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      What You Must Know About Human And Spirits: Why We Keep Fit Rituals

      Ritual! Ritual!! Ritual!!!
      How important it’s to engage oneself on a daily ritual?
      What type of ritual do we perform?
      Must we perform a ritual?
      Who cares about our ritual rites?
      Isn’t it barbaric, fetish, out dated spiritual engagement?
      Does a Christian as I am need to involve on a ritual sacrifice as seen in the society today?
      What does God or bible talk about ritual?
      These and lots more are questions we ask daily. Should we provide answers?
      Truly, there’s urgent need to provide answers to the above questions thus it causes spiritual depressions.
      First, let’s discuss human and spirit to help with the questions above. If we can found the true existence of human perhaps the nature of spirits, we can succed on getting answers to the above questions.

      To get real image of what human are, let’s found the true origin of man.
      Man is picture, image, uniqueness of the gods/spirits.
      Formation of man was as a result of earth and forces/spirits. Man was made by the gods/spirits, leaving us with a common knowledge that human possesses spiritual nature. Is that well understood?
      The first man who existed was not by birth rather by creation/formation.
      How possible?
      This is how it happened.
      On the days of creations, when it was concluded by the creator(s) to form an image in their uniqueness, nothing else came to their mind if not the image of man. Having agreed to do so, the supreme being who oversees all creation bent down on earth facing east. With his finger, he began to draw an image on the earth surface. Just like what we can see today.
      For those of you who grew up in the village. Sometimes, children gather to draw human image on the earth surface, presenting different pictures and out look. That was what happened.
      After the fine art, he invoked his force into the image. He exhaled, giving the picture power for life. The force upon reaching the image caused a vibration. Earth began to vibrate reading from the positions of the image. Behold, there was a person, handsome and unique.
      He named him Adam meaning man. Reading from the theory, we can see the true connection of human and spirit. Some of us who are bible student can belief me about this connection as its written in the bible book of Genesis 3:8. The true connection is the reason life is impossible without communal relationship with divine entities.

      Some event was meant to be secret and the secret nature is the value.
      Origin of the gods and goddesses (the spirits) are one of the secrets which nature gave value.
      Origin of the spirits are one of the top event that are meant to be secret to a mortal man. This has become a religious trait which was overcome by faith. Wisdom made it possible to us, telling us about these beings whom we have seen, feel, touched, recognized their presents and been in their midst. Seeking to know the true existence of their origin is not that true divine wisdom. Therefore we ceased such consult!
      The most important aspect of our relationship is love. For the fact they demonstrate love to mankind, we have no course to tender further discovering about their originality. Meanwhile spirits are not the only existing force without vivid or clear information of origin. Water is another force yet we enjoy it and can’t do without it day and night. It’s wisdom if we appreciate and welcome them into our lives as our life is attached to water so to them.
      There’s obvious reasons for us to perform ritual sacrifice to the gods and goddess.
      It helps rekindle our divine connections. Knowing truly there’s no other possible means we can reach out divine entities if not through ritual engagement.
      Remember, they are spirit, invisible, that has divine possibilities while we are human, mortal, visible with limited possibilities.
      Engaging oneself on a daily ritual helps draw closer the divine trie connection between mortal and immortal. Knowing truly that there’s no distance from the physical world to the spiritual world. It’s when we engage ourselves on this daily spiritual activities we feel the breeze of life and possibilities, having solutions to every giving problem, reaching our objectives and settings.
      Some people think others more powerful not knowing that devotion helps engagement: engagement on itself brings empowerment.

      We are one before gods and goddess irrespective our realms of originality, race, culture, religion and social differences.
      The more you draw closer to the divine entities the more you discover yourself. There are thousands of possibilities in every given individual, but our spiritual unconsciousness is a barrier towards our physical consciousness.
      You have come to this life is that you have come. It’s a call of wisdom for you and I to face the world with its true picture which is not negotiable.
      Don’t be deceived!
      Don’t be dogmatised!!
      Shun religious doctrines!!!

      Religion last time I check was based on individual physics and personal interest. This is why it’s hard to found a true religion in the present world today.
      Show me the true religion where love, passion, truth, holiness, purity is the order of the day and I will tender unreserved apology to my reverence. But this is a true call for religious practices!
      This determines our true nature of purity and godliness.

