Akanchawa All-Purpose Prayer Candles

This is an all-purpose candle, that’s highly spirited. Let your spirit guide you on the prayers to say with the candle. You can use it to say any positive prayer, as far as your hands are clean. Positive energies only.

It can’t be used for bad intentions, or else you bear the consequences. Light it for prayers on your birthdays, child naming ceremonies, child dedications, etc. You can use it to say any kind of prayer; whether you’re looking for a spouse, progress in business or promotion in workplace. Any intention at all.

Whatever you ask with the candle, be rest assured that your prayers will be answered, because the candle is highly spirited. But make sure your hands are clean.

The candle works for anybody; whether man or woman. Let the spirits fight your battles with the candle. As far as your hands are clean, your prayer intentions will be answered. Praying with the candle is 100% direct to the realm of spirit.

For better results, insert alligator pepper in your mouth before praying with the candle. After your prayers, chew the alligator pepper and splash on the candle; as the spirit directs.


How To Use
Light the five fingers of the candle, and start your prayers. It will stand on any flat surface. It’s left for you to take necessary safety precautions while using the candle.

You can decide to leave the candle to burn out or put if off after your prayers. If you’re going out, you better put it off.