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      Solid Lagos: Wise one..good evening sir …. Some one that has spiritual wife… What can the person do… For it to stop

      Adebola Olabisi: Me too. Spiritual husband

      Odogwuakataaka: Why do you want to disassociate yourself from a spirit helper such as marine husband /wife @Solid?
      People suffer as a result of spiritual ignorant . When you don’t know what you should know, you suffer for lack of knowledge

      Solid Lagos: What if is a bad one?

      Odogwuakataaka: Some people while in a prayer houses will be informed they are been disturbed by a spiritual wife or husband. Haven heard about it, he and the pastor would rush into conclusion calling it an evil spirit. Next is to start abracadabra prayers, casting and loosing to no avail – otu abụghị n’ezi. The pastor will be blowing the microphone making noise like a lunatic, the congregation belief deliverance is taken place: to no avail _ otu abụghị n’ezi.
      Kill her, the pastor said.
      Let her die and leave.
      I asked, how possible? Is it possible I ask?
      Can you kill a spirit?
      Have you heard or seen where one killed a spirit if not in the church where they kill spirit with mouth and microphone, yet things remains same and sometimes get worse yet?
      Now listen, let me teach you wisdom: saying the truth because truth is life _ eziokwu bụ ndụ. This is why it set the captive free. The moment you know the truth. The truth you know must surely set you free.
      As a human being, use event as seen in the land of the living to judge event as seen in the spiritual realm.
      Sometimes, as it’s here on earth, so it’s in the realm of spirit
      As its in the spiritual realms so it’s in the physical plane.
      Take for example you see a woman and engaged to her as a young man.
      After some while, both of you happen to marry happily. Marriage you must remember comes upon an agreement between two opposite parties. Now, after a while, you travel to another space for a mission, another destination where you now find comfort. If you forget calling to say hi to the wife, how will she feel?
      What if you are not calling or have lost contact, passion for her and she kept looking after you?
      Haven gotten to reach out to you, you pretend not knowing her and denied haven nothing to do with her.
      No matter what she does, you kept pushing her away and ignore all signs and signals. What do you expect the woman to do?
      Would you not do anything mad if you were in her shoes?
      Of course you will!
      If you can as a legitimate wife, you are not against the law if you must suffer him anyhow without wasting his life.

      Solid Lagos: Yes I will

      Odogwuakataaka: This is what happens between those who got married to mariners before earthly visit. Stop been fooled by Christians and their ignorant teachings.

      Solid Lagos: Hmmm

      Odogwuakataaka: They are spiritual ignorant. All of them whom you call man of God are ofeke in spiritual matters. They are ignorant about spiritual affairs. They are pretenders and deceivers. The reason you must be careful about their false teachings.
      They only shout and make noise like lunatic. They only know how to make noise not knowing that our spiritual engagement asked for quietness, peace of mind and solitude. The very moment they should spent with wisdom are given for selfishness. The reason wisdom is far seen from them. They lack truth. They know nothing about spirituality and wisdom.
      Pastors are ofeke (fools) when it comes to spiritual matters. They know absolute nothing as e dey happen in the realm of spirits. They know nothing but go on deceiving people. They must pay the prize at the end of it all. It’s written, you shall reap what you sowed. That’s to say, you shall reap deception as a deceiver.
      For crying out loud, this people are not deceiving animals. They are deceiving human being.
      The image of the gods.
      Turning black what nature has made to be white for their selfish interests.
      Causing disunity, hatred, disaster between nature and mankind, bridging the gap between spirits and mankind.
      Why people suffer today!
      They must reap what they sowed at the end of it all.
      Wisdom shall judge them!

      Solid Lagos: So what is the remedy sir?

      Odogwuakataaka: @Solid this is what a spiritualist will help you do. He/she will first engage you on a spiritual consultation to know if truly you are a mariner perhaps the cause of your problems and encounter. Because it’s not necessarily mariners who encounter spiritual wives. A witch can as well manifest herself as a spiritual wife to cause ruin to someone’s life.
      Nevertheless, If you are and it happens that you are suffering as a result of spiritual wife/husband, the spiritualist shall consult further, knowing what must be done.
      It’s then the wife/husband will have to name his or her prize owing to your position, agreement and periodic in the marine. Hence all mariners doesn’t share same position and agreement are differently. Upon this information, he get to inform you about what to be done. No matter what, it must involve a sacrifice!
      We call it marine ritual settlement – ịkwa ibu mmiri nye ndị ọgbọ na uke.
      During this sacrifices you have to accept him or her back.
      We call it ‘ịkwa ibu udo na abụghị ibu nkewa’ a sacrifice for peace not separation.
      When properly done, he/she will assist you in all aspects of life been in union. That’s the reason for sect (i di n’otu ndị mmiri).
      Odogwuakataaka: That’s to say if he is good to go. Should he/she is wicked, so jealous. We e plead him or her to accept some things which he refused. If he do, good.
      If not, we can then upon ọfọ na ogu talk about separation.
      This you must know asked for wisdom hence his/her stubbornness might be as a result of her workforce, duty, services to deliver.
      Do you know that these mariners (marine husband and wife’s) are destiny helpers? The very reason they are sometimes filled with jealous and must be treated with caution otherwise one’s life and destiny are placed on danger zone at the cost of services in the name of deliverance. Many are suffering this today!
      Know whom you run to at the cost of spiritual matters.

