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      Why does the GM use a slave book to educate? That doesn’t make sense.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Madam Adaeze, you better be careful what you write here and your fast reaching conclusions in this forum. You aren’t restricted neither do I stop you from been a racist or religious juggernaut. As a human being, you have yourself to belief in anything or accept anything to be the truth even when the truth is calling you to know him.

      I can use Chinua Achebe book or Williams Shakespeare’s book for teachings if I found truth in their literature. I am the great Odogwuakataaka and not you. Till I die, I will never be you. And no matter what you do here on earth, you can’t be me. You will forever be who you are.

      I am a truthsayer unlike you a racist and tribal entity. I am a lover of truth unlike you a lover of religion and ignorant. Can you see the difference?

      I know the truth and the truth I know I make known to the people. Truth is unlimited reason I have unlimited knowledge of the spirits. Ignorant is limited reason you are limited in your religious psych.

      I am not a religious man, you are a religious woman. I am a spiritualist, you are a believer.
      Can’t you see the difference between you and I.

      Bible which you called a slave’s book was written by human beings like you and I. The documentary was done here on earth by messengers like you and I who were here on earth before us. Their records entails truth and redefined truth. Just like Chinua Achebe in things fall apart could tell you what happened in Igbo land in the book, that doesn’t call for your beliefs or acceptance. If you like belief or accept what he said, if you like, ignore it. It doesn’t recreate the story lines

      If you like call the writer a slave or slave master, it doesn’t counter the truth as written. What is written is written.

      I am not stopping you from believing in whatever you deem alright for yourself but then, don’t demonstrate your ignorant in this great forum. We are wiser than you do. We know much better than you do. We teach those who taught you. We aren’t equal!

      You can help tell who are the best slaves that wrote the Bible then tell me what makes you a master, who can’t read the slave’s book?
      Are you not a slave today?

      Are you a free woman?
      In the 21st century, you are not ashamed you are still a slave even in your father’s land whereas slave have been abolished from human race far back in the days yet you are still a slave today. Is this not a pot calling kettle black?

      If anyone should be called a foolish slave, you should be the one.
      If anyone should be a slave, you are.
      If anyone should be ashamed to be a slave, you should be.

      Your slave is not even to one master but to numerous masters.

      You are a slave to ignorant. Today ignorant is your master.

      You are a slave to money. Money is your master because you aren’t financial independent.

      Today you are still a slave to your fellow country men who have conquered your territory, haven full control over your natural resources yet you can have the gout to call someone a slave.

      You are a slave to freedom. You are not free even when the whole world enjoys freedom. What is happening in your region today proves you are still a slave. Its only where the people are slaves that the fight for freedom is seen.

      What gave you the gout to address someone as a slave when it’s obvious you are the number one slave today in the human history?
      Respect yourself if you still know where to find your respect.

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