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      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      My utmost respect for GM with spiritual truth. Sir how can one make offerings to his/her ancestors apart from pouring libations through the the use of (kola nuts, drinks, foods etc) on the ground. I may have missed this topic if you had hitherro treated it. Thanks.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      I guessed that you meant to write sacrifices instead of offering. Offering and sacrifice are different words with dinstinct meanings, if we must look at them from spiritual perspective. This is how it should e hence light house of wisdom. @light house of wisdom, we discuss spirituality, bringing out the truth to help our earthly mission.
      When we talk about offering, we mean to offer something to a physical being. Offering is an English word used mainly by religious sect such as Christianity which we see in Igbo word to mean “onyinye”.

      Similarly, when we talk about sacrifices, we simply to give to a spiritual being. In our context of discussion, I am given you the applicable definition of these two dinstinct words as depicted in spirituality and not religiously. Sacrifice in Igbo is called àjà.

      Offering is a word Christian leaders used to obtain grants or occasional tokens from deceived converts thereby robbing them of their possessions. Consciously or uncousciously, offerings (onyinye) are given humans and not to the spirit as many are misled to believe. It is a deceptive human doctrine.

      Do you know we have a word in Igbo “Saraka” which is another related spiritual ritual such as àjà – sacrifices but is not offering – onyinye and can’t be called an offering.
      Let me explain with facts:
      For example, you brought a bucket of rice to the shrine for answered prayers. Such is offering for its for human consumption, a gift known or unknown to you are meant for a servant of the gods (a priest or priestess). Such can’t be said to be àjà or saraka. Even though you had in mind, showing appreciation to the gods for prayer answered but then it’s an offering – onyinye. It’s not directly for the gods(the spirits) but to men (the servants of the gods).

      I have to explain this for a better understanding so that you gain indept knowledge maka na ofeke ajọka – spiritual ignorant is very bad. For this reason, you have to be very wise in knowing the truth.
      When you brought a bag of beans or garri to the temple, you are given to humans no matter your intentions. Don’t take it for sacrifices for its not a sacrifice rather an offering.

      It’s not as if offering are bad, not at all but I have to set this path clear so that you know what you are doing when you do anything.
      Sacrifices has to do with things given to the spirits direct or indirect but it is things of the spirits. That’s to say, things the spirits requires, needed, wants and demands from humans.

      They are such as animals and other sacred items which are not meant for human consumption as given. This is why the priest in charge has to receive such sacrifices and present to the gods right at your presence without saying thanks to you. This is not seen when you make an offering. Bringing car to a priest is not a sacrifice you must understand and know the truth.

      For instance, blood aren’t for human consumption. Spirits restricted humans from blood consumption simply because it is food of the spirits. Human eat meat for health and energy, spirits eats blood for energy.

      Do you now see why your chi _ guardian angel could be weak? Not been able to serve you with vital force?
      Your inability to feed, make sacrifices to your chi and other forces working for your destiny could bring a delay to your destiny. Could cause you destiny denial or delay. This could bring about witchcraft operations to someone’s destiny. It could endanger someone’s destiny.

      People are so spiritually ignorant that they give millions of naira and dollars to pastors and bishops, priest and yet refuse to make a sacrifice of fowl or goat to their chi and forces behind their success.
      This the reason why many rise and fall today.

      This is the reason for the predicament and poverty of many. Getting knowledge and understanding of the spirits is mandatory to have dominion in life. Wisdom is a security. It save the life of its carrier.

      Saraka as I said earlier is another form of sacrifice which is for the spirits as everything that has to do with sacrifices are meant for the spirits no matter the presentations.
      Saraka is another form of ritual, a sacrifice human makes to the spirits. This is where we announce all the items involved “sacred”. Sometimes saraka could be given to the spirits without human share sometimes in reverse. Whichever, it has spirits position’s unlike when you give an offering.

      Some of the saraka may asked for whole presentation to the spirits no matter the items involved. This is where someone has to buy a trailer load of an items (rice or sugar or yam, whatever as the case maybe) and pour inside water for the spirits. It’s not an offering but a sacrifice. And this sacrifice is different from blood sacrifice this is why we call it saraka in Igbo. Such ritual exercise can’t be called an offering for its not an offering.
      Still on saraka, sometimes the case has it that you are to kill an animal, make the presentation, saying prayers and prepare the meat/food to share among friends, family, well wishers, children, beggars etc. These are saraka not an offering. In other words it is an àjà – sacrifices!
      Saraka in most cases asked you to make the presentation on the road, straight road or round about, junctions or by the rivers. Wherever, it’s meant for the spirits not for human. Here none says thanks to you as the priest would say when you present an offering to him in the name of Methusalem or Christian or whatever you may say.

      Haven said these, you must have now understand why we pour libation to the spirits and pray them using kolanut, nzu, edo, drinks, food etc. When you do these, it’s not an offering and can’t be called an offering.

      Know the truth.
      The truth you know shall set you free.
      Eziokwu bụ ndụ _ truth is life: why we keep saying it.
      Be wise.
      More light on our path as angels guide guide us all.
      Ka e mesịa

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