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      Odogwu Akataaka:
      To put the record straight and clear, there’s no juju that produces money (currency). It remains a mirage. Its an illusion for you to think and believe there are juju or spiritual practices that could cause money outflow. Where you hereby have to bend down and count the currency to get rich quick.
      Get rich quick scheme has made many more poor than poverty itself. You must take note of this truth.

      Our spiritual practices is a call for wisdom. I hereby tell you tonight, if you you sincerely believe that ọgwụ ego _ money ritual is act of getting physical case as a result of juju well done without labour force. I here state it clearly, loud and sound “THERE’S NOTHING LIKE ỌGWỤ EGO”.

      It’s not done, even in so called secret society, brother hood or sister hood, no GET RICH QUICK.

      Instead, what the brotherhood or sisterhood often does is to contribute from their pulse to help a new member who probably needs the money. It’s not like the naija movie series. Udiri ife a adirọ.

      This is the season, I’m here to save a soul. This is the season, season whereby the ignorant would become victim of fraudsters on their search to get rich quick.

      Your labour pays upon by the application of nature forces as seen in juju. When we talk ọgwụ ego.

      For those of you who often fall apart with the narratives. Here is how it goes.

      When heaven and earth was created. Many things was created also on earth. Some of these things were given life inside water and was made, blessed to dwell inside water

      Some were given powers to inhabit earth surface. Some could fly and some could not fly. Those who could fly on the sky were called birds. And animals gave to leave on earth.

      In same earth we have plants tree and herbs. All these were made by the creator(s). They were blessed. Possessing different powers.

      What one can do, another could or could not. They were divine!

      The knowledge remains with the creators. As time goes, they began to reveal these mystics to humans whom they created in their likeness. This information comes your way tonight so that you get wisdom.

      The angels has it as a commission upon them to minister to humans how to make use of these powers. We were made to know that by the powers bestowed on us, we could tell them what we want them to do for us, and so be it.
      So, getting the right application makes it easy.

      This is how we began to cause healing using them. Because they have healing ability.

      Promote happiness using them, thus they have the ability

      Since they can do whatever we ask them to do, knowing them by their individual powers, we do ask them, to kill and they go killing. Just like the saving of life(healing)

      When you find yourself in unwanted conditions, hardship, these powers could help create positive changes.

      Same applies to finances.

      Coming to finance, the application are often misquoted. A credit to ignorant.

      Just like there is no herbs, roots, animals and putting together to give birth to a human being when a barren mother wants a child. So there’s no application as such to bring or produce physical cash when you are poor or want money.

      Rather, what we do is to put them together, talked to them, ask them to help us using their nature powers to cause changes as desired. To the barren woman, it goes along way to cause conception unlike before. She will conceive and give birth.

      To the poor, it goes a long way to open ways so that money and opportunities to make more money comes.

      When these happens, we can’t cease to accept that it was for this reason it happened.

      Sometimes, these practices do not come and go without commitment. This is where we were seen committed to them. Yes. Just like one builds house for shelter. He who has a house is not expected to sleep outdoor. He is who has a house is not also expected to live like a vagabond.

      Reason we come often with ritual sacrifices to speak to them in remembrance and for continuity. Igbo sịrị, ọnụ na mmiri ejighị asụ asa aka (he who is surrounded by water is not to wash hands with saliva).

      Our commitment ask them to do more. Our commitment using ritual sacrifices urge them to do more.

      Let it not be misquoted to be evil practices.
      Let it not be misquoted to be satanic and demonic.
      The truth remains, you as a human being, you can only tell what is bad when you’re know what is good.

      Without knowing righteousness, you can’t knew evil.
      Because you haven’t gained access to wisdom, it’s impossible for you to judge the activities of men here on earth.

      Just like nature do not enforce wisdom upon men so we don’t enforce knowledge of the truth to you.
      You have yourself to accept whatever you think is right or wrong for you.
      Just like your life, you have the choice to live or die.

      To live and be prosperous, you must know the truth about life.
      Don’t think successful person(s) have the time to tell you, teach you want it takes to become a success.

      Never forget too quickly, no ones want you to survive. If possible, everyone would want you to become his/her slave. The choice to become a success lies on you. If you think there’s time for success, you are just deceiving yourself.

      There’s no appointed time for you to have a successful life until you desired and work it out.

      When you think there’s time and end up waiting for the time, finally you see there is no time. That’s when you start looking for black goat at night. You will fall into the hands of scammers. You will become a prayer answer to some people.

      Because you don’t know. If you had known, you will know that your ignorant benefit people so your wisdom and understanding of life. So whichever way you choose for life, there are people out there to benefit from it

      But when you are wise, you benefit yourself the most.

      Have a good night rest and good day wherever you are this very hour.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

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