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    Oseoji is so important because of who we are. How many of you have this true knowledge of who humans are? When you were asked to define a human being, what do you say?

    Why did the word has it that our body is a temple? What is temple? Do you even understand human and mystery surroundings our existence? You must know the truth. The truth you know shall set you free.

    Oseoji causes renewal. Alligator pepper as I always said, profound knowledge behind its true existence remains truly unknown to mankind. Daily we come to its exposition upon angels guide.

    However, we know upon angels guide Oseoji as a force which causes renewal. Because we are sacred, we must maintain our purity to help our existence. This is why we have Oseoji.

    Alligator pepper help us remain positive with positive energies.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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