What is Ndi Otu, and What is Amosu?

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      Ada Mmili:
      Good day Odogwu Akataka & my fellow students of truth!!!
      I’ve been trying to understand what “ndi otu” is. Please, sir Anya furu Mmuo, what exactly is Ndi otu mmadu? Also, what kind of spirit is amosu that destroys lives and can Mmuo ife destroy them?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Ndị otu or otu simply means your sect. Group of spirit persons whom you are in union with, together with and sworn an oath before coming into this mission world. They are your otu,

      I often said and I repeat, no particular spirit is amosu and there are no group of spirits that are known as much. Amosu has to do with behavior or attitudes of the spirits unto man that are not acceptable to us human beings at the moment of torment. It’s just a torment!
      It could further be stressed to be a disciplinary act.

      This is why we have the following:

      • Amosu dị na chi _ witchcraft from your guardian spirit.
      • Amosu ekere ụwa _ witchcraft as a result of your destiny.
      • Amosu dị na agwụ _ witchcraft that agwụ could bring unto one.
      • Amosu dị n’ala ndị Ichie _ witchcraft attacks from the ancestors.
      • Amosu otu na ogbanje _ witchcraft from your sect.
      • Amosu si na ikwu nne ma ọ bụ na ikwunna _ witchcraft attack on persons from maternal or paternal home. This has to do with forces from relatives/families.
      • Amosu ife onye metere _ worst of it all. Amosu gburu ọfọ na ogu. Amosu gburu iyi. The only amosu I hate talking about. The only amosu that a dibịa fear to approach. Evil men do that leaves with them and after them(ife onye metere). Tụfịakwa!!!

      We also have amosu dị na akaraka and amosu dị na ọgwụ na àjà. So on and so forth.

      Many of these are amosu that destroys lives which spirit of light can’t destroy and some could be destroyed. If you do understand the lecture, you could find them yourself. Angels guide


        Yagazie’regi Ezzi nna’m ùkwu.

        Thanks for the wonderful lesson

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