You Can Never Be Wiser Than Your Chi

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      No matter how brilliant you are, you can’t be wiser than your chi. Always depend on him for guidance. Help yourself where necessary to get help. The spirit I know help those who help themselves.

      It’s a cock and bull story when the gospel preacher talked about manna falling from heaven equally refusing to let you know that the people of Israelites walked their way to the wilderness without food and water.

      Your guidian spirit always wanted you to exercise your powers for empowerment. I remain the great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. Ajọ nwa.

      Never forget, onye chi na-azọ, n’azọ onwe ya.
      Wake up because it’s day break already. Go to field for plantation, the day of harvest is near. Never be lazy but busy with a business.

      Without you getting a kolanut (for prayers), the spirits won’t have a nut (for intervention). A little gift is a lift. You can invite the presents of the spirits in your life with daily rituals. River flows when the water refuses to dry.

      Don’t marvel when I drop the lines. Am like the son who knows his father, am not too far from my ancestors. Knowing my chi is the genesis of my wisdom. Chi bụ ife – God is light.
      Why there’s always light on my path of wisdom and knowledge.

      When I said I have gone far in the realm of spirit, it’s impossible for me to return a failure. That’s because I know who I am. Odogwu bụ ife onye metere. Akataaka bụ arụsị. I have a wisdom to share. I’m a great messenger with divine message to humanity. Stay tuned!

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