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      Mariners _ ndị mmiri!

      We are going to have a deep discussion on mariners to know who they are. This discussion is so important as it has to do with humanity and spirits. First of all, get to understand that water is a spirit. mmiri bụ mmụọ. This spirit was before creation as it was created by nothing but itself. That is to say, water existed on its own. Water conquered the universe when nothing was in place, before creation took place. Water was the first dwelling place of the spirits. All spirits dwelt on water body, in pool of darkness until the most high Chi Ukwu Okike, the great eze dibịa assembled all spirits bodies (on water) and made his intentions known to them.

      One may ask, what was this intention? He said, I want to cause creation.
      This intention didn’t go down too well to the belly of some spirits while others accepted to join the call for creation. Those who accepted he took and revealed his plans to them and they began.
      Others were watching as creation took place until all things was perfected to his glory.

      During creation he created a kingdom for himself where he called heaven. This is why after creation, instead of returning back to join the water spirits and dwell on water bodies he took abode in heaven alongside other spirits. Who are these spirits that sojourned him to heaven? They were spirits that helped during creation. Some of them he created and some existed prior to creation as said earlier.

      The spirits that joined him to heaven he called ANGELS _ MMỤỌ INYEAKA/MMỤỌ OZI.
      Others who refused to joined him to his heavenly kingdom even though they helped creation are all known as HOLY SPIRITS _ MMỤỌ NSỌ. Before creation, all divine entities agreed on how things are to function, given freedom for all creatures. This agreement is the reason no spirit should cease air at his will without approval of others. No spirit should cease sun without the knowledge and approval of others. Etc.

      This government they left for nature!Spiritual union was so strong that none does anything without the approval of others. They employed wisdom in all their dealings for the purpose of eternity. Wisdom was their stronghold, councilor and mother of success. Wisdom was there right from the beginning and to the end of creation, making sure all things came to perfection. This truth human must know for they were created in the image of the gods. When all things was created and behold they looked and all was good and beautiful but none to look after them. He ‘chi ukwu okike’ called on them and said, let us make man in our own image. They agreed! In their great assembly he bent down as an artist, he drew an image on the ground. In their likeness the drawing took form, haven hands, legs, nose, mouth, head, belly, etc.

      When he was done and behold it was perfectly drawn. He breathed life into the nostril and there was a vibration. The image vibrated and the earth took form of a man and he stood up fit before them. They all rejoiced and he called him Adam _ nwoke mbụ (because he took form of male – he was like the gods).He took him to a beautiful garden where he was given the space to name all animals created. From time to time he do visit the man (Adam) for fun and pleasure. During these period of visit, the commissioner renders account of the day to him and stand to gain directives from the master.

      Until one day he chi ukwu okike has a reason to find a helper for Adam whom he said can’t be left alone.
      How did he know? There was no intention for another creation like the man (Adam) until he (Adam) founds no companion among all animals (created). This the great eze dibịa, chi ukwu Okike saw that made him cause sleep to the man (Adam). He took a rib from his body and closed the part, used it to form another person. When Adam woke up from sleep and saw her, he rejoiced and said, this is from me, my rib. She shall be called Eve _ Nwanyị mbụ.

      Human creation right from the day of creation is full of mystery. Seeing the possibility, the gods found pleasure sending messengers from different realms/kingdoms to the world. These messengers when they visit, take formation of humans through birth and otherwise. Its well understood that not all who live today and have lived where born while some and greater percent was born. So many realms/kingdoms like marine kingdom sent so many messengers in the world. Many came from heaven too: born and unborn.These are people who made our world today in person and are humans. True information that made our world and human race a mystery. While this messengers are of great importance is to help true purpose for creation, which is growth and eternity. The world, earth is a field that deserve labourers.

      Adam was created for life eternity like the gods, but this eternity was left for a merit not for granted. Do understand, spirits never give to one anything one do not deserve. When he (Adam) was placed on the garden where he has all things, among the plant trees in the garden are fruits of knowledge of good and evil.

      One may ask why the first man was placed on trier?  The reason is to help prove himself worthy for life eternity. Creation itself wasn’t easy, the reason it lasted for days and still count. The guardian been the man must prove his worth to see if he deserve eternity. If he was not tested, leaving with fruits of knowledge of good and evil, there is no how to prove his fidelity that warrant his life eternity: thus he was tested!

      Lucifer a wise angel wished rulership. All the spirits has seen the future hence in the realm of spirit, there is no secret. He (Lucifer) then set for the man. To do this, asked for wisdom. He lost the ability to come direct to the man and the woman in person for the fear of his greatness. Man is higher, greater than the angels. Knowing this, he (Lucifer) sought for the services of human pet. Among consultants, serpent was approved.

      Serpent has a sweet tongue, one of the most wisest of all animals. Very crafty and smart. He (Lucifer) never wanted another angel to know his intentions for the fear of unknown, he consulted the serpent. Serpent, seeing and hearing from higher being lost the sense of refusal even though he could. He perfected the mission and Eve was deceived to eat the fruit which was forbidden.

