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      Odogwu Akataaka:
      We welcome each and every one of you in the great Light House of Wisdom discussion forum online where knowledge of the truth rules.
      @ great light house of wisdom discussion forum, we tell you the truth you must know. When we do, pay attention to benefit from the spiritual instructions which are meant for you.

      Even when we don’t use good English language, even when we don’t write too well, mind the information not the letters. The information is the most important aspects of the discussions not the grammatical words in usages. We aren’t professors in English language but true spiritualist.

      Haven said these, I will also let you know that this world is world of human and spirits. An information which doesn’t ask your believe. Therefore, help yourself to rule your world.

      Coming to this end is why you must learn to know the unknown as well as practice the truth you know. This is why you were called to know the unknown.

      It’s ignorant when you await, hold on till water gradually comes on your throat before you make an attempt for rescue.

      It’s wisdom when you start earlier, looking for a black goat in the noon than night. Don’t wait until you can’t do things you should have done.

      Be watchful, observant to understand your body temperature so that you don’t fall sick, taken to the hospital when you could have profined a remedy with little treatment.

      You need to know things which cut short a long journey. When you get to know these, don’t ever neglect the knowledge simply because you know them

      In one of my article years ago on, I said “things your spiritualist won’t want you to know but would teach their children for positivity”. It was an article which has lots of ritual information. Only an ofeke could read through them and find no vital information. Wisdom values every given true information and has to apply them.

      When we review hidden truth, don’t underrate them. When you do, you are doing yourself more harm than good. For a knowledge you despise must surely put you to shame. Mark this very true statement from me.

      Many of you are suffering today not as a result of the weaknesses of their spirit person (chi) or as a failure from their spirit persons (forces behind your destiny), ndị ike na ndị ikenga: but as a result of your spiritual ignorance which brought about failure to do the needful at the right time.

      And I tell you the truth as a truth sayer, NO SPIRITS CARES WHEN YOU CARE LESS.
      You share same bond with the spirits bodies. That’s to say, you have roles to play as well as they do (all for you). This is why they have hands, you too have a hand.

      They have legs, you have legs too.

      They have mouth, you have mouth too. So on and so forth!.

      These are reason you should do the necessary. Play your role, let them play their role too. Don’t hope on anyone to do what you should do by yourself and for yourself. In as much as there are priest and priestess from the gods and goddesses unto men, who has spiritual responsibility to mediate between you and the spirits, you have a vital role to play for yourself in awakening your spiritual vibration.

      You must wake up and stand up on your fit to be a man and woman you were meant to be. Move your spirit person (s) who are ready and willing all the time. Stop procrastinating. That which you can do today, don’t say tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late. Listen to your spirit to pay heed to the voice of wisdom. Stop looking at others and stop comparison.

      Chi abụghị otu – your spirit guide and mine aren’t same.
      Reason enough you should mind yourself and always look at your time. Don’t leave life of others. Don’t follow anyone to anywhere. Ije ụwa bụ onye na chi ya

      Some of you have lost in their world looking at others. Enough is enough, look at yourself and stop looking at me.

      When you look at yourself, you will see many things about yourself which are enough to mind yourself.
      This is when we say, use oseoji to cleanse yourself, hearing this, because you are looking at yourself, haven seen things to ward off: you pick seeds of ose ọjị to perform the necessary body ritual.
      A ritual practice and an energy which speaks good for yourself.

      Many of you have accumulated enough ụchụ like a hip of sand that wherever you go disappointment and failure are your back man, acting as a defense. Very bad!

      When you read, your body is a temple of the Holy spirit, what do you understand from the true saying?

      Some of you have given no attention to the voice of wisdom and has to criticise the truth which turns to hurt you. Pay attention to the voice of wisdom which are reviewed from numerous messengers and wisdom disciples.

      Don’t be friends to fools.

      Your body is temple of the Holy spirits, a truth you can’t fight to win. This is why you must be mindful of the body at all times.
      Never underrate any ritual cleansing that promote your well being.

      Often put a leaf of ogirisi in your bath water.

      Often visit rivers for ritual prayers and bath.

      These are ritual performances which speaks good for the body and the spirit. Two things you can’t do without them are the BODY and the SPIRITS.

      Eji akwa ọkụkọ ezetu obi amosu. Even when you look good, there are people who look at you to hate you so spirits person(s).

      When you look ugly, same thing.

      Even when you choose to do good all the time, harming none day and night, some people will still hate you and some spirit forces would still fight you for being right and just. These are whom we known as amosu.

      You can’t easily forget about them. Take heed and notice their existence.

      Use egg often times for body ritual cleansing. These are rituals which speaks good for your body and soul. Things your spiritualist won’t tell you but we are glad to letting you know

      A body ritual cleansing with a chick (Ụbụrụ/uriem ọkụkọ) speaks good for your physical and spiritual movements. Some are happy seeing you cry. I tell you, their are people who are glad seeing you cry. Their are spirits that won’t want you to succeed in all you do. Your downfall, failure, unhappy mood is their happiness.

      Would you permit them?

      Say no to ignorant to embrace wisdom. Wisdom saves the life of its owner. Reason you were called to be wise.

      Always cleanse your body, ward off evil eyes with a crying chick. Weere Ụbụrụ bupu ọta. Akuzila ọta! Stop murmuring! Stop worrying!! Stop crying, gnashing teeth and licking fingers!!!

      It’s a punishment which are attracted by spiritual ignorant – ofeke (your inability to know the unknown). Your inability to know the truth.

      When you don’t know, it’s impossible to do the necessary.

      When you know and don’t do what you should do as a result of the the knowledge: it’s still same spiritual ignorant in display.

