Fertility Treatment

We have special treatment for fertility.

Some fertility issues are mainly caused by infections. When infections aren’t purely treated, it could result to infertility.

Most times, when the infections are still under treatment, it could result to infertility as well.

It could be an issue from either or both couples. Whichever, it could be treated using medication.

Here, we offer severe treatment, engaging both couples for positive result.

In some families today, most men suffer from watery sperms and low Sperm count.

Issues such as this could amount to infertility hence nothing to fertilize the egg in the woman to get her pregnant.

Going to lab for more information helps solutions. So that we know what we are treating.

If neither was found as a case in both of the couples, then we will engage them on spiritual consultation prior to medications.

This is a special treatment and the herbal mixture is not available on the market. Reason it doesn’t have a label as can be seen from the image.

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