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    Grand Master

      Nnam odogwuakataaka,the greatest messenger of our Time, thank you for this wonderful teaching,you have really impacted alot in us, May the gods and goddesses bless you. isee.
      Nnam, for instance a woman that has chi and prays before her chi Temple every morning,can the husband join her to say prayers before her chi Temple. Again,if she wants to do blood sacrifices for her chi, should her husband join her to perform such ritual.thanks

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      I nod my head in disappointment.
      Sincerely, things are failing apart.
      Do you ask to know if it’s right for a husband _ di bi n’ụlọ to join her wife on prayer rituals or sacrifices on the wife’s chi temple in his house?

      I don’t know if you understand my question in the first place?
      Never mind, I will break the words and questions in bit and pieces so that you understand and answer me.

      I mean, your husband, di nwe gị. May we not be offended when I take this topic down to the root using Igbo language. Follow up and have wisdom as we go on. Because, things have fallen apart. The great and mighty are falling. Ọ na_abụ oké osisi ruo ala, ụmụ nnụnụ eju n’elu ya.

      I pity family and house owners.
      Some men have lost dignity thereby messed themselves up. Reason they aren’t living longer anymore like their ancestors.
      Reason they are falling sick and poverty have so far visited them and have to live with them.

      In Igbo Language, husband is called dị nwe ụlọ ma ọ bụ di bi n’ụlọ. Do you know what that means? What it means is that he is the owner of this house. House owner!

      Dị bụ ya n’alụ nwanyị _ it is the husband that married a woman into the house.
      Do we even know what these means?
      Do you know what it means that this property is yours and you are also the owner of this place? I don’t think you know, reason I am going to take time to explain

      As a household owner, you have a right for protection over the house. This is why in every community and house in Igbo land and every other places in the world, we have what is called family shrine.

      What is family shrine?
      Have you asked or you don’t care to know?

      I ask, do you know what it means to bury thunder protector in the house after building?
      What does it do?
      If you know what it is means to bury thunder protector in the house and what it does, you will know what it means to have family shrine and what it does.

      Look, just like always we tell you the truth in this great assembly @light house of wisdom discussion forum without looking Uche face. So we are going to unravel this issue today.

      A husband in household whom Igbo called dị bi n’ụlọ has lots of work to do for the progress, success and protection of his family maka na isi kwaa, ubu eburu.
      And this is why you see ofeke husband been poor like church rat and has to be fed by the wife, maka n’isi kwaa, ubu eburu.
      This is why in so many households today, men are drunkards: maka n’isi kwaa, ubu eburu.
      Good number of them are in sick bed while the wife have to take responsibility day and night: maka n’isi kwaa, ubu eburu.

      Maka n’isi kwaa, ubu eburu is the very reason when you refuse to perform or face your duty, taking charge of your responsibility as a man of the family: forces that are attached to that post have to put you to shame. Visit you with disaster!

      I am a farmer that’s why and how I got to know that there termites that fight farm produce. How much do you forget so quickly that there are forces that fight every family. Do you know what makes up a family?

      How do you think that a farm land which has to produce yam, maize, millet, cassava, vegetables etc won’t grow weed?
      Isi ọ dịkwa onye a mma?
      Don’t you know you are insane when you forget all these thereby ignore due responsibility?

      These are what we able household stand with wisdom. Standing up to take charge and never relent. Why we grow hale and healthy.
      Have peace of mind and always strong.
      Having a loving family and rich in all endeavors. Proud father!
      Thus the ancestors, gods and goddesses are with us.

      This is world of human and spirits. Do you know what that means?
      If you know what it means to become a husband or father, you won’t sleep like a baby but like a dog. We don’t sleep even when we are asleep. True father’s do not sleep with both eyes closed.

      When you end up been a man without that manship in you, you are sure to end up being a reproach to the family. This is why a woman will have shrine in the house instead of the husband. Have authority in the house in place of the husband. This is a kind of thing when seen those days, kinsmen will begin to mourn the living dead man. Because a man who is not a man is a living dead man.

      So many of you don’t even know what is ikenga nwoke ji biri n’ụlọ wee bụrụ dị bi n’ụlọ.
      So many of you don’t even know what is agwụ that makes a man a man.
      We call it agwụ ike na ikenga.
      Do you know what it means?

      Do you think it’s by power and might that farm products are gladly harvested?
      Do you think that it’s by power and might that a man sowed yam and have to harvest it?

      Do you think it’s by power and might that a man leaves his house in the morning to come back in the evening with happiness?
      Do you think it’s by power and might that a man gives birth to males and females?
      What about training them to become somebody in the society?
      Why do you think the spirits aren’t left behind in the life of each and every one of us more especially our fathers?

