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      I want someone to tell me what he or she understood by our spiritual practices @light house of wisdom using rituals?
      If possible, I need to hear from you all. The kind of report I often received from some of us (members of light house of wisdom) call for alarm. This is why I wish to know what are your thoughts, sharing your understanding on our ritual exercises?

      When we talk about rituals @Light house of wisdom, what do you understand? Our rituals @Lighthouseofwisdom what does it stand for?
      I understood we make use of some words such as the gods and goddesses, angels, the ancestors and the most high during teachings and ritual practices: who are they?
      Can you help define them one after another?
      In our path as human beings, Who are we and what do we represent?
      Do we represent Satanism, been here @ light house of wisdom discussion forum?

      Say your mind, write on your findings and opinion. let’s hear from you hence I can’t stand some messages anymore. These messages are coming from members here. Not people who are not here with us but people who are here with us.

      Onwuka Godspower:
      My master and our GM, I am so much happy for the privilege given to us to express ourselves regarding our spiritual life. I don’t need someone to tell me that we are all light bearers, I was thinking that spirit success depends upon age but now I am happy that we have known what rich men and successful people know. I gave several testimonies about the results I had after our ritual exercises.

      The most high is the most supreme God, who by the power of his world created everything he did. The gods and goddesses are the entities the most high brought to us to help us spiritually and for us to commune with them to make our lives sweet. Then the angels and the archangels are responsible for quick delivery of our request if they are recognized either through their associate colours,scent, day etc. Then our ancestors are known to be our intercessors in the land of the spirit. By knowing them all, our lives are better than ofeke. More lights to our paths iseeeee.

      I don’t need any further answer hence you got an inspired words, which is left for the wise to grow more in wisdom and the fool to get more foolish.
      Meanwhile, before now, I have made it clear that we are as white as snow. Brighter than daylight and clear as Crystal. He who does not see us is either blind or closed his eyes.
      We are standing tall among the Orientals!
      Our teachings are open for discussions. We had never said or passed an information without defending it.

      Therefore I don’t see a reason someone should be ashamed knowing the truth and walking on the light. Such act is actually of ignorance. Is not found here light house of wisdom where knowledge rules

      We are proud because we know the truth but humble working with the gods and goddesses.
      We are proud because we have it but humble because it was not possible by our power and might.
      We are proud because we are light bearers but humble because the light in us is light to the world.

      If you aren’t proud of being a member of light house of wisdom, wow to you because you are doomed.
      It’s only a blind man that sees no light shining while the sun is up the sky.

      A member wrote me that he stopped our 7 nights with the angels, half way simply because he had visitors who shared same room with him.

      Now I ask, are we evil?
      Can white be called black?
      Do you have shame answering your surname when you knew its your surname?
      Does a wise man have to negotiate his spiritual point of practices when necessary?

      Why must you engage with a practice that you aren’t comfortable with?
      Why are you here when you know you are not at the right place?
      Why deceiving yourself?

      You must provide answers to the above perhaps to have insight.
      Oh, you were working towards your deliverance here comes a stranger, you have to give up? Least they don’t see you worshiping Satan?
      Isn’t it?

      Do you know that if we have any religion that should be ashamed or one should be ashamed today to mentioned or call upon, it’s Christianity.

      Don’t you know?

      But right there, you see people with boldness professing their ignorance in the name of believe.
      Last time, we had a discussion @light house of wisdom where we proved to you all that that name of Christ was never Jesus and can’t be called Jesus.
      The discussion was made open that we dug deep finding the right name for the son of the most high whom Christians called Jesus.

      Why must someone not be proud of light house of wisdom?
      Right here @light house of wisdom you were meant to understand that water was never created by anyone rather it existed by herself. A secret revealed and truth none has ever told you.

      Have we said or taught you anything here without further proved using words of truth?
      While we had the lecture on origin of water, we took you to the Bible record according to Genesis 1:1_2.
      You all read and understood!

      Right here at light house of wisdom you were meant to understand that there are other divine entities who helped during creation who are not angels. They are known as the gods and goddesses. We must reverence them alongside the grand creator (the Most High) who was the master planner.

      We made you understood the difference between the gods and the goddesses.
      We brought to you the knowledge of the angels. Didn’t we made known to you angels hierarchies? What more have we not made known to you?

      Yet someone was still watching us and hiding his face in shame upon practices.
      Christians were there shouting amen in the belief they are speaking heavenly language not knowing that amen is a wrong word to concur to a prayer.

      Did you not meant to understand the meaning of Amen? We did and right words was giving to you instead as a true son of soil. Who must have value for his/her language. Haven value to your language is a value to the spirits and spirits beings hence they were true giver, given you the language you speak today as onye Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, etc. Amen is not your language and shouldn’t be used by you to conclude your prayers as onye Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba etc if we truly know whom we pray to.

