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      Odogwu Akataaka:

      Today is 1st day of February 2021


      I will open a new WhatsApp group where I will have people to teach them whatever they asked to know which is beneficial for mankind. The services as said shall involve ritual sacrifices, juju making, knowledge of herbs and root.


      Knowing that time is money, I am going to make special provision for the class to teach things that will boast their financial life and bring positive change to them, so that they arise from been a nobody to somebody.


      Access to the class will require you to pay  a certain amount monthly. Any month you pay, you retain access for the month. Next month if you don’t pay, you get removed.


      Kobimdi Ujeh:

      Good morning GM, I will support the website renewal sir. Truly, knowledge should not be acquired free of charge. Thank you for your services to mankind.


      Odogwu Akataaka:

      There are some of you who have finished secondary school and university but could not afford a job.

      In that class, I will reveal secrets of getting any job you want. What you have to do before going for job interview. Also teach you how to create employment using herbs and roots.


      I shall teach you how to cure various diseases using herbs and roots.


      The class will have live video teachings as well in some cases. This will enable us show you some ritual items and materials as the case may be. This way, members will see and know them, and also how to make use of them.


      When you join, things you see first month would make you want to pay for the second month services or to quit


      We are going to make it worthwhile that none would want to leave the WhatsApp class.


      It’s going to be a no-hidden information forum for pure knowledge for life.


      You pay and gain your services. Only the knowledge of roots and herbs for curing various illnesses are worth the payment for the class.


      Today in our country and all over the world, humanity is tired of consuming chemicals in the name of drugs because of its reaction to the body.


      We are going to open up hidden knowledge of herbs and roots to you.


      Your questions on how to know certain things will get revealed and you have the chances to do it yourself, just like a pupil or student in the school who do homework after lesson from their teacher.


      And that is what this forum should be.


      I rest my information until you get in there, then you see it yourself.

      To keep crowd from the group just like we have crowd here, we are going with 15,000 naira monthly.


      Even if it’s only five people we get for the class, we will teach them whatever they want to learn about spirituality and life in general.


      One person I teach to become somebody will leave to appreciate it and forever live to appreciate me more than a thousand group at light house of wisdom forum on telegram I teach for free.


      What I know to be true!


      So, my account is still in there for payment.

      As soon as you make your deposit, contact me on WhatsApp with my phone number 07062855001.


      Send your payment prove and get automatic acceptance into the class.


      I mean, I will teach you whatever you want to know to help you succeed in life. But will never teach you what could harm another person’s life or take someone’s life.


      So I mote it be.



      I never said that our telegram forum will shut down.

      I am always here and will forever be here with you, but special attention and most interesting discussions takes place from today’s onwards on WhatsApp. Know what that means!


      Angels guide.


      Chuks Editor:

      I will really like to be among the WhatsApp members, GGM. Please I know that some people has acted foolishly, only interested to acquire knowledge but doesn’t want to know where it’s coming from.

      Gm please can you reduce something from the monthly dues some of us who hunger for this knowledge don’t really have enough money and also don’t have what gives us money on dailies, there’s no amount that we can pay that will worth the knowledge you have impacted in us, please Gm reduce the monthly payments, ka o rutee ufodi di Kam Biko.


      Maurice Archila:

      GGM Odogwu akataka……Biko reduce the monthly payment. I really want to gain knowledge to have a better life.


      Adaobi Urewuchi:

      Good morning GM. Please reduce for us,  I want to join, knowledge is power.


      Good evening great grand master, I welcome the new development of creating a paid WhatsApp group. I humbly suggest if we can use telegram, because it will make it easy for new members to access past lectures.


      Forget about your suggestion, in Igbo we say, a digwo m ime weere jebe n’okè. This is to tell you that I have known about that which you wanted to tell me.


      We can’t use telegram again for the new group which serves as advanced lecture in spirituality. In telegram group, newly members access previous lectures unlike WhatsApp. I know!

      That is why we prefer WhatsApp group to telegram group. So that we maintain some high level of secrecy.


      The earlier you join and continue joining us monthly, more knowledgeable you become in spiritual life and ritual practices. Who told you that spirituality don’t deserve some level of secrecy? Who said it?