      The most high is a father so other gods.
      Father’s are elders who have responsibilities.
      They relate to each other to help success.
      This is why you were cautioned not to mess with your father who is in union with these authority (ezumezu mmụọ _ the gods).

      Izuchukwu :
      I will like to thank you once again for your immense wisdom and knowledge for the blessings of mankind, i really do appreciate your precious time towards attending to our questions individually… May the gods and goddess enrich you with more wisdom and longer life our GM…. Iseeooooo

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Our tradition taught us the value of giving respect and honour to our father before the arrival of the white men who brought bible for us. Looking at the bible, you see also same taught that was made a law.
      It was even in the bible that it was made a law.
      Let’s see how.
      Exodus 20:12
      ““Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the LORD your God gives you.”
      Ephesians 6:2
      ““Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with a promise”
      I nụrụ ya?

      Now, why do you think that this was made a law and must strictly hold onto it?
      It was because fathers have duty for the family. Moreover, it’s because they are head.

      When it’s said that someone or something is head, what does it mean?

      Do you know that he who is head carry so many things? So, why are you running away from your spiritual responsibility as a father (husband)?
      Where do you think you are running to if not to disaster? Have you seen it?

      N K J.P:
      wow! This is indeed very educative.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Ọ kwa Igbo n’ekwu si ooo
      Ngwere gbawa ọsọ hapụ ukwu osisi, aka akpara ya?( When a lizard neglects the tree it is captured)
      Do you say or have to say I said it?

      I didn’t rather Igbo wise adage said it that when a lizard run and has to pass the tree, it has to be captured. Do you now see why hunger, poverty, unemployment, sickness, troubles, etc have visited husbands while the wife are bearing the cross?

      Now, the wife has to suffer like Job in the bible. She has to suffer that even a wrapper won’t even fit her waist anymore.
      How do you pray for such husband and man to exist, who is subjecting his entire family into penury? That it will be said, ife so nna na_egbu ụmụ ka ọnwụ ọkụkọ

      The truth has been here before us and will still be here after us.
      What does that mean?

      I’m glad to come across this topic out ABLE Grand Master.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Before our birth, truth has existed and even after our death truth will still be in existence.
      Ofeke mee onwe ya ọ si na ya meere mmadụ. In our various homes we have seen these truth existed. If we like, let us be carried away by the teachings of the foreigners.

      A foreigner, I ask, is he/she not a visitor?
      If he is because he is that is to say definitely, he/she must go back one day where he comes from?

      Truth be said, if he goes, you will be left to stay where you were before he met you. Do you now understand why the teachings and doctrines of the foreigners have not helped us but destroyed us?
      Have you seen it?
      Nwanne anya saa.
      Anya saa!
      Open your eyes so that you see.
      Onye aghụgburu ka agbara.

      Wife, take it up and control the family if your husband lost control. The gods and goddesses are with you. Definitely that respect and honour which was cautioned and asked to be given by both of you will be all for you.
      That’s fine!

      Is that not what is happening today when children go on loving and caring for their mother more than their father?
      That’s exactly what is happening.
      When you see it happening, I ask you ofeke not to assume it’s natural.

      You are a fool to think that monkey go work, bamboo go come chop.
      Make e happen make eye see am.
      E no dey happen!
      Onye gbaa bọọlụ, ọ rachaa oroma. (When you do your duties duly you receive reward.)

      Those that work have to eat. It’s called ‘fruit of labour’. You no go know nah. O nwekwaranụ nke ịma? If you had known, you be like us (good fathers).

      Was it not written?
      Or you haven’t read it?
      In the book of 2 Thessalonians 3:14
      “If any man doesn’t obey our word in this letter, note that man, that you have no company with him, to the end that he may be ashamed.”

      When your ancestors were saying this in same words and voice with the gods, you think they are joking? Do spirits play or joke?
      So when you read the chapter and spisode, you understand better while he who doesn’t work should not expect to eat or receive wages.
      I remain the only spiritualist who balance tradition with the bible.
      When you ask, I tell you that truth is what rules in the realm of spirit

      Reason we are using that same book-bible which was used to deceive you and call you off from duty to correct you, council you and call you back to duty. Because bible is a book of wisdom and truth. It was the preachers who misinterpreted every words and have to give it another meaning so that you will get lost.

      When you as a man stand before your shrine or temple or alter, whatever you call it, you will have to commune with the gods of your forefathers as well as your forefathers.
      That’s the ancestors and gods of your ancestors.

      Look and read this.
      Exodus 3:6
      “Moreover he said, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” Moses hid his face because he was afraid to look at God.”

      If you had had such encounter today you would pick up the phone and ring your pastor who will ask you to cast and bond him. That it’s evil spirit. The demon that killed your father. He has come looking for you. Runnnnnnnnnn….

