“Ndi Uke and Ndi Akogheli Spirit” – Who Are They?

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      Good morning Odogwu akataaka and all the members of the light house of wisdom where true knowledge and wisdom rules. Please odogwu Akataaka teach us about “Ndi Uke and Ndi Akogheli Spirit” who they are and their work/mission in someone’s life ?


      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Ndị uke are same as ndị akọgheli. They are same force, same energy and same spirit beings. They are energy for affliction. Powers that torment disobedient ones.

      We are called to be loyal to spirits who are messengers to help them offer us best of services. An order which brings us together with them.

      Failure to pledge our loyalty unto them which in reverse they have to respect through quality supernatural services to us (mankind); led to perpetual torment by those forces which the effects are seen as uke and ogbochi. Uke/ogbochi here is when they choose to stand on our way, causing restrictions to our mission.

      Akọgheli is their great ability to subject and put us into shame, making us worth nothing and all our endeavors to be fruitless. Gambling our sanity!

      So, they are not a strange spirit anywhere but same familiar spirits who choose to punish us. It’s like an act of punishment by a beloved mother or father, it could be misinterpreted and misquoted to be evil.

      A child might be right or wrong to call her mother an evil woman owing to a punishment melted against him by the mother. Same to the father, who might hate or curse his lovely child as a result of misdeeds, disobedient and arrogance of the child. He might be right or wrong to call such child an evil child for his/her sole determined state of arrogance to the father.

      These are how spirituality are.

      No evil spirit as quote!

      All spirits are good/bad just like us human being.

      There is no place where evil people are found living on earth. No ethnic or group of evil men. The evil and good is in us, our actions and inactions calls for it at every given time.
      It’s an action that makes a spirit an evil spirit, so also good spirits.

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