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      Now, on your questions of having sex with your girlfriend and abortion saga. You must know that ‘Sex is Sex’! It is a known fact that a wife and a husband are of the same bone and same flesh, but sincerely so, sex is sex!!

      You can only understand this information upon high level of exposition to spirituality. Because our spiritual knowledge calls for practices. Upon spiritual practices, you get to a point where the information has it ‘abstain from sex all through this ritual exercise for ritual perfection’.
      That’s to say, you are accessing high spiritual order whereby you can hear from the spirits and receive directives from them.

      When you have such information, it doesn’t matter who you slept with. Here, the information remains, Sex is Sex!!!!

      It is upon angels guide you understand that sex with your wife or husband is sex. So it’s when you have sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Both are not good for your spiritual exercise as it pertains to physical life to an extent.

      Whatever, whoever, however, wherever, whenever, Sex is sex!!!!

      Talking about “Abortion”, what do I have to say? Stop abortion!I ask you not to have anything to do with abortion. Killing is killing! Unborn and born, all are child and human.

      Today, you are a man. Isn’t it? If you are @your twenties today, that’s to say, twenty something years ago you were still a child. Let us assume that is true, it implies that, ‘thirty something years ago, you were still unborn’. Do you now see and understand that unborn child and born child are all human being?
      If this is true, because it’s true: therefore stop abortion.

      If I was aborted, you won’t have come under my services today. If you were aborted, you won’t be here @Light house of wisdom today. If your mother was aborted, she could not have given birth to you. Get knowledge and understanding. Wisdom saves the life of its owner!

      Still on abortion, the case could harm you and delay your destiny, promoting hardship, scarcity, wants, premature death, suffering and hindrances. Yes! The possible results has to do with the child aborted.

      The aborted child’s chi might attack! Why we must be careful!! There are issues such as this which happened to others. Since it kept disturbing your conscience, you can’t say you are innocent thus you have felt guilty.

      To clear your conscience asked for a ritual exercise. You have to appease the baby (his spirit). This ritual must see you to motherless baby home with gift of items.
      Many are suffering today as a result of this. When the case of abortion is why you are suffering, go heaven, go earth: it has no remedy unless you appease the spirit of the aborted baby.

      This is not cause of deliverance or marine ritual. I must make the truth known. This is spirituality, it calls for a knowledge of truth.

      Gm you have said it all.

      GM Thank you so much for the explanation..I understand everything you said here; wisdom is priceless and I will be willing to perform the ritual to appease the spirit of the babies to avoid future regrets…more light to your path more wisdom to you iseeee.

      Gm does the ritual only involved visiting the motherless baby home with gift items.? More light to your path Grand master.

      Indeed wisdom is priceless many people

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