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      Just as we have gods so we do have goddesses.
      Truly human were created in their image and likeness.

      Knowing we are all here for a mission, the gods and goddesses commissioned also high officials who also act as mediators. These principal officers have what it takes to unite mankind with infinite possibilities hence the appointment. They are known as the priests and priestesses.

      No human on earth that shares closeness with the spirits greater than they. They bear the burden of the people and have to suffer to see that the captives are free. Day and night they are in the temple sharing communion with the spirits. They have lost pleasure for life finding joy in things of the spirits.

      They are highly spiritual, standing at higher spiritual base above all mortal. They never felt weak on their duty post hence the gods and goddesses are their strength. Seeing one is like seeing a thousand spirits. Knowing one is like knowing a million spirits. Wisdom and truth is their delight.

      They are the oracles, speaking the minds of the gods, deep in knowledge of the truth, perfect are their skills.
      Daylight they see through the sun in the skies, night they see through the darkest path of darkness.

      They have no fears, for truth is their watchtower. He that is in them is greater, given them the courage and zeal to walk through the shadows of death. Having sound knowledge of the truth to accept that all is possible, knowing that nothing is impossible.

      They were sent from different kingdoms in the realms of spirit for the true mission. Upon their arrival on the mission world are shouts of joy. Many are called, few are chosen is the reason among them are still ofeke.

      Ofeke is a human being who lacks spiritual knowledge, not knowing the truth and practices. Most ofeke were born great but has to suffer as a result of lack of knowledge of the truth. Most ofeke has greatness thrust upon them but lack the will mind to control the values, thereby become a weaker vessel.

      Because the gods and goddesses has nothing to do with ofeke, they have to be put aside and calamity would visit them. This wages are what is considered, known and seen as evil before mortals. At this point, they have to suffer non stop in all endeavors. Their life and world look like doom, no hope for the future!

      Among ofeke are seen liars and deceivers. Wherever you see a deceiver, call him ofeke thus he is. People lie lacking knowledge of the truth. In the mouth of fool’s (ofeke) are found lies.
      Wisdom always stand for the truth and say the truth. A wise one never lie.

      Lies and Truth are possible owing to one’s state of consciousness. Because we speak using knowledge, none speaks above his knowingness. You can’t say and stand for the truth you don’t know. That’s why people have the ability to lie unconsciously.

      Many ofeke has so far promoted lies and falsehood. Making it possible for other ofeke’s to live and die being ofeke.

      This is where we get ofeke priests and priestesses. They pretend to being a servant but serves no one. They pretend serving the spirits they never know. Meeting one is a disaster. Seeing one is failure. Because its impossible for an orange tree to produce mango fruits, so its impossible for an ofeke priest or priestess to offer you desired breakthrough, answers and deliverance on your quest to gain deliverance and knowing the truth.

      Often we warned that you desist from ofekes and shun their fellowship.
      May the gods and goddesses, our ancestors, and chi deliver us from ofeke and in the hands of ofekes. Iseeee

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