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      Cresonic Volcanic_Fire:

      Sir,please can you let me know the leaf you chew wit aligator pepper to know and hear from the spirit abt a person case and asking witout refusal.thank you great teacher

      Sir,please can you let me know the leaf you chew wit aligator pepper to know and hear from the spirit abt a person case and asking witout refusal.thank you great teacher

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      There is no leaf I know

      A pastor again!
      All of pastor’s want to hear and see, providing people’s problems with solutions yet troubles and problems following you are greater than those who seek for your services

      Christianity are reaping the truth they sold hence none is free and happy anyway. All of the pastors in christendom wish to hear and see to tell people as e dey happen yet they don’t care to see themselves first

      How can you see me when you aren’t seeing yourself?
      What is the possibility?

      Because deception is the order of the day in christendom, none is safe. From the Bishop down to the floor members, none is safe.

      Because they have despise wisdom, the world is no longer safe for them. Reasons for daily midnight prayers. Having no peace of mind

      Sleepless night

      If they see cockroach they scream and shout blood of Jesus. If they see spider, they shout and say its witchcraft. No peace for the ignorant

      Now I tell you @cresonic

      Even though you seek to see vision and hear sounds, these sound good for its good for one to hear from the gods perhaps to provide solutions

      The request is not why am annoyed but then I am annoyed simply because the heart by which you sought for these are for selfishness

      Do you now understand?

      Take for instance, no true dibịa who seek to be dibia but forced to be dibia

      This is why no dibia meet another dibịa asking for juju to enable him see or hear from the spirits upon spiritual consultation

      Only these ofeke dibịa’s who are like the ofeke pastor’s could be seen getting different juju to help see and hear

      No ọdịnala dibịa (traditional dibịa) or marine dibịa who can seek for power outside the ones given unto him for the purpose of truth

      It’s the duty of ndị ichie ani who called you for services to offer you the tools, helping interactions. So that you hear as they speak and they too hear as you speak

      So that you see whenever they show you and you they too sees whenever you point fingers

      But then in christendom, you said Jesus is heaven and earth yet you can’t hear your names when it’s called by a spirit

      You can’t even say a prayer the way it attract powers, forces for positive effects

      Everything are done wrongfully. Ọ bụ onye ka unu na_aghọrị? Who are you people deceiving?

      Do you know that a deceiver is as well deceiving himself?

      Don’t you know? This is why, whenever you buried yourself by yourself, your fingers comes up

      Seek wisdom first, every other thing shall be given unto you

      By the help of the gods, their love and kindness, I isi mmiri Igbo nille has seen wisdom and was able to have handshake with her

      This is why I have been proving to be wise before men and women, human and spirits

      I have many ways to help the just to gain whatever they seek in life

      You asked about a leaf for hearing of sound but then 8 shall tell you about a leaf for vision

      Joseph Ugochukwu:

      GM the gods are with you

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      There is a leaf which we call ibirisi anya mmụọ. Its the first leaf that comes in a season and first to go in a season

      That’s to say this leaf comes after a period of dry season, as soon as the first rain falls in a year. It comes first and has to return before rain stop falling (ending of raining season)

      This is natural way for vision using the leaf for rituals

      But then, are you in peace with your chi, realm of origin and every other possible forces surrounding your path?

      Ofeke never care for these forces. This is why it’s impossible for an ofeke to attain greatness

      Now, with this leaf you can see vision.

      When you follow wisdom, you see that all men are gods and the women are the goddesses

      Nothing is impossible

      It’s one thing to see, another thing to stand what you saw and have so
      und understanding

      For ritual effects using the vision leaf, you shall get an ọba

      Ọba is a calabash

      Use 7 seeds of alligator to cleanse the calabash 7 times each in an hour

      In each cleansing praying for a rain fall before next morning

      When you are done at the last 7th hour, you take the calabash with both hands, keep on top stool

      Exposing where a direct rain shall fall and enter inside the calabash

      This is holy water people talk about

      Water without corruption

      I have told us earlier how Tuesday get holy water for healing and mystic works

      Same applications are used here

      When rain falls, after rain, collect the calabash along with the rain water, bring inside. Insert the vision leaf inside

      You shall use every night to wash your face before bed till 7 nights

      That’s to say, each night, after dinner and all activities, it’s the last thing you do before bed and after that, don’t worry talk or respond to anyone till day break

      Get the ritual calabash, use to wash your face properly. Keep and sleep.

      You can’t tell the experience all through the night

      Now, in the morning. As you wake up, you can’t behold the sun no matter how far you tried

      Starting from that morning till the 7th days, whosoever that sees you can’t behold your site

      Those who has knowledge of the truth shall say that your eyes looks like a witch or wizard for it shall turn red and have to be painful more especially whenever the sun shine

      For safety, you do better stay indoors all through the rituals

      At the end of seven days, for permanent services. For it to serve till eternity, you shall look and get okwma and 7 times 7 pieces of mmụmụọnwa

      Do you know what is mmụmụọnwa? There is an ant that blinks light at night

      It sparks light which looks and shine so bright

      I shall guide you on on how to swallow it with the okwuma for another seven days

      These are natural ways of seeing in spirits upon angels guide without you haven anything like blood sacrifices

      But then, it has to do with your chi and every other possible forces surrounding you for effectiveness unlike when you do juju

      Juju is another way to get vision or sound owing to the sacrifices

      These are the truth you must know.

