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      Read the introduction post on juju first, before proceeding >>> CLICK HERE

      Odogwu Akataaka:

      Still on juju, I will tell you that till the world end: human being would not stop engaging on juju practices. Through juju many have gained life and live long. Through juju, many have become rich and grow abundance in wealth. Through juju, many have gained happiness and live a successful life.

      It’s only but two categories of men who can’t get involved in juju practices.
      They are: the cowards and the ignorant.

      The coward out of fear won’t love to access the great benefits in juju and as a result remains the way he is. Reason we ndị Igbo has the adage that says, agwa onye ụjọ ife ana_eme weere aba ọgaranya, ọ si ka ọ raa ka ọ raa (When you reveal secret of prosperity to the cowards, he accept to remain poor like he is).

      A coward would always refuse to be brave knowing that it takes the heart of a lion to make a difference. A coward would always wish and wish to be better, rich and financially independent all day long, but will end up been nobody but a coward and a failure.
      Don’t be a coward.
      A coward is always a failure.

      Take bold step towards recreation. Nothing in life is gotten out of cowardice. A coward dies many time before his death. Be strong and brave to stand all odds. It takes heart of a lion to make a difference in every area of life.
      At your work place, be strong to stand your office otherwise another man would take it and you become jobless and have to beg for food.

      Let your office not be taken by another man as David prayed in Psalm 109:8.

      It’s not good when you let go your position for been a coward. When you do, you will suffer the penalty before gaining another and even sometimes end up not gaining another.
      Learn to protect that which belongs to you and what was given to you.
      To do that is not by will or might but by the powers of the spirits which is possible by spiritual practices (juju).

      At your business premises learn to stand up and never fail asleep. Oke anaghị eri ife onye mụ anya is a wise proverbial saying by ndị Igbo telling you that it’s only but when you refuse to do the necessary you shall stand chances of loss.

      Oke is rat which we know as a robber. But then, that thief in person of rat can only come to you and take away your belongings the moment you fail asleep. If you must keep vigilant, you shall take notice of its arrival and chase it away or even capture it.

      Standing by the wisdom of the ancient through proverbs would make you more wiser. Wisdom is knowing what you supposed know and doing what you should do.

      This is world of human and spirits where you must leave to see almost all things going on. Saying and believing the world is full of wicked is your cup of tea. Before your birth, the world have been how it wanted to be. Because you can’t change the nature of life and the world, you do better by getting knowledge.

      Wisdom is all you needed to survive otherwise you will be an Ofeke and keep fooling yourself. Perhaps believing in heaven and earth as well as “end time”, not knowing that your heaven and earth is now you are alive. Your “end time” is the day you die.

      If you you like keep waiting till the day the world would come to an end. You will only see it the day death comes, knocking at your door. Onye nwụọ, ụwa nke ya emebie.

      So, leave judgement so that judgment itself would leave you alone. An Ofeke, a fool can’t make judgement knowing that he knows no wisdom and truth therefore no judgement. He who knows nothing can’t judge anything and anybody.

      Good number of people who are cowards are Ofeke. They are afraid of life and when you fear life, you definitely fear all things.

      Do I tell you that a coward has shorter time to live here on Earth? Yes he does!

      You have nothing to fear here on Earth but to embrace life and the activities of life.
      When you do, you sure to live long and have life in abundance. Having life in abundance talks about great wealth, riches, happiness, peace of mind and security.

      Ofeke won’t want to enter inside the bush for the fear of danger.
      Ofeke won’t want to go to the forest for the fear of wild animals and other unforeseen things.
      How much do you know that wild animals you fear are creature’s just like you?
      How much do you know that they know you to be human and you have the power to rule them as nature demands?

      How much do you know that they are subject to nature been ruled and controlled by the four elements?
      Do you know that they can’t do without air, fire, earth and water?

      How much have you aligned yourself, connect yourself with these elements?

      Do you know or care to know that the connectivity brings about leadership and supremacy over all creatures?

      Have you wandered why occult knowledge stands for ages?

      These are the secret that the universe beholds. You will never know them or get to know them not until you get exposed to truth. Truth is only key factor.
      Even the Bible said it.
      You shall know the truth, the truth you know shall set you free.

      This morning we have been talking about two categories of men who can’t get involved in juju practices: the coward and the ignorant

      Don’t be either to help yourself if you wish to live long and prosper here on earth. Some of you tried avoiding juju not knowing that keeping a distance from nature is getting closer to death. Nature is life and so everything that it beholds.

      Last time, I made us know that juju making is not any or by any means any wonder if only you care to know. Even though the ignorant misunderstood the settings as magic. But then, those of us who are deeply rooted can stand firm to tell you something in contrary.

      Was it not said that one has so many knowledge and answers to what he knows the best?
      Reason why if you care to know blind flies, you only ask an old woman who does ogiri.

      Going back to the ancient and adopting their old aged lifestyle which nature permit, you see Greatness and Mighty. Even though they were living with wild animals yet none was eaten by them.
      What was the magic?

      Today in our world, how many of you drink medicine made with roots and herbs?
      It’s a question that begs an answer.

      Since you were born till now you are getting old, how many times have you taken herbal mixture for health benefits?

      It’s a testimony that everyday good number of you consumes English drugs like meal yet your health is not assured.

      Almost all of you fear to touch herbs and roots believing they’re killers.
      How then do you have life when you are not one with nature?
      How then do you have good health when you you are not one with nature given resources?
      Aren’t you nature?

      What’s is the differences between you and the herbs, roots and plants in the bush?

      Do you have a different life from them?

      Do you have a different creator from them?

      Do you have a different earth where you fed from them?

      Do you share a different water given life from them?

      Isn’t it the same air that we all enjoy?

      Isn’t high time we get sense and reason as nature demands?

      Now I tell you, working along with them is just a bonus to you.

      It’s wisdom when you ask them to help you. If you do, they will!

      If you say No, I’m sorry about what your life would look like.

      You can’t be wiser than the universe.

      If you like say yes to the juju or No to juju.
      A ‘No’ to nature won’t ever be a ‘Yes’ to life.
      Ask the universe!

      Ife ju akpa amachie ya ọnụ. Only truth would tell you that gradually, we consume hot soup. I remain your one and only high priest from Abrudeh City. The Great odogwuakataaka, isi mmiri Igbo nille. Nwa anyanwụ na agbara. Ọ ji ọgwụ eme ọjị. Ikwighikwi onye ụwa. Mgbadike na Achina. Ajọ nwa. Ka E mesịa!

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        Can i get your calling number sir?

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