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    Grand Master

      Good morning my GM.
      Please can you teach us about the spiritual powers of bitter kola?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Bitter kola as you may like to know its spiritual significance is said to be highly anti poison.
      We have not really done much teaching on bitter kola simply because our discussions in the house of wisdom where knowledge rules presently and previously are mainly on progressive path.

      This is why it seems as if kola is more relevant than bitter kola in our ritual practices and teachings. But then, bitter kola works exceptional in spiritual practices.

      However, take note that bitter kola doesn’t make appearance in any ritual that has to do with progress unlike what we have with a kolanut and others.

      Anytime you see a spiritualist performing a ritual with bitter kola, it stands for negativity.
      We use bitter kola for destruction of spells and other missions.
      There are simple rituals you can perform with bitter kola. Knowledge that can save you from doom should you know. If you don’t know it, you suffer the penalty

      Some of you, most times you see flies in good number flying and perching at your shop or office.
      In normal circumstances, flies are only seen at a place where there are offensive odour, that’s to say, where something seems to be corrupted.

      These are possible reasons for attraction.
      Then ask yourself, why are flies at your shop or office?
      It’s an obvious sign that something is wrong somewhere. Something is cooking. Ana_esiri gị ajọ nri, ite na mmụọ.
      Ofeke never knew!

      Watch your sales throughout the day and period of time. Watch your expenses and income. You see that expenses are greater than income. Watch your business transactions and customers reflection.
      You must understand that something is wrong somewhere.
      Bitter kola can do the wonder!

      What you need to do is to look for a bitter kola, wash it properly not removing it’s husk (the back). Get 21 seeds of alligator pepper.

      Insert the alligator seeds inside your mouth together with the bitter kola.
      Chew them together, stand at the centre of your shop or office, facing the door post.

      Affirm that whatsoever that has caused the invitation of the ugliness that makes vulture to visit and desire to eat live sheep (it’s an adage).
      That you affirm it goes back to the sender and remain safe wherever it came from now and right now.
      Splash seven times forward (facing the door post). Turn back and splash seven times.

      You should continue this exercise till you experience positive changes. Have this secret for spiritual exercise. Reason good number of you are not making progressive changes in life has to do with spiritual ignorant. Your inability to know what you should know.
      This brings about the reason for looking face. Looking at another person’s face when you should have mind your business knowing that it’s your life and your world.

      This also brings about the inability to remain steadfast, intercede and stand firm with positive exercises for positive changes. Refusing to give up when you should not have given up.
      Good number of you do give up so quick when you have not yet won a fight.
      Get to know that spirits are stubborn.
      Some spirits are as stubborn as some human.

      This is why you need sound spiritual knowledge to overcome. Otherwise, you have no place to go at the course of your spiritual practices.

      A ritual that deserves eight days ritual practices won’t be okay at four days.
      Learn this truth and secret today! Just like the saying, a spirit that ask for seven never take six. Is as simple as that!

      Therefore, don’t give up when you should keep fit. Make your zone a military zone. Military zone is known for no-go-area.

      Don’t give room for spiritual attack in your life this is why you must keep fit rituals. Avoid shame.
      It will lead you no where
      Eh they will say!
      Eh he will say!! What if they say? What if he said?

      You will die abi?
      Get knowledge and understanding.
      Some of you are going to church today not because church pays, this you know. You are aware that church is not helping you but then you are there

      because their ways of prayers look civilized.
      You are there because you don’t want anybody to say that you are a heathen.

      These are reasons why people are deceiving themselves assuming they are doing someone else. Someone called me sometime ago and said, he came to his shop and behold there are something robbed on the keypad. I observed what it’s. A very dangerous spell.

      I asked him to go and look for a native egg, salt, oil and pick up little volume of earth in front of the shop or within the market premises.
      I told him what to say and how to make use of the ritual items then break the ritual egg on the padlock then go back home and return the following day to open the shop with left hand.

      He asked, can’t olive oil do it?
      I asked him, what is the connection with olive oil in this message?
      He said, I asked because I can’t do all these here. My neighbors will guess I am diabolic.
      This is Ofeke for you!

      Big one GM

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      His neighbors will guess he is diabolic. Tell me, am I the evil man or woman that came to drop that spell at his shop?
      Isn’t the neighbor that would say?

      Is it his mother in the village that did the spell and have to rob it on the padlock?
      This is people’s problem. Why people are suffering today.

      After some days, he called.
      I didn’t have his number on my phone neither do I care to know who is on the line, therfore I answered.

      He said, sir is me………. Who called last time from…….on the basic of what I encountered on my shop.
      I concur!

      He continued, I later met one man of God who came and prayed for me and asked I open the shop.
      I did but sir after some days, I had a scratch on my body and each time I scratch it, it will rise up like a boil.

      As I talk to you now, am somewhere at …….receiving treatment.
      I have to let you know for the fact it is confirmed to be poison.
      He continued: Sir, am sorry for not have headen to your advice, you told me.
      He began to cry.
      I cut the call!
      He called severally, I refused to answer.

      Haha GM don’t send when you turn his instruction down… i witness it

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      After some hours, his mother called me with a different number and started pleading saying his son told him all I perfectly guided but he refused to heed. She pleaded and cried. I asked her to stop crying.
      Her son refused to do what he should have done because of what people would say.
      Same people would call to know that he is today in a spiritual home receiving treatment.
      They would say!
      Would they not?

      He refused to heed to the advice because it look diabolic, today he is receiving a diabolic treatment from a diabolic man.
      Funny world!

