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      Spiritual consultation as you may like to know is a medium priest/priestess/spiritualist used to check or ask/enquire from the spirits on a particular thing. It could be anything!

      Whatever human seek to know which is beyond his/her knowledge and understanding, he/she may seek to ask from the gods and goddesses. Because priests/priestesses are mediators who stands in between the spirits bodies and humans. Haven the powers and might to see beyond and interpret mysteries, we sought for their services to help solve whatever be the case by which we are suffering untold hardship, falling constant seek, not been able to recover from our sickness, not making any progress in life, experiencing rise and fall etc.

      When we visited a spiritual home, we now sit and await for the messenger of the gods. He has to tell you why you visited and circumstances surrounding your earthly existence. You should not say that unless he seek to know area of consulting. Should that be the case, after presenting a kola nut and drinks for you (pending people’s custom and traditions), he might seek to know why you visited.This doesn’t ask you to tell stories but for a brief information. If you visited for the sake of your business which has been experiencing a set back or for the sake of beloved who died mysteriously.
      You may say, I AM HERE TO KNOW WHY AM HAVING CHALLENGES IN MY FIELD OF BUSINESS. Having said this, hold on!

      From your presentations, he already know you need to consult the gods. He will then say, where’s your money for services. We charge so so amount of money for the services.
      Your ability to provide the said amount permit him for the sole mission otherwise you have to return next time.

      Providing the said amount, he will ask for your names or might not ask pending the case. Because you are present, he would go on asking the spirits for a clear information over the matter at hand.
      Perhaps you were there for the sake of another person. He must ask for his/her names, home town and sometimes mother’s or father’s name ( to enable clarity).
      When you provide the required information, he/she is left to deliver the messages as received (seen or heard).

      From the messages, you get to known what’s wrong and what could be done. This is why you must pay attention to hear all he says during messages. Most times a messenger speaks in parables, don’t worry about that: mark the words you heard but didn’t understand. Be careful not to interrupt him while he is still delivering messages. Pay Attention!!!

      When he/she is done with the message delivering, he must interpret where necessary. That’s when you get more understanding. If there’s any reason he felt to satisfy your curiosity, ask for more explanations. Knowing that you paid for the services. He must explain!!!

      Most times, owing to the result of our questions, it might call for a work. That simply means its one thing to ask another thing to work using the result of the questions. That’s to say, asking doesn’t solve problems though it does ‘partially’ hence problem known is half solved.

      Spiritual consultation is like when one is sick with undisclosed illness. In most developed countries of the world, a physician won’t offer you any drug and medication without lab test unlike as it’s in our various localities here in Nigeria (where some physicians treat sick people guessing). A physician must and ought to ask for lab result. This is to help him/her know area of treatment hence there are numerous diseases.When you go for a test, it’s then your malady will be named. You take the result back to your doctor who then have to engage you on a medication using the lab result. Same application in spiritual related matters.

      There’s every need for us to know what we are suffering from before we can then sought for solution. Its during spiritual consultation that you may hear that your realm of incarnate are disturbing, asking for settlement or your chi are not happy with you. Through this medium you might know what you were suffering from. Your problem could be caused by a man or woman, not all problems are from the spirits. Sometimes we find out that we are the cause of our problems through “ife onye metara” evil men do that leave with them and after them. Whichever be the case, there must be a solution.

      The same spirit that provides these true information has the ability to tell the solutions this is why your spiritualist need to ask. His services doesn’t end on saying what’s wrong without saying the solutions otherwise what’s the essence of knowing when there’s no remedy?
      Knowing is good but the solutions should be your priority.

      When above conditions are met, he has delivered as charged!

      (Click here for more information about WHO IS A PRIEST/PRIESTESS)



        Great one, good evening sir,

        My name is Nwaugha Goodluck am from Rivers state, great one I need you to interpret my spiritual life,

        sometimes things l need to know about my self, things don’t really go well for me as I plan them especially in area of making money through business.

        Please I want you to search my life style if am not well myself or if there is another things I need to do to help my myself please, because I know that it is the spiritual that controls the physical


          please how much is light house of wisdom consultation fee

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