      At this juncture, I have to call it a day. More light on our path as angels guide us all. Iseee

      Candy Ghana:
      More Light to your path Iseee

      Joseph Ugochukwu:

      Isee the wise one

      Nafisat Wakili:

      As clear as snow. I can testify to that. Even though I’m seriously learning but I have started seeing changes in my life

      Greetings The GM..Please how I have a spiritual check(Nlebanya)/evaluation.I need itThanks The great institution of wisdom himself.

      I’ve been lookin forward to such teachings, more light unto your path GGM.. Mmuo Dike

      GGM Isimmiri Igbonile,I wanna say a big thank you for the teachings so far even amongst your busy schedule but I wanna ask someone, no knowledge is a waste and I’ve been reading the 6th and 7th Books of Moses lately which I know you’re familiar with because it’s filled with a lot of ancient Egyptian spells, even know everything comes with a price but wanna know if I’m at risk of harming myself? Even even though I’ve been doing my keep fit rituals

      Sorry for the wrong spellings

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:

      Pls Nna, what is this okwuma, is it shell butter? More light on our path

      Pls NNAM ODOGWUAKATAAKA, does it mean that the cleansing has to take place 49times in 7 hours. one seed been used to cleanse the oba 7times in an hour, is it going to be continuously or wait for some minutes before proceeding,thanks as angels guide us all

      After the cleansing,would the alligator pepper be thrown away?

      Uchechukwu Origwe:

      Isi mmiri Igbo n’ile
      Odogwu Akataka nnam
      Oke dibia Oke mmuo
      Thank you for the teaching of this morning.
      May the gods and goddesses keep you so long for our generation needs your person.

      Sir, you asked me to remind you of our discussion when you come online.

      I’m Uche Origwe, I sent you a private message Sir

      Araoye Adedeji:

      GM, the gods and goddesses will continue to put more light on your path, asee. Please wh
      at’s another name for this leaf in yoruba or English. Thanks


      Good morning GGM ,,pls am I need of answers to what I experienced yesterday ,,I went to a man for prayers according to him he said someone in my family doesn’t want to see my success ,,and that she doesnot want my destiny to shine ,,so he asked I buy coconut ,,salt ,,and bring it for prayers ,,I went there he asked I get a white hankerchief and I prayed on items ,,used all of them over my body and pray ,,,after the man opened the salt kept into the hankerchief ,,and tied it,,then said I should use the hanky all over my hand and pray that any evil should come out,,as I was praying he burst the coconut and stated using it’s water on my hand ,, then used the hanky deep into the bowl containing the mixture of water and coconut,,,and washed as I was washing immediately fire came out of my hand ,,Great Man ,,,pls I need explaination to that ,,and if it was really true that it was a sign of the evil coming out

      Pls I need answers

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:

      For me it’s a magic,” the you look the less you see”!

      Ok thanks dear

      Desmond Ghana:

      The same all this men rob chemical on white hanky when he brush together it catch fire.. don’t believe such.. hope you don’t throw the little cash u have to him


      My dear I gve him some money oo

      Hmm but I have learnt my lesson shaa

      Ok thanks very much for your contribution

      Desmond Ghana:

      Yes bro… you in right house where truth stand ..


      Am not a guy but a lady,,,

      Desmond Ghana:

      Ok nwa oma .. still wait for GM he Answer you clear when he comes online

      Ok thanks

      Offor Paul:

      That is potassium, a chemical that doesn’t go with water


      There’s no atom of magic or spirituality in that act
      That is just science, most people especially pastors have been using it to delude and collect money from people. That thing is just alkali metals or better still chemical that reacts with water to produce heat and fire. Most people do think it’s miracle, but it’s just a deceptive way of confusing and making people believe u have powers


      How can salt react with water to produce heat and fire…? The chemical reaction can go this way Nacl+H2O= NaOH which is base and libration of chlorine and hydrogen gas

      Most pastors uses mystical way to defraud some ofeke…for u believe in them

      Potassium is a metal and it can react with water to produce potassium chloride KOH and Hydrogen gas.

      To me the pastor uses mystical way to bring fire on the Hydrogen gas or chlorine gas for him to believe on him…or during the process there was a source of light which ignite the librated gas

          Am happy to be here, i never know that place like this exist.
          All thanks to GM

          Good afternoon GM, please help me out in collecting back my money I gave to a guy to help me with papers to be employed at a health facility two years ago. Any spell, ritual or advice is highly appreciated. Thanks


            I am in Cameroon and most of the items you called here,we don’t have and I don’t even know their English names.ibiris anyammo


              Greetings Gm , i am a new member, i was recently informed that i am an Ogbanje by a dibia that says i have to go to the river and pray . But am wondering why he will not follow me to lead the exercise? Pls trow more light on this thanks .


                The great one more light to your path may your wisdom continue enlarge more and more and beyond ..I only wish to tap from your wisdom.

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