      Please answer me

      Gud eve GM,please I want to know other realms of origin apart from water,animal and heaven. If when man dies,his spirit or soul goes back to his realm of origin, what will go to the land of the death?

      Odogwuakataaka, the mouthpiece of the gods and goddesses, my destiny helper,Nnam ekelem gi with a big UTUTUOMA. Nnam biko what type of ritual can one perform, after seeing herself in the dream naked in the public but no clothes closer to cover up,but before this scene, I gave out out my white dress to someone unknown to me ,and later saw myself dressed in ox blood cloth and shoe,daddy pls what will I do to take away this shame and to regain my spiritual position thanks,

      Ututuoma the chosen of our time, please how do I appease the water spirits and the ancestors for their assistance in life especially if I have already performed a water spirit sacrifice at the bank of urasi Okija and ubu ihembosi

      I have made it duty to continually visit and offer rituals to the mariners. I have seen, felt and gotten the knowledge: no longer waiting for GM to order it. He has (GM) opened my eyes and I am ever grateful. My fellow light house of wisdom members, if you can practice it daily, all walls of limitations shall be broken.

      Odogwu akataka I,
      The High Priest from Abrudah city.
      Isi Mmiri Igbo Nile.
      You opened my eyes when you briefly touched on baptism and the reason Christ asked John to baptize Him. You made hidden secret of truth open to us and me in particular. Thanks Odogwu akataka I.
      Sir, please, I would want you to through more light on PALM FRONTS . (igu nkwo) Christ entry into Jerusalem according to the Bible, HIS path was decorated with palm fronts. Why not other leaves but this particular one? What are the spiritual undertones?

      Iseee…..Enyi 1 of aguleri, agu nji egbe you shall living long master……ur teachings sweet me like egusi soup

      Iseee. I second this! Although i don’t have rivers close by but simply praying with oseoji in my mouth (chewing after) as i dress and head to work has improved my spiritual knowledge, helped my personal dream interpretation, clairvoyant and made life easier overall. On weekends i goto the forest and perform rituals and always receive dreams of confirmation same night or days after from the gods. Mmuo dike!


        Good Evening High priest.

        i am a new member here and i enjoyed your teachings.

        my question is: I was born a Dada (In-fact all of us in our house) are all Dada.

        But, Non of us are progressing as expected despite all our efforts and knowledge.

        Please, can you throw light on what might be happening?

        I myself in particular hate taking bath most of the time and i hate going to the river. I struggle to achieve most things that others get easily.

        please, how can you be of help?


          Good morning Odogwu, I dream about all the aforementioned, but the problem is my life is full of confusion. Please Odogwu how can I get in contact with you for spiritual knowledge because i lack the knowledge and I’m sure it’s responsible for all the confusion in my life.🥺🥺


            Thank you sir for your teaching I dream use to have dreams where I’m swimming in a river and I also had a dream where I was in a boat I also fly in my dreams when I’m been attacked but sometimes been chased by a python that often turns to a woman when it gets closer to me it doesn’t harm me but it keeps chasing me….I also once had a dream where an old woman gave me a calabash to go to the stream and fetch water she said it the only way the python can stop chasing me most this dreams I don’t remember it that day it might be after days I also see fishes in my dream I’m very young but I most confess sometimes good luck flows sometimes bad luck chocks me I’m tired because the bad luck this days is even worst… sometimes I dream where an old man is teaching how to prepare herbs I don’t know if I have any work to do 🥺🥺..please sir your daughter needs to know what is wrong now that I’m still very young


              This is very amazing the great High Priest. For decades, I have been living with deceit. All my life has been dreaming of water, entering empty canoes and in minutes, unknown persons to me will fill them up,. In one of such dreams, the canoe I was with other unknown people started flying, I stood up, held a branch of a tree by a river bank, and commanded the canoe to sail on water. It obeyed.

              But, all these were misinterpreted by my pastors to mean a calling for the Christian clergy. Matters took a tragic turn for me seven years ago when I fell down mysterious on a busy road, and no one noticed. Since then, my world literally crumbled. Nothing works again for me. Series of prayers, fasting and deliverances have not yielded any result yet.

              I just found you this August 21, 2021 as I started searching for Marine Kingdom. This profound Truth caught me real deep. I am now ready to reclaim my Path in a bid to restore my destiny. But, how do I go about it? I need guidance and mentoring, Sir.

              It is nice to be here. Many thanks for taking me in.

              Nelson Asieba

                Good evening sir you’re teaching is something else I enjoyed myself I come to understand truth concerning what you are saying and what you just taught us my son fell in the river and was drawn everything you said that is exactly what happened he came out no fish no stain on his body but one thing I don’t understand is he a marine why did the Marine not save him is that some questions that are burning in my heart it’s still I don’t know with what you just taught us is it that I am a marine and I refuse to do what I suppose that is why my son was not please help me with this questions there are things I need to know and help me out thank you hope to hear from you I need answers


                  Pls where can I see u sir?



                    I greet you odogwu, I’m this type that is always scared of water I heard this story from my grandma that I died in my last world inside water and now I don’t near water because I’m scared but It’s not intentional, I once had an encounter with water when I was learning to swim that I almost get drowned but got saved by someone, and I’m confused about that

                    uba grace

                      Sir thanks for your teaching .pls I want understand this dream I always see my self flying in the air I mean power from no where will just so high even my head will nearly y to touch the sky then I will be move in between the earth and the sky

                        1. Please I have a question I have been to a spiritualist and she confirmed that I have to settle the marine spirits to have peace and also ogbo na uke because I was already receiving multiple gunshot bullets to the head and things have been extremely hard no matter how resilient I have tried to be all this while but my last encounter was a dream which I saw a big white snake after that I broke my saving box and used all I had to arrange for what I can afford which the woman termed ifo uzo so that their anger can reduce and then open up the blockages so I can bring the heavy deal (ibu) for settlements but nothing has changed since then. I would need your thoughts and advise on this

                          <p style=”text-align: center;”>The multiple bullets to the head was all in a dream too, Also this is my first time here thanks</p>


                            Please help me, i do see my self make love in the dream, snake (very mighty snake use to chase me in my dream. Some times dog chases things that want to attack me. I’m born with natural dreadlock. I want to know if truly I’m a marina, like I do feel, how do I go about it? Note. To the highest thing i fear on earth is water I can’t even get closer to it.

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