      Eve wasn’t ignorant of the fruit reading from her questions, but was curious over knowledge. Serpent lied to her, disguising the truth which is death penalty as attached to the fruit which was proclaimed by the great eze dibịa, chi ukwu okike. The moment she was deceived not to die but to get wider knowledge over the activities of the world, she was glad and has to pluck the fruit and ate.
      Tested and seen that she didn’t die instantly, she kept remainder for Adam. Other immorality took place at same time which we shall talk later. Seed of the immorality led to the first human killing on earth, where earth goddess cried for revenge unto the gods (to be discussed next time).

      While he (Adam) returns from the field, Eve was happy, behold she introduced the fruit to him. Looking at her eyes, he lost consciousness from what appears to be love (charm).
      The most high, great eze dibịa came at his will, own time and has to pass judgement. The judgement is the true reason human has to die today.

      This incident created an open space to powers and principalities, every kingdom had good reason to send messengers on earth. It was out of his control. His first creation disappointed him. Now he has to permit other divine entities to prove their worth hence there are lots to do on earth. Labourers are needed in great number.

      Egypt was the land of the gods filled with different messengers in human and spirit form. The most high gave permission to the mysterious development and it was so. All water run to the sea but river nile. Egypt witnessed the first development, ruler ship, commerce and industrialization. Setting a space for humanity and universe where others stood to learn and grow in knowledge of craft, arithmetic, writing etc. It took lesser years for humans to fill the surface of the earth to the glory of the gods and goddesses.

      Today, many are proud to identify themselves as marine daughters and marine son. This true identification is necessary thus Christ gave approval to it during his earthly ministry. When he came to pay the prize for eternity with his blood, he identify himself as a heavenly being. He said, I know where I come from. I am not of this world and the world knows. Who are the world he was referring to?

      Marine kingdom controls the activities as seen here on earth and has greater citizens. Even though they aren’t in contest with anyone but to the glory of the gods, making sure life continues.
      We (mariners) own the world and rule the earth. Its our world and this is why we are here. We are not here by mistake says the water. Before creation was the water, after creation remains the water. The very reason water has no enemy.Those who make themselves enemies to water meet untimely death. They has to experience disaster on earth. When Christ came, before he began to identify himself to the world and his people for the purpose of his earthly coming, he first visit mariners.It was the second time a voice was heard from heaven by the earthly inhabitants. The first was the period Lucifer lost his fight and descended from heaven alongside his cohorts. A voice said, Wow to the world for the enemy has come to them. The second was after John got Christ immersed in water. The voice said, this is my only begotten son, to whom am pleased. Hear his voice!

      This voice came the moment water bodies gave approval to the divine mission which stand to redeem the eternity lost ignorantly by the first man and woman. Reading front this true event, how will one say that water is evil and evil spirits dwells in the water?

      I took time to bring out the true information as it has to do with humanity and the spirits so that the wise grows in wisdom and the fool become more foolish. Don’t preach or discuss spirituality lacking true knowledge. It’s a provocation to the gods and goddesses. The world and activities as seen in the world are full of mysteries. Human are controlled spiritually so the activities as seen in the world today. This is why we require to know the truth, get knowledge and wisdom. Avoid been deceived and work with the wise.

      Get to know your being as a human being and when you do, don’t run away from your shadow. We have a reason why we came on earth and this mission is greater than your imagination and likes. The beginning of life is wisdom. Because wisdom teaches you the way, the truth and gives you life. One with wisdom is a nation!

      He stands tall above his Equals and shall do exploit. Wisdom as seen in the beginning continues till the end. The very reason a wise man knows no sorrow. Religion has dealt with mankind immensely. It’s high time we refuse religious doctrines to accept the truth. Religion are doctrine of men which lacks gods approval. If religion are accepted before the gods and are godly, why is it that there’s no temple in heaven where Christ came from?

      Be wise to save your soul from condemnation!

      More light on our path as angels guide us all!!

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      Grand Master

        Kobimdi Ujeh:
        Thank you sir GM. My curiosity is the origin of Adam and Eve. The Most High and god and goddesses created man using the dust. Were human beings living in the spiritual realm as spirit before Adam was made to live in this physical world? If so,why the word ‘CREATE’? This is in respect to creation of Adam.

        Odogwu Akataaka:
        Did you read our discussion on origin of waters and creation of FIRST man and FIRST woman?

        Did you read where we gave you true information the reason why the earliest plan failed that gave spirits permission for earthly visiting and reincarnation?

        If the first man and first woman had not disobeyed and disorganized the original plan for human creation, immortality and perfection; there could not be any room for spirits visit and reincarnation as it is today.

        The disobedience gave chances and divine opportunity for spirits transformations into mankind and reincarnation
        Is that well understood?


          Can I make a sacrifice in water for my self am a dada and i don’t know much about all this and am trying to know who I am spiritually, and why I came to this world with dada

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