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      GM, Does the ritual only involves visiting the motherless baby homes with gift items.? More light to your path Grand master.

      So many people have written me on this since after the discussions.
      I made it known to them that I have to say it open (on the forum). The reason is mainly to save my time. I hate like offering individual lectures on things that should be made public. This is not a private message and shouldn’t be treated outside this forum discussions @Light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.

      Those of you who have find themselves guilty, do take this ritual path to clear yourself from condemnation in order to Keep positive track!!

      Before the ritual guides on abortion, I have to throw a bit information on abortion.

      Sometimes Ofeke assumed that abortion has spiritual penalty on the lady/girl alone.

      Could it be true?

      It can only be true and possible in a situation whereby a lady singlehandedly aborts an unborn child. But in a situation whereby a lady seeks the consent of a respective father of the unborn child to carry out the act, the father cannot be said to be innocent in the act if he consented. So, they are both guilty and accomplices in this case. They will both bear the resultant consequences.

      Let go deep down the matter bringing all true information to help sound knowledge and understanding.
      If I may ask, can a lady impregnate herself?
      How possible?

      Because it’s not possible for a woman to get herself pregnant, that’s to say, a man was behind the curtain. It takes the union of a man and a woman to have a child.

      When a lady conceived and approached you with information about the pregnancy. The moment both of you sat to discuss this issue, understand that it’s now issues that also involved your guardian angel, her guardian angel and that of the unborn child.

      That’s to say, three and more spirits are also in attendance.
      Because everyone born on earth is a missionary, the unborn child is also coming for a mission with a specific mandate.

      A mission only known by the gods and goddesses.
      Now, you ended up in agreement to abort the child. You know what?, one thing is that nature is active at all cost and at all time. Consciously or unconsciously to you, there’s karma: the law of cause and effect, sowing and reaping. It is an immutable law.

      Nature made it possible for you as a human being to do whatever that pleases you. Agbachaa oso, aguo miles – after a race, miles will be counted

      This is where karma set in.
      Nature has to fight now or later or even disregard owing to who was aborted.
      This is a mystery of life. This is reason for the activities in the world as can be seen on earth.

      This is where and why some people are free from condemnation and suffering, as a result of this information while others have to face the adverse consequences having committed this same offence.

      Some aborted baby has brought calamity, poverty, hindrances, death etc to the the said mother or father.

      Some have made it impossible for the said woman or man not to have a child all through his/her marital life.

      When this is the case, no amount of deliverance done by man or woman can works 100%.
      You must understand spirituality!

      This is where people get confused and disappointed on their path towards spiritual matters.

      When we talk about deliverance, there are several types of deliverance.

      This is why you have a case of deliverance where you will be asked by a spiritualist to meet with whom you offended and plead with him or her for forgiveness. When you do, should he open his mouth and say, I have forgiven you. You have gained deliverance

      If this is the only way out, there won’t be any other option even if you undergo a 40 days and nights fast, 14 midnight and mid day fast

      Fasting, dry fasting or fruit fasting, you are beating about the bush thereby wasting your time and resources.

      Thanks alot GM for this wisdom you are passing through this forum more light to your path.

      This is the secret and reason for the suffering of many today. A case where Christianity made people understood that fasting has answers to all things. How true?
      This is not true!

      They came up with the teachings and understanding simply because they read Christ fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

      Since they came across this information, whatever information, problem, trouble you approached a pastor with, he ends up prescribing fasting for you.

      Some will give you bible quotes and say, “sister, spirits of God just ministered to me right now. You will undergo 7 days dry fast and read Psalm 33, 75 and 95”

      Don’t be deceived. You must know the truth. Our spiritual knowledge is no joke and can’t be called a joke. It is more profitable to asked for knowledge of the truth. This is the reason the truth is mandatory in the journey of life.

      It is the truth that you know and work with that sets you free.

      These are not mere literary words, they have spiritual connotations with deep truth embedded in them. When you know the truth, the truth you know shall set you free.

      This is why people ate other people’s money and have to swallow troubles in their stomach (right from the very day of the incidents). From one problem to another, from one lost to another, sickness here and there, expenses here and there. You will never have peace of mind.

      A case whereby you took another person’s belongings or position.The results comes depending on the person involved. If his spirit guard are such that you don’t cheat his subject, your name is sorry. You shall never see peace nor success again in life right from the very moment the cheat got registered.

      Meeting T. B Joshua for prophesy and praying die die die morning and night can’t offer desired deliverance. For your deliverance to come, you must return to the owner his belongings. Even when it was done, unknowingly to him, you must make the return.

      Yes sometimes you might keep stealing from someone who never take notice of your engagement. But his chi or forces (deities) with him has to fight to recover that lost you caused.

      This was a case as it happened few years back where a young man contacted me. While we consulted, it happened that the accused was innocent.

      Whom did he accused? His father! He accused his father of witchcraft simply because the father is not religious and also not in good terms with their mother.
      You know women and their antics. What they can do!

      The mother deceived him into believing that his father has hands in what he was passing true and he believed. Not knowing that he was dying as a result of ‘ife onye metere’ – evil that men do!

      Truly, it leaves after them. It’s a question of time. What did he do? This young man was entrusted with billions of naira business with a friend who live overseas.
      Heart of men are full of wickedness!

      Instead of him to mind his business and fight for growth of the business, he was busy squandering the money. When he find out that money spent at night club is like a money spent on a harlot: he ended up casting evil spells against his friend and business partner which later killed the young man.

      The deceased family do not swallow the pond of death of their son therefore, they sought for the services of spirits and revenge set in like harmattan.

      O wee di abuo – it became two (for wahala).

