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      Please I want to know the way to do animal blood sacrifice, Is it by dedicating the blood as you kill the animal and then eat the flesh or is there more other things that need to be done.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      For animal blood sacrifices, you must be certain whom the sacrifices are meant for. This is wisdom which helps result.

      If you are given to ndị mmiri (mariners) as a marine son/daughter, you should know. If you are given to your chi, you should know. If it’s for your agwụ or ndị ichie ani (agwụ spirit or the ancestors) you should know. If it’s for the renewal of a spell, juju you did in the past, buried or haged somewhere, kept or thrown in the sea, you should know.

      Because you must be specific, stating clearly to whom the ritual blood sacrifices are meant for. If for instance, you are given to your chi, pending the ritual item. Let’s take it you bought a white ram or fowl or goat for your chi. You call on him right before your chi temple.

      Say prayers holding the animal on the horn or head. Say prayers to enable ritual acceptance

      Call on your chi to come and accept the ritual blood sacrifice from you for positive effect.

      When you have said your prayers, slaughter and pour the blood on the temple round about. As the blood gushes, keep saying: Ọ bụghị mgbuta kama mgbuba

      Do you know what that means?
      It means, the blood sacrifices is not for decrease but for increase, progress and light on your path

      This affirmative is so important hence it is calls for absolute knowledge of the truth to make a difference

      It’s word of the mouth that things comes to be with actions

      Therefore, as much as you make sacrifices, the spirits look up to you, hearing what you have to say. Whatever you said counts. It’s what you said that the gods hold sway

      This is why it’s same materials as used for negative mission that are used for positive mission. The affirmative is what causes effects

      It’s not enough sacrificing but enough knowing purposes for sacrifices and working towards the purpose.

      Still on the purpose for their sacrifices which makes it possible for the meat to be consumed or not to be consume (eaten by the people). Note: its not all animal blood sacrifices meant for the gods you shall eat the meat.

      Let your spiritualist guide you. In all ritual steps, seek guide from your spiritualist who provide assistance, guide upon angels guide. More light on your path as angels guide us all


        thank you very much sir am a ghanaian and i love Igbo cuture 


          Greetings the mouth piece of the gods and goddess..please what does it stand for when one is been followed by agbara and arusi and what should be done about it??

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