      Get knowledge of the truth.

      Our spiritual engagement calls for absolute knowledge, understanding and practices. This is why we are here.

      Some of you have been here for years and months yet they haven’t make a positive change. You are a true example of today’s discussion, a disciple of ignorant.

      Reason you can’t share from my great abundance of knowledge has to do with your inability to understand the truth.
      Not that you don’t know.

      When you were meant to known but refuses to practice the true knowledge: you are same with someone who don’t know yet.

      Even he who doesn’t know yet is better than you. He sure to overtake you the day he comes in contact with these true information. He makes a better man and has to become a different person.

      In as much as you keep practicing the exercises which are capable of warding off evil, be mindful of protections.

      Spiritual protection is like taken cover. A high rank military officer is not alive today to be high ranked for his ability to shoot bullet but also his ability for defense.

      Protection is a defense.

      You need protection!

      Know where we are coming from to help perfection. Some of you allow ignorant to rule over you. Making choices in spiritual matters. Despising knowledge thinking they are right with wisdom when they are harming their soul.

      Protect yourself when you are in contact with positive ritual practices which speaks good for your body and spirit. When we talk about protection, I am not asking you go to any priest or priestess for a charm if you can help do them yourself.

      Take note, there are already made charms if you care to know. Nature has given unto us so many things that we must be grateful to her. Reason we owe alot knowingly and unknowingly: human owe to nature for her spiritual life given supports and services. One of the truth we must tell you!

      Sometimes, out of ignorant someone might want to know why his realms of origin asked for ritual thanksgiving (sacrifices)?.
      I do laugh at ignorance not to mankind.

      You owe a lot to nature and must pay for life purposes

      The air you breath is a credit to nature, you ought to pay.

      Nothing is free here on earth even when ofeke think so.

      Nothing was made so easy, reason they aren’t free as seen.

      Though they have been given unto us, yet we pay in other way round. Water you drink aren’t for free. There are principal authorities, supernatural forces that oversee the affairs of every created and none created things.

      If you have to benefit from these things as you do, you owe returns. Reasons we are caked to make sacrifices from time to time. Reason you were asked to give and give always for a lot have been given unto you. When you do as nature demands, you stand to receive more for great positivity.

      There are already made charms and protection which nature has kept for mankind. There are also ones we could do upon wisdom guide.

      Even when you can’t afford those ones which are available through a messenger (priest and priestess), go with those ones nature has given to us. When you have them, never cease to give thanks to the impossible possibilities (ndị ike na ndị ikenga).

      Okpoto mmụọ will give you a maximum protection. Okpoto mmụọ is costus afer or you call it wire grass.

      This plant, herbs I have given so many spiritual information on its spiritual benefits in my discussions. You can use a search button ? on our platform to know more about our discussions on Okpoto. We call it Okpoto gbagburu enyi.

      Mkpụrụ akwụ ojukwu will do you a great wonder as well as mkpụrụ ose ọjị. All these could easily be inserted inside your pocket. You are expected to move along with them.

      There are so many roots and herbs which are good enough to protect you from evil eyes keeping away negative energise from your path while you are in a mission in your mission world.

      Leaves like akwa ịsa is a wonderful thing you must know to benefit from its immense services. Akwa ịsa says that he is alive when he is dead. This is why it’s more powerful, active and lively when it dried.

      There are things you see but never read meaning to them. There are things we do when we are still tender which aren’t in practice nowadays. It has to do with children asking questions to elders. Making elders their best friends

      A practice which helped a young man for an elder is wisdom in disguise. Reason for the gray hair.

      Gray hair is not fancy and can’t be called artificial. To youths and children of nowadays, keeping in touch with an elder is backwardness. Hence they sees elders as old fashion and out dated.

      Like an expired goods and services which has no value to life and the entire society. They say, we are the youth. We are the leaders of tomorrow. Your own time has gone. What do I get to do with my grand pa. Grand ma, you won’t understand.

      I tell you, wisdom is given to elders. Knowing them is knowing wisdom. To know the truth of time, understanding principle of life, keep close to an elder who has words of wisdom and principle guide to offer you. Through him/her, you come to know much about life, the unknown get to make known to you.

      Still on akwa ịsa, things you see which are unknown to you but are useful. You often see them hanging on the door post

      In the olden days, every household has it hung on the door post. A brown thick herbs which you see each time you enter in the office or house of an Indian

      Don’t you see them in their doors over there in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Calabar etc?. Even though they aren’t leaving in their country yet they brought them along to put in their door post right here in your country.

      Those of you who left Abakiliki for Enugu says they are in township. Those of you who left Asaba to Onitsha said they are in township. Those of you who left ala Igbo to Yoruba land said they are in township. Even those who left Igbo land for Kano, Kaduna, Yobe and Yola also claimed they are in township.

      Refusing to do the necessary. Claiming distance as a barrier. As if there is no moving water in the land of Ukraine and Austria, Malawi and Ibadan.

      What is your problem?


      May the gods and goddesses show you mercy and deliver you from every spirit of ignorant.

      #Save your soul!

      More light on your path as angels guide us all





          Ikenna ezenwankwo

            Ise ise ise

            Edwin Onuorah Ikechukwu

              Edwin ;

              I’ve been badly mislead by the age-long indoctrination of the white man predominant religion.

              Now with nothing in pocket, here am I face-to-face with the Truth. Please Odogwu Akataka, how can I get my Chi to help me raise money to start the spiritual operations of setting my Chi temple and, probably, settling the marine spirit if I’m confirmed a mariner? I’m  all out for the operations.

              Thanks the wise ONE!

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