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      Chi Temple 1

      Before now, we have given a complete tutorial on chi before talking about the temple. To know more about your chi edu m uwa GI _ your guardian angel/spirit guide do click on the link below for more information.

      What is Chi And Who is Your Chi?

      This lecture is very important owing to people’s request and questions on chi and how they can know their chi. For those of you who are interested to know your chi, be guided by your chi and worship your chi: here are important information that helps practices.

      First to know your chi, it calls for union. We aren’t talking of knowing our chi by name, hence it’s not the necessary information here and doesn’t mean you know your chi. Due to the fact that your chi (guardian angel) is a spirit which you must worship, and pray to always, therefore there’s a need to establish the network for contact. To do this asked for a temple.

      One may ask, why must I worship my guardian Angel?

      We owe spirits worship such as our spirit guard. This is very important to help the relationship and workforce. Because he is the only force that stand for us in the spirit realm, presenting our matters before the gods and goddesses, answering all questions and cases leveled against us in the realm of spirits, he deserves our worship.

      To do this, there is a need to set aside a sacred place for the communion with sacred items. This services, because it asked for perfection must be supervised by a priest or priestess.

      (Click here to know who is a priest or priestess)

      This is why you must visit a spiritual home to let him or her know what you want. When you do, don’t get deceived by an ofeke priest or priestess. You may wonder who is an ofeke priest or priestess?

      He/she is no other person if not those who joined the chorus for the sole benefits of making money and to earn a living. Such a person must lack the spiritual mandate to initiate the movement, the bond between human and the spirits.


      It’s because the spirits does not know him like a Shepherd knows his flock neither does he know the spirits as a sheep knows the voice of his owner. These are Ofeke priest and priestess.

      Have nothing to do with such like people. He may chose to do a chi temple for you using an ogirisi leafs, nzu, palm oil, edo, yam, palm wine, etc and say, you are given your chi food.

      When he has done these which might take place at his home or at your home, because it’s done on a corner somewhere at the compound, he will ask you to park them and drop on a road path in morning.

      This is not chi temple and can’t be the issue of the moment. For those of you who have earlier had such experience believing they have done their chi.
      Keep reading as we lead you to the land of wisdom saying the truth we know.

      When you visit a spiritualist/priest/priestess for chi temple institution. He will ask you to go and return on an appointed day for the ritual exercise. As you go, he will take time to engage you on a spiritual consultation. During this period of consulting, he has to plead to your chi as a mediator. When your Chi accept and appear, he will announce material’s which must be available in the temple.

      Chi Temple 3

      This simply tells us that it’s not same materials that are been used for every person. Never, hence our destiny aren’t the same. Therefore your chi might say to him/her, messenger, you should know that its not me alone that has to be here. We are many who has hands in his head, making sure he stand and perfect the purpose of his/earthly coming.

      Here are agwu, Ngwu, ora, akpu ogwu bi na mmiri, inyima (the above names are certain spirits that leaves and work in tree plants), ndi ichie (ancestors) ala etc. Haven heard all these, the dibia has to go and look for these plant trees to add each on the temple for a representative.

      (look at them in the pictures. They were seen inside the white cloth. We guide them together with the white cloth symbolizing unity)

      Chi Temple label

      He will request will add eagles feather for you because everyone has the symbol of greatness – onye o bula tu ugo bia uwa. That’s why the white spotless eagle feather must be present at the bank of ikenga.

      The ikenga is the image that has two horns inside the temple. Now, when we come to ikenga. We have male and female ikenga. It’s used accordingly, reading from our gender. Because your spiritual ignorant has given rooms to so many spirit bodies, which made them to torment you on eke, orie, afo and nkwo days (every day). We use 4 cowries to pay prices which you might owe any spirit of eke, orie, afo and nkwo.

      Because your ways have been blocked and for future there must be a need for your chi to fight for you, we have to put two axe blade. The axe blade opens doors for you day and night, cutting all powers that might fight and stand on your ways.

      These are instruments that your chi required. Our people would say. Chi gbo ogu!

      Because bell doesn’t fear anything at anytime (mgbirigba anaghi ujo), it’s added so that you ring in the ear of people day and night. None can’t stop that which is unstoppable.

      You come to nzu and see two nzu which stand both sides. Nzu symbolizes light. Because our chi works hard bringing lights on our path, we have to give them nzu on their way going and coming back.

      Placing an egg before them so that any spirit that comes with an attack at anytime have a hold up. We say, we have given you meat (anyi emere unu anu). We use the egg also to please all forces that have felt bad against us (were ya bu akwa kpee udo obi). This is why the egg can be replaced and must be replaced each time it break apart knowingly or unknowingly.

      Below are clay pot (oku). The local clay pot which was not made by an iron or any metal but with mold sand (aja uro) symbolizes the world. The world is round like the Clay pot.

      Everything done here on earth is open like the Clay pot hiding no secret. The world is an open place. The clay pot are field with sands of various varieties including sands with stones from ocean (if the person is a mariner). Right inside the clay pot covered with earth are found valuables and mysteries (Knowledge that makes a difference).

      When the priest are done with all these Craft, he now await the D-day.

      When you come, he now bring the temple out and have to present to you another nzu, edo and a kolanut. These are used to say prayers, reactivating the connections. A chick will be given which you shall use to cleanse the temple and give back to the shrine which beard witnesses to this great event.

      Finally, you will be given a male and female fowl as the case maybe. Sometimes, it might only require only a female fowl or male. The blood shall be used to unify the covenant (ogbugba ndu). This blood covenant makes it possible for your chi to stay closer to you and have to answer whenever you call.

      Chi Temple 4

      When these are perfected, you take the chi home and prepare the fowl with yam. You shall eat with your chi when you’re done with the cooking.


