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      Praying With Ritual Items

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      This morning, we are going to look at how to say prayers using important ritual materials such as alligator pepper (oseọjị), Kolanut (ọjị), Nzu (white local chalk), edo (red chalk), hot drinks (mmaị ọkụ ), incence (ori ọnọ n’esi nsi ụtọ ) and others.
      So many people think they are praying when they absolutely said nothing and are ignorant of using ritual materials for prayers. First, let me remind us the truth we know to help us stand firm. THE GODS ARE WISE!
      Undoubted truth!!It is as a result of their wisdom that creation was made perfect. Knowing this to be true, it is left for you to know the truth to help you rule your world.
      When you see any creature, get to understand its creation is for a reason just like your reason for been here on earth. Nothing was created for nothing sake but for a purpose. It’s wisdom when we sought to know reasons for things created as we can see and their usages for the benefit of mankind and the gods. Thus it l stand for two purposes. Knowing it’s either for mankind or for the gods.Coming to plant trees, we see many plants within our reach which stands differently, look different and serve differently. Some are for healing while some aren’t for healing. Those that aren’t for healing are not a waste simply because it doesn’t have the ability to heal. This is why we must know their purposes. Wisdom asked us to know!Our reasons for being here @ Great Light House of Wisdom discussion forum where knowledge of the truth rules. We make a difference!!
      Coming to things created by the creator(s), we have fruits, vegetables, and other minerals which stand for different purposes. Services unto human and the spirits.
      This morning, we aren’t talking about healing thus there’s time for everything. We are going to discuss prayers and materials to help our ritual prayers.

      When we set to pray, understand it’s only human that pray. Spirits doesn’t say prayers hence they prayed to none. To understand this truth, let’s know what is prayers.

      Do you know that prayers is asking from spirits.
      Simple and short!

      Talking to the spirits and asking them for a thing is a prayer.
      Knowing this to be prayer, we can easily understand that spirits doesn’t pray hence they prayed to none. Prayers are meant for human beings. This is why you must know whom to pray and how to say pray.

      Now, to know whom to pray is to know how to say your prayers hence their are so many spirits in the physical realm from the spiritual realm just like their are so many humans on earth today. If we must pray, we must pray to a spirit or spirits in particular perhaps spirit(s) that has something to do with us.
      This is how we come to know that we must pray our chi – guardian angel/spirit guide.

      Your chi has the responsibility, taken your prayer request sent to him from you to the realm of spirits, delivering the prayers appropriately to different spirits, as seen in different kingdoms for perfection.

      We know that there are positions in the realm that all spirits are assigned to different mission for perfection. This is why they all serve differently. Its not same spirit that look after the sun that look after the wind, its not same spirit that look after the moon that oversees the affairs of the stars.
      Their are spirits that were assigned to take after humans responsibility and others were assigned to look after creatures (that aren’t human) such as animals, plant tress, stones, waters and other visible and non visible things

      Among the spirits assigned to look after the affairs of mankind also has different services to render. Some are for money, some are for birth, some are for war, some are for peace, some are for killing, etc

      Your chi as a high rank spirit (god) knows them individually and their stations!
      This is why the gods and goddesses assigned him to you. We have discussed widely on chi which you can as well read at your leisure time for sound understanding. Topics on chi and other spirits below, click to read

      Your chi aren’t amadịọha spirit, agwụ spirit, your reincarnator, ala spirit, ngwu spirit, ikuku spirit, anyanwụ spirit, kpakpando spirit, etc

      That’s to say, your chi is different from the ancestors, earth, mariners, sun, moon, air, fire, stars, etc. These are spirits which we see and do not see yet they aren’t our chi though they work with our chi for the best of our services.

      This is why you should know your chi to help prayers. Knowing your chi help you say your prayers accordingly for perfection. Its when we set to know our individual chi – spirits guide, that we shall have reasons and base for prayers using ritual materials

      To know your chi who is a spirit, you have to establish a contact to help the connection. To know your chi doesn’t ask you know him by names. This is not what it’s and can’t be the reason for the knowledge.

      When we set to know our chi, we must first understand him as said earlier. Knowing that he is a spirit person. As a human being, we are restricted to a limit not to see with physical eyes the spirits more especially high spirits(god) such as your chi.

      Your chi is a high rank spirit that’s why your chi is a god!

      Remember, I one’s told us that there are many spirits, among the spirits are the gods and goddesses.
      The gods are high rank male spirits.
      The goddesses are high rank female spirits.
      These gods and goddesses rule over other spirits (low ranks), reasons for their superiority.

      Because your chi is one of the high ranks spirits, your chi has the ability and permission to visit any realm/kingdom he wish at any time without restrictions

      Knowing this, we should trust our chi and give thanks to the gods and goddesses for their wisdom and providence.
      Mmụọ dike _ spirits are powerful!

      To get to know or draw close to our chi asked for spiritual information, knowledge, actions and practices. This is how we all come to know and understand the value and need for chi temple institute which we call okwu chi in Igbo _ chi temple.