      You will run and pack all your belongings to dwell in the church where all condemned oil will be poured on you claiming deliverance.
      I tell you today, you must call upon the gods that your ancestors called. Upon them this family was set up. Upon them this stone has to stand. You are the stone. Upon them you must stand!

      Ofeke look at this and read with me,
      Acts 24:14
      “But this I confess to you, that after the Way, which they call a sect, so I serve the God of our fathers, believing all things which are according to the Torah, and which are written in the Prophets;”

      What is sect in Igbo language?
      Is it not òtù!
      Mụrụ anya!!
      Anya saa!!!
      Na ị dị na otú na ị dị na òtù ka anyị dị nsọ n’ime mmụọ na n’eziokwu.

      Sect is togetherness in unity.
      Oneness if we must follow it down to base.
      In oneness and unity we are holy in the spirit and truth. We are…… meaning, (we) with the gods and ancestors are holy in the spirit and truth
      More light on our path as angels guide us all

      Odogwu akataaka

      You are onye nmuo for Real …

      Odogwu Akataaka
      I’m wondering what the consequences are if a family has agwu from the maternal side.
      Like my grandmother (I never knew her) has an agwu which was thrown away when she died, but was reinstated

      a few years back, but it doesn’t bring any progress to the family,

      What should one do to remedy such situations.

      Hmmmm! Another spiritual food,nna m ibu idi egwu. I still wonder the kind of human you are, in fact,you are specially made.you are indeed a GREAT GRAND MASTER OF KNOWLEDGE.I bow for your level of knowledge.more light on your paths, as Angels guide us all.isee!.

      Isi mmiri well done job

      Christopher :
      GM as a pure Mariner or as a mariner, is it possible for a mariner to do blood sacrifice?


      The Great Odogwu Akataka sir
      I greet you Nnam,
      May Wisdom Never Depart your paths
      Thank you sir for this great free knowledge,
      I’ll ever remain Great-full to the Gods and Goddesses for bringing you to my paths

      More lights to our paths iseee

      My name is Nwankwo Chukwuebuka from ifitedunu,dunkofia.. please I want to ask the wise one , I was cutting yam sometime ago and I cut the cut from the tail and my father shun me and told me never to do that again, please I want to know why


      Wise one

      Agrichainx.com Godfrey:
      Great one. I want to do blood sacrifice, though I don’t have Chi temple yet. What do I need to make it perfect

      Odogwu akataaka Isi mmiri Igbo niile.

      Thank you odogwuakataka for all your teachings.. Please I want to ask base on the saraka rituals, while dropping the rituals on the centre of a straight road, are we to drop it with the nylon bag or to bring it out from the nylon bag before dropping. Angels guide

      Ifunanya :
      Odogwuakataka I greet you sir! Please I dreamt that I burnt two clothes of mine that I still wear in real life. Should I burn them? I’m confused please.

      Odogwu Akataaka the wise one and GM. Please what can I do to find out if somebody is a witch living under my roof, because there is someone living with my family. Since the person came last 2years , a month after her arrival I lost my job, I started a business but it is not prospering and things are really getting hard. Thanks

      U can drop Ur ritual sacrifice on the straight road depending on Ur convenience…u can leave it on the nylon or bring it out…just follow Ur spirit and Ur environment…

      Christopher :
      I dream this morning where two brothers where flighting because of a woman and the elder brother used and object to hit the brother on the head and the brother died and when his senior brother was to be arrested the younger one that died woke up again having much blood. So we took him to the hospital transfuse blood in him having lost so much blood, but the boy was afraid of needle, so I volunteered to help him take the blood through my left hand. So after I finished taking the blood and nurse remove the scalp vain needle doctor came in and as soon as I start to explain to him what happened I woke up from the dream. But Soon as I woke up I use one alligator pepper to cleanse my body of any negative energy cast on me. Please GM, what’s the meaning of the dream and did I do the right with the alligator?

      N K J.P:
      Ogbeni I am not a dream interpreter . Will suggest whoever’s is that dream to watch his or her temper . Seek for peace or avoid anything that will cause an argument or fight . Beside coveting the neighbours property human or material is a symbol in the dream be wise and be guided. anyway your dream may also be as a result if what you watched on t.v or read before sleeping. Whatever the case seek peace more and maintain a positive mind set

      And why are you sounding this way to me. I thought this forum is where we all find light and seek for what we don’t know. I ask GM the
      question and are been rude to address me. Did I ever called you dream interpreter as you said? What’s this nonsense this morning for goodness sake! Nawaooooo. I thought that this place is like a family our, why attack someone that hash when he ask a question. Hhhhhhhhh

      Does that sound like a harsh way of replying to someone?? Please relax ur mind and read properly..!!


