Reincarnation And Purpose of Reincarnation: What You Don't Know!

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      Gm sir can you explain the situation why person you reincarnate from can be stopping your success

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Get to know what is reincarnation and purpose of reincarnation.

      When we talk about reincarnation, we are talking about second earthly missionary journey by an individual who has come earlier.

      Failure to fulfil one’s purpose of birth is the first reason for reincarnation.

      Now, if this is true because it is true. Because the spirit world controls the physical world 100% at all times. Your reincarnate has the ability to stop you from any move, step, involvement contrary to the purpose of your birth should you attempt.

      When these are done, some see it as misfortune, witchcraft, attack and failure.

      Because he or she has the great responsibility to complete the mission since it was judged and agreed in the realm of spirit, he/she must do his best within his powers to make sure you were restricted from all forms and formation as you will.

      Some were born to serve as a priest /dibịa.

      Perhaps your reincarnate refused to do this in her first mission, haven suffered the penalty after death and got recommissioned to return for completion.

      She/he will do anything to you if you are not dancing to the tune hence he is not happy where he is (in the realm of spirit)

      Some of them are been put in cell, subjected with grave punishment until they are through with the mission.

      If you are the person present here on earth to fulfil the mission, you won’t be left alone should you fell to set him /her free.

      Your refusal to do dibịa simply says no and mean continuous suffering to him/her underworld.
      He/She in return would visit you with mystic powers because the scene is clear and free.

      Human has powers to do their will on earth. It was agreed by the spirits before creation and has nature permit today and tomorrow. This is why we are seen doing anyhow on earth yet the gods keep quiet. So the spirits do whatever they wish when we first step forward with ignorant and stubbornness.

      They have to visit us with powers which human now misinterpret calling witchcraft when we were unable to stand the heat of their punishment

      Religious fools now call such operation evil.

      And say, it’s from evil spirits.

      Ofekes who claim leaders.

      Answering pastors and reverend, bishop and pope, lacking true spiritual knowledge.

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