      Look let me tell us, nwata n’amasikwa aha nne ya weere na_akpọ ya mama (many times, a child recognizes her mothers name yet keeps calling her mama).


      I have paid my dues letting the hidden knowledge for the common man like us for free and too open. To go deeper, we must observe the rule.


      Just like we aren’t letting this truth too open for everyone except those who shows that they deserve it through payment and entitlement (the elites), the messages aren’t expected to be seen and posted elsewhere outside the WhatsApp group.


      So, the earlier and more you joined and stay with us @ Pioneers: Light Workers, the more you gain absolute knowledge of the truth to rule your world.


      In this great forum light house of wisdom on telegram, I have paid my dues. This forum have so far served as nursery, primary and secondary class for light bearers. Our Pioneer: Light Workers WhatsApp forum will serve as a High Spiritual Institution Class.

      That’s why we currently maintain two class session weekly which we call midweek class and weekend class.


      Because we teach you to practice the knowledge, we offer you quality and undiluted knowledge and at same time permit you to practice them (maybe before next class). As a member of pioneers: light worker’s WhatsApp forum, we will never hide any secret no matter what happens. We remain as open as fraternity when you join the group.


      So far, we have thought members HOW TO MAKE AWELE SOAP.
      That was our first lecture in the group from questions members asked.
      @ Pioneers: Light Workers WhatsApp class, we teach people what they asked to know about. We don’t just initiate our own teachings but from members’ questions we teach.


      Today and this very morning, we have given responses on people’s questions. Lectures was on HOW TO RETAIN WEALTH AND AND BUSINESS CONTACT SPIRITUALLY.

      That too was highly taught and well detailed. No hidden content information because people paid for the services.

      We know that Go-Getters aren’t there with us.


      But here on telegram are bunch of go-getters who are here to receive for free to make themselves grand masters on Facebook and twitter.

      Odogwuakataaka, I have seen things.

      If you see how they transmitted, twisted and misinformed messages as we gave here on Facebook, you will beg us to shut the forum on telegram. But we aren’t shutting it down.


      I am here and will always be here. There is how you know the wise when he is working with a fool. I will prove it. As a matter of truth, I have proved it.


      So, we are on WhatsApp not telegram. The paid service class is on WhatsApp and will never see telegram. When you join, we let you know previous topic discussions (if we care to let you know). Then you will choose to read one or two on them, I will give an order for the copy to be sent to you.


      But if you join early and stay with us monthly, you gain access to your Questions as well as people’s questions. There are things you may want to know but lacks the ability to put the questions forward. A member could ask it, because you are in the class, you will be privileged to know it, pending when we answer the questions.


      If I should say, WhatsApp for the now and tomorrow, I know what I’m saying.

      At least let the self acclaimed Facebook eze nwoke and eze nwanyị pay to have the knowledge. It’s no longer going to be easy for them to know furthermore from us unless they pay and will continue to pay monthly to access our undiluted spiritual information to keep their eze nwanyịship on Facebook.


      Enough is enough.

      For those of us here, don’t expect more and more free deep lectures from me in this group. The only benefit you have from me been here is to take much of your time to scroll up and read messages earlier discussed.

      For further knowledge on spirituality, join us on WhatsApp this month or next month or next two months and months ahead.

      WhatsApp for life!

      Our WhatsApp messages won’t be posted on our website nor anywhere for non member to see or access. That’s how we roll for the moment and for years ahead of us.

      No more free meal for the people. Manna felled for the Israelites not for the whole year and always, but for some days and at a time.

      I remain the great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. Ndeli atụ egwu. Ajọ nwa!



        I want to pay so that I can join the WhatsApp group how much please


          How do I join the WhatsApp group and what is the mode of payment like

          Nwa Mmiri

            I want to join the WhatsApp group. 08104158448


              I want to join the WhatsApp ,the mode of the payment


                I want to join the WhatsApp group , what is the mode of the payment


                  Good evening sir

                  Please how much for the WhatsApp monthly group payment


                    Good evening sir

                    Please how much for the WhatsApp monthly group payment ,I want to join



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