      For more information on chi temple click to read and see what it looks like
      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple – Light House of Wisdom

      If you have down your okwu chi, this is where you should say your prayers daily, as often as possible.

      This institution comes upon angels guide. Read to know more about okwu chi _ chi temple. We don’t need to repeat the discussion hence we have discussed it earlier as posted. Click to read, knowing more about the temple. Knowledge is power
      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple – Light House of Wisdom

      Coming to say your prayers, you need these items such as white candle wax.

      1: White candle wax.

      This goes with a flame (fire), producing a light. Your chi and yourself need a light on your path to shine like a star all day.

      Even when you pray your chi in the day or at night, make sure there is a burning white candle for the purpose of light. It’s very important ritual which can’t be ignored. We have other colours but white is needed for this purpose and daily ritual prayers.

      Whenever you light the candle wax, stand it up or you better use the wax to help it stand on the floor.
      When you do, light an incence.


      2: INCENSE

      If you are using incense dust and have incense burner, make your incense and put in place. If you are using incense sticks, light it on and stand erect.
      Stand it up for stable burning.
      Haven done these, get your oseọjị _ alligator pepper



      Collect a seed of alligator with your tip finger, exposing it little the way it has to touch your body without your hand blocking it. Be careful to hold it firm so that it do not fall while touching all over your body.

      Now, as you touch it, here is a constant and repeated prayer that you have to say………

      ………..I remove all negativity that may cause a barrier to my ritual now……..

      ( keep saying this as you touch the alligator pepper all over you body. Start from your face, move to your forehead, towards your

      head, drawing it down to your chest, down to left hand, coming backwards, move down to your abdomen, draw it towards your right leg reaching your foot, return and move down towards your your left leg.

      Having touched your foot, raise up your hands, holding the alligator pepper (seed) firmly, move 4 times anticlock wise round about above your head and throw it away. (The movement should start from your face, move towards your left ear and return from your right ear.)

      Becareful not to change it from one hand to another.
      If you are holding it with your right finger tips, your must finish it with same hand. If you use left hand, so you must finish it with same hand.
      Should the alligator pepper seed fall from your hand, right before or during the ritual, pls leave and collect anew. Do not pick it again.
      Hold it firmly but exposing it little to touch your body.


      4: KOLANUT

      Collect the kola nut, (we required 4 or 5 cotyledons (partitions) for this ritual exercise). Avoid using any other kola if not the afore-mentioned (the popular Igbo type kolanut which is different from gworo).
      (Holding the nut with your right hand, placing it forward before you. Draw it closer to yourself possibly closer to your mouth even though a breeze from your mouth has to blow on it as you say prayers, is okay.
      Use your dialect or any language you can speak fluently)
      Say… The Most High, creator of heaven and earth, the grand maker, superior being, here are kola. I brought kola to thank you for life, health, knowledge, opportunity, etc.
      Thanking you for my family, friends, well wishers etc. Asking for your divine protections, guardian, favour, etc. Do come and eat kola as a great sign of your answering my prayer.

      To you my chi, I present this kola, asking you to accept it on behalf of the gods and the angels. Presenting my request, using your good office anywhere it matters in the realm. Am a mortal, weak, low but humble to your spiritual and physical services. Appreciating your kindness and divine protection, do not allow my enemy to keep tormenting me, do not grant their juridictional tender to punish me. Deliver me from all the tent of my enemies and declear my freedom. Let my blessings come soon. Let my open door come like morning. Like Sun shall your glory shine in all my endeavor. Like dew shall your presence take over my life.

      To you my ancestor I present kola ( call their names if you know them). I ask you to receive my kola presentations as your child and blood. Take this kola to the realm of spirit where favour, luck, money, progress exists as a prize. I required earthly abundance for happiness, long life, prosperity in fullness. In this present world and my generation, money and richies has become the order of the day leaving some with the image of being poor and others rich. Let me be rich and never lack anything money can afford.

      I offer you the gods and goddess of my land and the land where I dwell, seeking for greener pasture (that’s if you aren’t leaving in your community /town. You may choose to call names of deities in your village or town to come and receive your kola this morning).
      For example : Akpụ come and take kolanut, ogwugwu your share are here, eze nwanyi nne ọma bi n’Osimiri _ the beautiful Goddess of sea come and take your kolanut, ndị ọgbọ na uke ọjị abịa, the gods of the sea here are kolanut (continue this way).

      When you done calling them by their names, you say “Take it and meet the gods and goddess of this land where I am for greener pasture ( e.g. Lagos or Enugu). As you take my kola, I pledge my matter be made issues of your discussion.