      Because the young billionaire (the deceased) has so much money and chains of business (conglomerate), only him alone was accountable for the money (remainder). After so many years, you know, a seed sowed must grow to bear fruit, the law of cause and effect sets in (karma).

      Now, the repercussion was so enormous that he was overwhelmed with so much adversity.

      After due spiritual consultation, he was told that he must confess and appeal to the family of the diseased of his atrocity.

      As you know, it is not an easy task to go to such a wealthy family to confess to them that you killed their brother. You must expect a reprisal of deadly magnitude. It is such a fatal mission. It is suicidal.

      He was like, isi mmiri Igbo nille, gini ka aga eme ife a? What are we going to do about this? He queried.

      I didn’t otherwise response to his query except what the spirits has said. The dead can’t be physically seen to be pleaded for forgiveness here on earth. The only remedy is to confess and plead to the family, should they forgive you, you will be forgiven. The is what the spirit prescribed after due consultations.

      He hesitated and told me to give him sometime to deliberate about the prescribed remedy. After some days, he called me to informed that he would rather prefer to die than to carry out the said prescription being the only way out of his enormous and untold troubles.

      He eventually died some days after on ghastly motor accident. He chose to die instead of living with the shame, agony, humiliation, harassment that will come along with the true confession to the family of the diseased which was the only way out for him.

      So, do you get the real message in the forgoing scenario? Get knowledge and understanding. Know how things works in the spirit realm. We are living in the world of human and spirits.

      This is why you must know the truth which sets free.

      Now, because this unborn child was not allowed to come to life and fulfill his mission, shouldn’t he/she revenge? Don’t bother meeting with prayer warrior’s. Don’t even think about family deliverance on issues of this nature.

      These are possible means for deliverance in some other cases but doesn’t work in cases like this.

      Therefore, this is what you must do in this case: take baby new wears, pampers (the very first sizes that a new born wears after some months.

      Buy baby cap, stocks, bangles (that very local bangle that makes sound putting on new born, feeding bottles, oja (baby clothe carrier), powder, soap, comb, otanjere,

      All these items you must buy for the ritual exercise.

      It’s not a thing you have to give Tom or Monica money to buy after you have visited the home. It is mandatory that you must visit the home with all these materials yourself in order to get the desired result.

      When you come in, seek to meet with their guardian of the respective motherless baby home.

      Make your matter known to her. This is so, so that she direct the children on what to pray for and how to pray for you.

      When they gather to pray for you, let them circle you. Kneel down before them while they offer prayers.

      When they finish praying for you, give them edible food; you may choose to buy bobo for them with cheese.

      When this are done right, I give you few days and weeks for you to see wonders, signs and great positive changes.

      Do understand that this information are reaching you from the great light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.

      We owe you the truth. The truth we know, we make known to you. This is the world of human and spirits; this is why you must have spiritual knowledge to grow, making success in your world.

      More light to your path as angels guide us all. Iseeee

      Ka chi foo!

      Many Thanks.

      Chukwuokikeabiama gbaa GI ume

      The gods are wise thank you nnam.

      May the gods and goddesses continues to elevate you.


      The pleasure of sin carries with it, a commensurate and burdensome price tag.

      This lecture is indeed a liberation lecture. Thank you so much isi mmiri Igbo Nile, may your days be long. Iseeeeeeeeeee

      Odogwuakataaka….am always marveled with your level of operation in making the truth known… You’re heaven sent. I give thanks to my god for leading me to you…may your days be long. Odogwu…iseeeeeeee

      Over 200 groups I’m a member on telegram, this is the only group I visit every hour of the day.
      Odogwuakataka, May you live long to impact more wisdom on us.

      Thank you so much for this great enlightenment GM. I really appreciate it. Good night Sir.

      Thank you.

      Thank you GM for the knowledge of truth you have shared to us. May your days on earth be long.

      Wisdom at it zenith … You are blessed odegwu… akataka


      Deep words of wisdom, my GGM

      Teachings, money can’t buy! Guidance, money can’t buy! Why should I even dare think of listening to someone else or go somewhere else except here? Chai! Odogwuakataaka 1 of our generation and generations to come!! isi mmiri igbo nille!!! The great high priest of Abrudeh City!!! I am deeply grateful for these teachings and guide. May you forever continue to prosper in all you do, grow more in wisdom and live long. Iseeeeee

      Am brother Emmanuel from Ghana-Bolgatanga

      Greetings to members of this august house.

      Am Augustine from Enugu state

      Odogwu akataka dalu. May the gods and goddess, ndi ichie guide and protect u..iseeee more light to our path..wisdom is priceless.

      Poku Ghana:
      Hmm…may the gods and goddesses bless the great one. Because things that sweet so much it effects also comes too much.

      Isi Mmiri Igbo niile , I bu odogwu. May the gods increase you mightily Iseeee

      Ikechukwu Nnama:
      GM u said it all, words of wisdom and knowledge.

      Queen David:
      I’m much grateful to the gods and goddesses bringing me here. I’ve not read much but I know all my questions and worries are answered. May the gods grant you more wisdom.

      The House of enlightenment. The citadel of knowledge.

      Good day all. I greet everyone in peace. I came through a post on Facebook which lead me to the page in which I decide to join this noble group through the link in order to expand my consciousness and spiritual growth towards enlightenment. Udo diri Unu.. isee
      I’m glad to be here.

      Lawrence Okoro:

      Am very happy to be here.

      Good morning GM and may Chukwu okike Abiama endow you more and more with great wisdom , Iseeee! Please I need you to throw more light on how one can identify his/her destiny . Because I know many people have strayed into other people’s destiny without knowing it. More light to your path

      Don Chi:

      I join this group so I can learn more about kola nuts , oseoji and mostly bitter kola.

      Chukwu nyere anyi mmadu,Odogwuakataka Nna m dalu


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