      He refused to heed to the guide so that he open shop to make sells for the day, today the shop is locked and market is still on.
      Customers are still coming and going.
      People would say!!

      I asked the mother not to worry, it will only take money and time. Because they rushed in time. Let it serve him a lesson.

      You that read, learn from others.
      Light house of wisdom is where knowledge rules. We teach you in many ways to help knowledge of the truth
      Angels guide!

      Still on bitter kola.
      You can use bitter kola for protection against poisonous attack. To do this, very early in the morning, before you drink water or eat any food. Get a seed of bitter kola, wash properly, get 21 seeds of alligator pepper. Insert on your mouth and chew together. Swallow them all!

      This is not easy but then if you can do it, it has a long protection to offer you against poison for the whole day.
      Those of you who are traveling home this season for a visit.

      This is a season when evil are at their highest peak. Because you don’t know who is who.
      Get yourself protected against poisonous food and drinks using this method.
      This protection last only for the day!

      Do it every morning.
      Then eat anything later. Drink whatever, odeshi!!!!!

      We have to call it a day for the moment. I am back and active as usual. From time to time, we look forward bringing you update as e dey happen in the realm of spirits.

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      Grand Master

        Providing answers to your questions to help you grow in knowledge.
        Spiritual knowledge and practices are power.

        This is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules. Do remember, upon angels guide we bring you true information. Know that wisdom is of the gods and goddesses. To whom they have given, much is expected of him. This is why we run like rivers in pool of knowledge day and night and never dry thus sea never dries.

        Get knowledge and understanding. In all your get, get wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing.

        Money and wisdom are the most powerful forces that rule humanity. Money share same volume with wisdom. This is why you must do all things to make money.

        Money gives you happiness and joy.
        Money is good. Among all things, nothing can be compared with Money and Wisdom.

        Money helps you do all things as well as wisdom. A rich person find things possible to achieve just like the wise person.
        The spirits are powerful because they are wise.

        Among men, people are considered most powerful because they are rich and others because they are wise.

        Human bow to the spirits because the gods are wise.
        Human bow to the rich because they have money.

        Can’t you see the scale of money and wisdom?
        I ask you to do everything possible to get rich. Get rich and remain rich.
        In all, wisdom is greater than money.

        The only difference between money and wisdom is that wisdom saves the life of its owner.
        Money causes death of its owner when the owner lacks wisdom.
        This is why you need both of them!
        Make money and be wise!!

        I haven’t seen a wise man who is poor. But I have seen a rich man who is Ofeke.

        Many are Ofeke who are rich and have money. But no wise man or woman without money. Having read the truth. Choose you among the two. If I were you, I choose both of them.

        goodmorning grandmaster Solomon was given wisdom by God is there any way the spirit’s can grant us that privilege

        Odogwu Akataaka:
        Keep fit rituals.
        May today afọ put smile on your face.




        Thank you for this wonderful teaching our able GM. May the gods and goddesses replenish your wisdom, iseee!

        Welcome our able leader GGM.Thanks to gods and goddesses they are forever wise,once again welcome to you sir!

        Odogwuakataka isi-mmiri Igbo-nile!
        Nnam ekenem gi, kenekwaa ife nile na emere gi, ife!!

        How do i private chat you for consultations and private discussions on how to visit you this year-end for my private matters?

        De eastman:
        Iseee thank to the gods and goddess for save returned

        Indeed deception is the worst thing that has happened to humanity


        The explanation is very clear sir Eziokwu bu ndu

        Knowledge is powerful Iseee

        GGM thank you for this wonderful teaching. I thank the supreme and almighty God, gods and goddess for the wisdom given to you. May you continue to grow in light and may your days on earth be long. Iseee.

        Thank you GM for your wonderful teachings this day. May The Most High grant you further wisdom.

        Please GM may I plead you to teach us about elementals,nature spirits etc touching on mermaids as we call them mammy water. Thanks Sir.

        Thank you sir

        Confirmed GM

        F. J.:

        We are glad to see you GGM

        IFY SIDNEY:

        May the gods continue to bless you sir

        Promise :
        Iseee nnam I gadiri my ndu ogologo

        Dalu ri NNE nnam

        Odogwuakata 1, Is I mmili Igbonine, Jide Nke Iji, silver and gold we have none to give you, but I pray the gods and goddess to give you long life, more wisdom to fulfill your mission here on earth. I am greatful to you, you have made me wise.

        Thank you sir.

        More light to your path

        Chukwuebuka I:
        Hello, i am based in united state so i would say it’s fairly easy to get ritual items here. Some i have to order online, others i was able to get from my local Nigerian food vendors.

        So far I managed to get bitter kola locally and will be ordering online ose oji and oji Ndigbo.

        Is there any other ritual items i will need? i haven’t done any rituals (morning and others). Perhaps someone can share here the steps so i may begin on my journey to deliverance.

        Dalu nu

        Prince :
        Welcome back, GGM! I’ve really missed you. So Happy to see you back. May you live long and prosper… Iseeeeee

        Wow! Odogwuakataaka!!!

        Deep truth from GGM. So happy learning from u, sir

        These are words of wisdom

        Wow! Odogwuakataaka!!! May you live long and prosper. Iseeeeee

        Thank you GGM

        Thank you GGM. So Happy to see you online. Really missed you. May you live long and prosper. Iseeee

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          please when I am done with the bitter kola and the alligator pepper do I chew it before splashing 7times in front and back of my shop


            Thanks for the enlightenment. Remain Blessed forever.


              <b>please sir. how can I send you a private message? </b>

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