      Oga read his first line of massage. What are you saying here. Did I call him a dream interpreter?

      And since he is not a dream interpreter why did he interpret then? Am a new person here and have ask the question on how to scroll up to start from the beginning, maybe I would have known that dream is not interpreted here and what’s the fight for

      Nkechinyere :
      Good morning,pls we don’t interpret dreams here so we are not allowed to Post our dreams in this forum, keep fit ritual to grow your spiritual vibration,so that through the help of your chi you can be able to interpret your dreams yourself.thanks.

      Welcome to the group. I must point out to you that we don’t interpret dreams here…keep fit and your Ezumezu would give you the right vibrations and answers. Meanwhile here is not a forum for discussion and chats… PM Odogwu Akataka, our wise father if need be. More light on your path. Angels guide

      Okechukwu :
      Ada pls how do I PM odogwu akataka.? Tnx

      Thanks so much and am grateful for your response

      Aright..thank you

      N K J.P:
      You miss understood
      Me. Yes I am not a dream interpreter. So I wanted to sit on the fence and make my own little suggestions

      It’s okay bro, we are all one just that as you said probably I misunderstood you and I have been told already that we can’t post dream here. That’s okay by me thanks man

      I greet everyone I love what I saw this morning, misunderstanding and resolving the matter without third parties. Kudos to this group…. it shows there is unity spirit in the platform..I pray the spirit to continue guiding us iseeeee.

      While we wait for GM for spiritual direction we should also visit the light house of wisdom website. There are rich resources on the site that would help our spiritual journey and growth

      What is the link to the website please?

      If one give his ancestor food ,does it mean he has settled his chi

      No, the person has not feed/settled his chi. Why because Ur ancestors are Ur dead relatives..i.e Ndi Ichie..while Ur chi is a spirit..Ur guardian angel.. Ancestors =dead relatives..Chi=spirit..and the institution are even different…

      Wow,I taught giving your chi food is the same as giving your ancestor food.
      I taught the one you call when giving your chi food is your ancestors.
      Bro I thank you

      Many people still feel that way due to the orientation gotten from their spiritualist..some still think their ‘Chi’ is the same with ‘onye uwa’, but they are different thing..Chi = Ur spirit guide..Onye uwa = Ur Reincarnator which can still be among Ur ancestors..” Ndi Ichie” u can still call upon Ur Ezumezu Ndi Ichie.. “Gathering of Ur ancestors” and other infinite possibilities to come and partake on Ur Chi Ritual..more light on our path as angel guide.

      Pls house seeing feathers did it mean anything

      Ike Collins:
      Happy to be here

      Woooooooooooooooooooow more light on your path

      Edeani ChukwuE:
      Thanks a lot, GM

      Uchechukwu Origwe:
      Please, I want to beg the house especially new members who don’t know that it’s a rule here. Stop asking question, talking, responding when GM is teaching. It is rude. it is also interrupting. Please, reserve your comment till the end of his teaching.
      Thank you for compliance.

      Nonso – CHI:

      Eze Emenike:
      Odogwu Akataka,the grand master of our time,Please how did Arusi started in Igbo land.
      What does the institution of Arusi needs to make it effective and powerful?

      Nonso – CHI:
      Odogwu GM udo diri GI

      Please can mmanu akwu ojukwu help to destroy forces like, invoking someone’s name to die instantly or letter?

      Promise Chizurumoke:
      Very well understand, ya gaziera GI nnam, father like no other.

      Good morning Odogwuakata, I currently stay in Nnewi but based in Port Harcourt. I’m a new member both here and in Odinana things. I want to see the closest spiritualist to know about myself and chi.

      Keke Onyeka:
      The GGM of wisdom, with you success is guaranteed!
      OkaraMadu OkaraMmuo
      He who wines and dines with the spirits
      Isi mmiri igbo nile
      The high priest from abrudeh city!
      Nna’m daalu so.
      More light on our part as Angels guide!!!

      Christopher Nwabunwannne:
      GM, can a mariner has anything to do with blood sacrifice? Can a mariner sacrifice animal blood to appease a spirit?


        Greetings Sir,


        please I have one serious problems that kept me in a state of confusion.


        I am deeply confused on the right way to build my belief. Am totally confused about ;

        *God & His working ethics( Does it mean that God the creator Has no responsibilities towards one’s direct prayers to Him as the Mightiest?)

        *Religions and the right path to walk ( Am totally confused about the right religion to be)

        *culture/Tradition( does it affect my relationship with God and life of righteous?)

        *How to pray to be answered


        Its really affecting my physical life that nothing seem to be working for me.



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