      Help allocate me with great proportions as yours and royal one, servant and son/ daughter. If there are any spell, man or woman has casted against my life, future, destiny, or progress within your territory, let it be declare inactive right from this moment. Grant to me a portion of your blessings as a son of the soil. Let me be happy as a heir, prince and royal one. ( begin to call their name like this, Ngwu eat kola and remain life for me! Ọmambala eat kola and remain money for me!! Ogidi eat kola and remain success/fame, vision etc for me. ( continue)

      To you all the spirits whom I can’t see or didn’t call, those who are at front ( stretching forward your ritual hand) who help my positive directions: take kola.
      To you spirits at my back ( stretch your hand towards the back directions) who help protect me from invisible forces and danger: take kola.
      To you spirits from my left ( move your hand towards the directions) who help my psychic guide: take kola.
      To you spirits from my right (move your hand towards the directions) who help with true information and perfection: take kola

      Now, break the kola accordingly. Holding it on your palm, close up your hand and hold your fist tight.
      Say……. If my prayer got your attention do make known to me. As a child who take bath only in stomach, I know nothing but trusting in your divine guide. Do make manifestations of your mystic power ( lower your hand, touch your fist on the ground and drop/scatter the seeds gentle on the ground.

      You may choose to eat one lobe or leave them on the ground. Better you leave for them(the spirits) if you don’t know how to read kolanut so that you don’t eat the one that says evil.
      Leave them on their portions and collect a drink.


      5: DRINK

      Here, what is needed is a hot drink/kaị kaị.
      If you can get original ijaw type of hot drink it’s very good. But be careful not to buy the one that has no ethanol. To know hot drink without ethanol, sip little and read the taste. If it bridged your tongue or throat, it has ethanol.

      Original ijaw will stay cool from your mouth down to your throat and has to get hot immediately it get down the stomach. But the one with ethanol remains harsh and bridges the tongue immediately after consumption.

      You may choose to plead the sellers to offer you the original. Say prayers before leaving for spirits guide so that you don’t fall in the hands of dubious traders.

      Now, open the drink and say prayers as seen in kolanut. Pour little by little round about your chi temple. You have to do so using small hot shot. There is a special cup meant for hot drinks. That’s what you shall make use of.

      Remain small on the cup and put inside your mouth. Splash four times on your chi and say…. So mote it be/So shall it be!


      6: NZU

      Collect the white local chalk, you may use male or female nzu or nzu ndị ichie. Whichever, nzu here serves as nzu.

      Draw lines on the floor marking progress on your path.
      To mark, take note not to draw the lines downwards rather front.

      Let me make a short video clip for itụ nzu _ marking of nzu
      This video is possible because I am spending a holiday in Awka. Right here in my house are my chi temple where I say prayers
      I can’t say prayers for a day without been or staying before my chi temple


      Ife ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ. More light on our path as angels guide us all

      Pls can this prayer be made in ur or must be on Sandy ground ,,I am asking because am a student and stay in a hostel like lodge so there is no Sandy ground that I can perform the work prayer privately but I hope I can do it on my room pls??

      Iseeeee…Ka tata bu Eke ketere anyi ifeoma ogonogo ndu na alu esike, ketere anyi Aku na uba….iseeeee
      Eke bu eze…Eke bu isi
      Isi Mmiri Igbo nine Dalu more light to our path

      Nafisat Wakili:
      Iseeeee may the gods and goddesses keep you and protect you. More light on our paths as angels guide

      Nancie Gold:

      Ezeh Oge:
      The greatest grandmaster of truth and wisdom, I thank you for given us another bread of life which is your wonderful lecture, which flows like a living water to my soul. I say thank you as Angeles guide

      Odogwu Akataka,isi mmiri Igbo nile.May your Days be long
      More Light To our part as Angel guide

      Johnson Chine.:
      Odogwuakataka, the only Dibia that has chosen to go online and enlighten your subjects with the trend in technology Your wisdom shall no no bounds. You are great. Your vision shall come to fruition. Iseee.

      David Louis:
      Wen u find wisdom the saying that non can compare it’s infinite values,cos its much precious than diamond its priceless.

      Thanks great one for the wonderful teachings, I’ve been pondering on it, as if you read my mind and came up with this teachings, truly the Gods are wise, the Gods bless you more.

      Welcome Bot:
      Hello Kings! Welcome to LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM

      Kings Izu: there anything special i need to do?

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      Nna m odogwuakataaka, if one wishes to use a stick incense, which particular one is recommended for this ritual, hence there are so many kinds or names of stick incense in the spiritual shops.thanks, more light on our paths as angels guide us all.

      Nobody has answered my question pls

      Kendo David:
      But your question is already answered

      Wow…great teaching… Thanks sir. .but I guess this prayer are for those who have their chi temple already

      Ezenwoke Chibuzor:
      Am humbled ! Please I have deep inquiries to make about myself should I make it open here or is thr any channel for privacy

      Consult the GM privately, you’ll need consultation.

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      You can chat our GGM privately

      Ezenwoke Chibuzor:
      Thank you

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      You need consultation to know the root of your problems and the possible way to solve it,so contact our GGM privately

      Bunbit Tap his name here and send a message

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      Or better chat him up with this number 07062855001

      Education has nothing to do with spirituality…more light to our path

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        Odogwu Akataka!, May you live long, I’m indeed elated going through your procedural steps on ways to apise & apprise our Chi & Ancestors, but my question remains how will someone who doesn’t live in his/her private house perform the above ritual without attracting people or neighbours?


          Odogwu Akataka… May ur days be long… Am so grateful I came across this teachings from you. I must say you are a great man! More Light to our paths…!

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