      Now, the type of ritual we could perform.
      This is like the phrase which says, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are! Remember earlier, in the beginning, I made us to understand about the two principal occult which rule and dominate the physical world and spiritual world, namely: white witch occult society and black witch occult society.
      Secret and divine assignment. An ofeke would say, tufiakwa! Occult people!!
      God forbid, occult group!
      Why you must become an esoterics and join the esoteric order of knowledge.
      You that forbids occult group, are you not an occult member?
      Of course you are but fully ignorant of your true belonging. You are very much ignorant of your order. Everyone is an occult member, if you care to be know. Get to know what is occult and practices. Examine yourself to see if you were one or not. This is like one disliking an European simply because he is fair in complexion and you are dark in complexion. You can only hate one for its colour when you refused to understand who you are and who he/she is. If you had known that we all are human from same creator(s), you do better show one love.
      When we talk about ritual practices, a Christian order never understands that most practices as they professed are occultism. Otherwise, your pastor couldn’t have asked you to pray with broom, scattering above air while you confess your enemies to die. What more are the difference as seen in occult?
      When you got immersed by water, what does it tell? Isn’t initiation? What more are the difference as seen in occult?
      Ofeke ajọka!
      Coming back to the black and white occult society as earlier mentioned, the type of rituals we engaged, determines our occult group.
      No more No less!!

      The most high has a reason to test Abram by the request he made seeking the blood of Isaac.
      Genesis: 22:2a
      An intelligent student may ask, why did he later rebuked him not to kill the innocent child?
      Abram was rebuked not to kill Isaac because such sacrifice was not acceptable and won’t be accepted by the order of the white witch society headed by the Most High who made same request to test his faith and knowledge.
      Therefore, knowing characteristics of the both societies helps with the ritual sacrifices.
      It’s ignorant to condemn ritual exercise. Knowledge tells you that without it, we can’t proof our spiritual involvement.

      The world is all about give and receive, law guiding nature. Growth is impossible without stages. What we offer is like a seed, it can’t become a plant without decay.
      This you must know.
      Without rituals performances we can’t maintain our spiritual balances.
      Without it, we can’t claim and possess our spiritual and physical inheritance.
      Without it, we can’t truly become that which we were meant to be.
      Without it, our spiritual connections grumbles.
      We need light always.
      Isn’t it?
      All parts of the body needs light. That’s illunary!
      To activate the sensory organs which controls body system, there’s need for light.
      So, if we must keep fit angels, achieve, and retain our position: dominate, progress, live long, etc: we must keep fit daily rituals.
      To know the type of ritual required of us, we must first of all set our goals.

      What are your target?
      Who do you wish to become?
      What are your life target?
      Do you want to live long?
      Do you want to become the best in your field of practice?
      Do you want to be loved?
      You need progress on your daily activities?
      Is money your problem?
      Money is never a problem but could be a problem.
      What do you want to achieve?
      Answers to these is reason for daily rituals.
      I keep saying it, our major problem today is ignorant. Nothing else!
      How do you doubt that?
      Ignorant is the problem of every poor man and woman.
      Any body who is suffering today, his cause of sufferness is as a result of ignorant.
      Tell me how can an Igbo/Yoruba/Hausa/efik man die of malaria syndrome?
      How possible?
      But it’s possible?
      Ignorance made it possible.
      For example, malaria has symptoms.
      Isn’t it?
      Now having noticed the symptoms, as an esoteric.
      This symptom is malaria. This is what knowledge tells you.
      Knowledge will lead you to look for guava, mango, pawpaw leaf. It will tell you to add up lemon grass and unripped pawpaw fruit. The herbal mixture when cooked, it could be use cover up, all over the body has to feel the heat. Afterwards, you take a bath instantly as e dey hot. Drink the remnant two to three days and malaria typhoid is gone. But an ignorant will tell you that he doesn’t have money to buy drugs.
      An Igbo/ Yoruba looking for malaria typhoid drugs in this blessed land where every thing is green?
      It’s just an illustration of what happens to us when we lack adequate knowledge of nature existence. How some people are poor!
      Similar reasons could be seen in a young vibrant man or lady.
      You are not handicap.
      Not disable.
      Sound and healthy.
      Most of you acquired high quality education background more than I do.
      Some has PhD yet thy can’t afford three square meal.
      Let me tell you.
      It’s a reproach for a young able man or woman to bestowed himself upon poverty degree.
      An eyesore!
      Look at Nigeria.
      Look at Africa.
      Look at the world at large.
      Planet filled with great abundance.
      What is that you sought that is not here on earth?
      Are you like most ignorant lazy foolish Christians who belief to become what they wish to be upon reaching heaven?
      Get ritualistic!!!!
      Know the truth and practice the truth you know. This is only way you can make a difference. Wisdom saves the life of its owner. This is why you must get knowledge of the truth. In all your get, get understanding. Wisdom is the principal thing. It’s profitable to direct.

      More light on our path as angels guide us all.



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