      The question remain, do we know what is prayer and whom we pray to? I doubt if you truly know. If you had known, you must fight your pastor for deception. As of that wasn’t enough, they introduced speaking in tongues to you. Arụ _ Abomination! Did they not said Amen is heavenly language? They told you and you concur. Here we have made you all know and understand that Amen is Hebrew language. Do you know who are the Hebrews?

      Christians said Christ was born on 25th Dec, therefore they all celebrate Christmas on December 25. I ask you, was Christ born on 25th December?

      December 25th was a day by which the Roman sun goddess known as Zeus was been celebrated by Roman’s.
      Roman Catholic Church adopted this practice for the fear of loosing membership thus Roman’s (citizens) can’t afford to give up the annual celebration.
      Today, Christians all over the world boldly celebrate it for Christ birthday.

      Christians make use of images in their their places of worship in the image of Christ. Who told you the image is truly of Christ?
      I ask, who took pictures of Christ that one has to defend the true origin of the false image in representative? Camera and photograph was invented which year? How many years ago did Christ died? Could you think with your gods given brain?
      Does above fallacy, false doctrines, massive deception and illusion not called for condemnation? Why must one not stand against Christianity and be ashamed of them?

      Since your joining @light house of wisdom, have we introduced any image to you?
      How do you know true worshipers?
      What does it cost you to understand the truth and know a truth sayer?

      They worship image of Mary (the mother of Christ). When the most high was giving Moses commandment, what did he said about use of images?
      Exodus 20:4
      “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

      Who are the true worshipers?
      Who are worshiping as the spirits requires? Who are the organization that worship in truth and in spirits as Christ instructed?
      Yochanan 4:24
      “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.””
      Jewish Bible Complete

      Why are you ashamed been a member of light house of wisdom where knowledge rules?
      Are you wise indeed?
      Can you beat your chest to say, yes I have known the truth?

      Didn’t Christian knowledge made you to believe that Christ was killed on the cross? I ask you today, was Christ killed on the cross as Christianity made known to you?
      The truth is that bible does not describe the instrument of Christ death. Still, the Bible provides evidence that Christ died, not on a two piece cross, but on an upright stake.
      The Greek word ‘stauros’ as used in the Bible when referring to the instrument of Christ execution stood for upright stake.
      Stau·ros′ “never means two pieces of wood joining each other at any angle.”The Bible also uses the Greek word xy′lon as a synonym for stau·ros′.
      The word xylon means “wood,” “timber,” “stake,” or “tree.”

      No wonder apostle Paul asked the young Timothy to study hard to show himself approved unto the most high.
      Paul was led by the Holy Spirit all through his earthly missionary journey. He must have known that time shall come when false doctrines, misinformation, misguidance would be order of the day just for the promotion of personal interest.

      Today, every Christian religious denomination has their own bible.
      What is the essence?
      Just to fit their selfish interests hence it’s easy that way, rewriting words.

      Yet someone is their saying, I am a proud Christian.
      Proud of ignorance.
      Applauding ignorance.
      What about hell fire which you all believe in today. Is hell fire biblical?

      Do we have the word hell fire in original Greek bible transcript?
      What Christ said was Gehenna.
      He didn’t mentioned hell fire if we must quote him right.

      Gehenna they translated to be hell fire. Today everyone shout hell fire. Preachers preach about hell fire. But then, have you asked yourself why it’s those words that are false Christians make pillar of their doctrines?

      Have you thought about that? Because they have no truth in them. They fear the word ‘truth’ and never wish to associate themselves with true words.
      This is why, they easily get ride of true statements in the Bible and quickly replace it with false words.

      Yet you see their followers proud of them. False religion!
      Religion of hypocrisy
      Religion full of lies and selfishness
      Religion where kingdom fight against kingdom, that’s christendom.

      You said you are for Christ.
      You are Christians, why can’t you be united and form one body.
      While the Most High led the Israelites under Abrahamic religion, did we see two different synagogue in the land?
      Of course not at all!
      Because they worshiped him in truth and in spirit. They have to gather one place for the sacred services.

      Today, you have Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Christ Apostolic church, Jehovah witnesses, assemblies of God church, winners chapel, Lord chosen, Christ intervention, Christ intercession, Christians and Holy Spirit ministry, Christ and angels ministry, Christ and Jesus ministry abracadabra!

      I ask, is Christ divided?
      Not at all!
      Because the truth is not in them, they must surely be divided. Don’t you know that if I happened to be your slave today as a result of deception melted against me, I sure to fight and leave you tomorrow as soon as I know you deceived me?
      This is why there are too many churches here and there bearing nsi na ahụ in the name of Christ.

      Because the least have come up knowing what others knew. Understanding that it’s all about me and my family, he has to go and open his own branch and give it a name.
      They aren’t here for the truth because one can’t give what he does not have.

      If they truly stood for the truth, let them come out boldly as I am. Let them open the church and say the truth, refusing to collect offering and tithes.

      Let their be no financial contributions for the pastors. See if he/she will be proud to be a pastor this time next year.

      Know the truth and practice the truth you know.
      Yochanan 8:32
      “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.””

      Angels guide!

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