      Cynthia: I know I am a marine. But I don’t know how to go about my own

      Odogwuakataaka: A spirit such as marine wife/husband might proof stubborn owing to agreement reached before your earthly coming. When we come across such like spirit person’s, we plead with him /her to allow you enjoy your earthly life as you wish. Remember, all these are done upon agreement, I as a priest stand to negotiate this as a third party upon ritual sacrifices. It’s not a thing we do by force as seen in the churches. Shouting with a microphone to draw attention of the people, proving how much we can speak in tongues and grammars. It’s never done that way for your safety, success, happiness and longevity.
      Because it’s not all about today but tomorrow: the case must be handled with care.
      This is the very reason igbo adage says ‘oké dibịa gbaa àjà, ọ dịka ewere nyee ndị mmụọ n’aka’ when a great/experienced priest performed ritual exercise, it looks like the items was given hand to hand to the spirits.
      The result remains positive, settling all matters and causing light on one’s path.

      If you must work on spiritual ignorance to disintegrate what shouldn’t be disintegrated, the subject (human) must suffer the penalty.
      One true information people lack in spiritual matters remains the fact that spirits are not at lost (loosing end) in any matter as it involve humanity. The reason you must be careful and stop playing with your spiritual life.
      Haven known these, I have to state it finally that spiritual husband and wife are not evil.
      If they are, that’s to say you are evil also hence you are a mariner. If you are not a mariner, you can’t get married to a mariner as a wife or husband. The difference between you and him /her is only that you had the opportunity to exist on earth as a human being after pre-existence as a mariner in waters.
      The lineage continues as you bear forth children on earth: especially, a case whereby you are a mariner and your earthly husband/wife is also a mariner, all your earthly children shall be mariners.
      It’s divine
      It’s a nature mandate!
      It’s written and can’t be changed.
      You can’t change what nature has caused to be neither will you condemn it.
      Who are you to judge?
      Do you judge upon wisdom or ignorant?
      Who are you to condemned what nature has made to be?
      How many years do you have to exist here on earth?
      How many years do you think these matter have lasted, involving billions of people born and yet to be born?
      Is it why you are here?
      All these are meant for pastors to answer.
      People who dwelt on ignorant, causing ruin to people’s life and destiny.
      Sending people to early graves and are happy doing that hence it put food on their table.
      Judgement await us all!
      Ife onye metere, o weere isi ya buru (evil men do, leave with them and after them).
      Wise man think and talk about tomorrow, a fool (ofeke) talk about today.
      Today has only but 24hours in it, tomorrow is indefinite.
      Don’t be deceived!
      The gods are wise!!

      Adebola Olabisi: Ok. Can someone just say he or she has spiritual husband just by having sex in the dream with an unknown person?
      Odogwuakagaaka: I have given an answer to this question earlier when I said a witch might manifest, disguise and engage one on a sex dream making it look like a marine wife or husband. These are reason you need a spiritualist to help on your case for perfect deliverance.


        <p style=”text-align: center;”>Noted Sir, how do I reach you to help intercede with my spiritual wife so she stops fighting against my finances on earth?</p>


          Good day GM.

          I’ve read all your replies on marine husbands and wives, thanks for the knowledge.

          I have a question, it’s something I haven’t  heard before until recently. So please I want to hear what you have to say to this;

          Is it possible for a Mariner to be married after his or her birth? Say a a child  was born ( to this dimension, Earth) as a Mariner (without having a husband/wife before) and at the age  of 5/8  this child was suddenly “handed over” to a Marine spirit as a wife/husband by some family member or relatives. But can such thing be done? Is it possible?


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            Dear Gm
            I appreciate your good works on this forum ,may u live long…
            I’m new to this platform ,i bumped into this platform during my search for answers, because earlier today i was told by a spiritualist after consultation that i am married to a king in the marine kingdom ,making me a mariner,for this reason he’s been making things really hard for my boyfriend,any business i try to do spoils ,things has really be tough. and i was told that he has named his price for peace Today,… i want to know if i’ll start enjoying favour ,wealth and prosperity after the sacrifice ?

            Agbodede nwankwo

              Thank you the great grand master

              I will reach you today


                may your chi keep guiding and protecting you…..

                sir is it possible to be someone’s spiritual wife why I’m asking is because the man in my life right now before we started this relationship or even met he had a dream where he had sex with me and even now we are dating he sees me like he knew me before or something like he even respect me more than his parents he acts like we have been in the world together before ..I also had a dream where the both of us where in the midst of native doctors and it looked like we were bounded together in that dream…whenever he offends me and we break up he ends up in trouble big one but we are facing a lot now because his mother thinks I charmed him or something I don’t know but this is a serious case because they told him I’m his spiritual wife


                  <p style=”text-align: center;”>Nnam I’m just 19 but Ihe mega mu agariala..I know I have connections with mmiri because no one taught me how to swim but I’m called a fish when I enter water ..but I also dream of been thought how to make herbs close to the stream a lot of things I wish I could just sit with you because I have a lot to say to you if I begin to write 20 chapters won’t be enough 😪🥺🥺</p>


                    GM I need your help on this matter cause I’m facing the same problem

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