      When you get home with your chi, find a place to keep your oku chi. The place you shall keep your oku chi have to remain sacred, making it a temple.
      Say welcome home to your chi with a four kolanut cotyledons.
      To say a welcome home prayers to your chi, you need the following
      * Edo – red chalk
      * Nzu – white chalk
      * Hot drink or palm wine
      * Oji gbara mkpi ano – four
      kolanut division
      * Yam
      * Alligator pepper
      *Packet of stick incense
      * White candle wax
      *The fowl

      These items have to be made available prior to the day you are to receive your oku chi or you better get it same day.

      To Begin The Ceremonial Ritual Exercise…..
      Make sure you don’t keep your oku chi on top a carpet or rug or any paper. It must be on the floor be it tiles or whatever so far its mixture contains sand/stones during the making.

      Get a seat and sit down facing your oku chi which must be kept on the floor (be it downstairs or upstairs).
      Get a small container and put the candle wax inside, light the candle (before you do so, use a seed of alligator pepper to cleanse it). As the candle is burning, light the four sticks of incense and place four edges of the oku chi (one behind the ikenga, another at the front of the egg, another behind the axe: left-right).

      Present above items before your chi (drop in the front, at your front). To find the front of your oku chi, use the egg to locate the front. Wherever the egg faces, that’s the front. Moreover, to find your oku chi front, look at the ikenga image, if its facing you, that’s the front of the oku chi.

      Now you have find the front, facing your oku chi, get a seed of alligator pepper. If you haven’t broken your alligator pepper prior to the ritual ceremony, remember to do so putting your alligator pepper right behind your back.

      (For more information on alligator pepper, click here to read.)

      Get a seed of alligator pepper, use it to cleanse your body with right hand, when you are done, throw it way. Repeat same exercise with your left hand.
      Haven said these touching the alligator pepper on the body, throw away.

      Count seven seed of alligator pepper and insert in your mouth. DO NOT EAT OR SWALLOW YET!

      Get a seed of kolanut which you must have washed before now. Hold it with your right hand, if you haven’t done the oku chi in the shrine, perhaps the oku chi was sent to you. Hold the live fowl be it male or female or both (guard must have to be given from your spiritualist/priest/priestess).
      Say prayers….. (prayer guide ought to be given as well. Ask your spiritualist what to say and how to pray your chi).

      When you are done with the chi as directed by your spiritualist.
      Collect nzu and say prayers too.
      Collect edo and say prayers.
      Get a cup of drink from any drink you bought, say prayers.
      (Ritual prayers must be given by your spiritualist).
      When you done with prayers, eat the alligator pepper and splash seven times on your oku chi.

      Haven done these, let them know that you are going to cook so that all of you shall eat today and be happy for each other as workers. That you all deserve a celebration this very ceremonial day.

      (happily leave the temple to your kitchen).

      Male Chi Temple Female Chi Temple

      Now, if you are married, your wife or husband may help cook it. Your maiden can as well.
      Be warn, a woman in her menstrual cycle should not touch nor help prepare the meal but can eat it when food is ready.

      If you are a woman, this ritual should not be done if you are on your monthly period. You must have to wait until it’s over. You will then have to perform the ceremony.

      While preparing the meal, you may choose to cook the yam water porridge, or pounded yam white soup (nsala). Whichever be your choice, cook. Use all ingredients as it pleases you.

      When the food is still on fire, be careful not to test it first. As a cook, add normal salt, pepper, maggi, onion, oil, etc so that you won’t want to test if this is enough or the other is enough. This shall help you abstain from testing the food prior to your chi.

      When the food is ready, collect one or two cuts of the yam or little of the pounded yam. Collect the liver, head and one of the arms of the fowl (arm of a fowl is the wing) and one leg: add little sauce.
      Keep all to get cool!

      When it get cool, take them back to the temple, touch the bell on the oku chi.
      Make it ring four times.

      Say…….welcome back my people for the food is ready!
      Get the yam and be scattering in piece, given to them, dropping on the oku chi saying positive prayers. While doing all these, make sure you put a smiling face. As you give them, eat also!

      Saying…oriko mmuo na mmadu – celebration, sharing of the spirits and human thus we are one in body and spirits. The agreement called for oneness and that’s why we are here today. Renewal is the keyword and that’s our point of initiation and ceremony. As I am Happy doing what am doing, given and eating with my chi and ndi uwa (guardian angel and my realms), may we all be Happy to help this mission. Keep your relationship intact, hiding nothing from me henceforth, eat to have strength to fight my course. As I give unto you today from my little and knowingness, may it never be count unto me as error, even when I do it right or wrong.
      I pray you all spirits present today to witness this great event to please put a smiling face unto my face henceforth.
      (while these prayers are going on, make sure the meats and food are been shared and eat to your fullness as well).
      Continue praying in line as spirits guide.

      When you are done with the prayer’s, allow the candle wax and incense to burn down on their own.
      Share rest of the food to whosoever that’s willing to eat. Be careful not to force anybody to eat. Remember, Come Chop Is Not Come Work!

      May the gods and goddesses accept your prayers as it pleased your chi.

      (Keep update for more information on daily rituals on the temple: How to pray your chi daily for more light on your path)

      Promise Chizurumoke Chikezie

        Pls great one how much does it cost to prepare my chi temple.

        Grand Master

          Click to check the price here

          Okwu Chi – Chi Temple Institution

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          Promise Chizurumoke Chikezie

            Pls my GGM make the price available in Naira.

            We await Thanks Sir.


              I have a chi temple but it doesn’t have an axe blade and eagle feather. What should I do sir? And I’m not close to it at the moment still at the shrine I did it.



                Is it possible to do my Chi temple and leave in a shrine in custody of the priest who made it for me as I’m currently living in a rented apartment with family members.

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