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      (Read carefully for effective results.)

      Buy kolanuts with 4 cotyledons. Soak in a bowl filled with water before you go to bed. No black or red bowl please!

      When you wake up at 1:30 midnight. First wash your face then wash the kolanut and throw away the water.

      Pull off your wears. We perform this ritual complete naked. Be on barefoot (we don’t perform rituals on foot wear).

      When you do this, switch off your light or off your lantern. This ritual must be performed with no light in the room.

      You may choose your bedroom or sitting room (whichever that seems okay and comfortable for you).

      Learn this!

      We don’t shout as we perform rituals. Do you understand what prayer is all about? You must understand prayer to help your prayer otherwise your prayer/rituals will produce no positive result.

      Shun all the nonsense you learnt from churches in the name of prayer. The most high, angels, gods, goddesses and our ancestors are all spirits.

      They are not deaf! Therefore, don’t shout during rituals.

      Talk to them as a humble child would talk to his beloved father and elders. This is what makes a difference. Reasons people pray and the gods never pay attention.

      Whenever you are performing a ritual, never allow your voice to be heard by someone in the next room.

      Now, hold the kolanut at the tip of your fingers. Present it before your person (hold and let it face and draw closer to your mouth).

      Start by thanking most high for life. Say many prayers for thanksgiving. Thank the angels and your chi for divine guide.
      Let them know how much you appreciate their leadership.

      Thank the gods and goddess for divine provisions. Let them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life. Let them know how favourable the earth, air, water, fire have been to you helping you hitherto.

      Thank your ancestors for keeping watch over you. Do you know yourself? Do you know your history? Do you know names of your ancestors?

      Good if you do!

      You need to call them by names and thank them one after another.

      Then continue with the purpose why you are naked before them. I don’t know what your problems are. You know yourself as well as your problems. Let them know about them.

      Let them know that you have refused to sleep tonight not because you can’t sleep or because you are sick but for the fact that he whose house is on fire never chase a rat.

      Tell them that this is why you can’t sleep. Ask them to come for your aid for water is above your head. Ask them not to allow you to be drowned.

      Ask for forgiveness. Let them know that you have been misled but now you have taken to wisdom to understand that what you thought was life and the way to happiness is ruin to your soul and enemy to your progress.

      Now you have returned, let them not forsake you anymore. Say many prayers against your enemy (be careful not to call any man’s or woman’s name). Better use the word “enemy or enemies”.
      Be guided (you don’t know your enemy. They know better).

      Go ahead and say many prayers against those who hate your progress and wish you bad luck.

      Proof your innocence if you are sure you are innocent. If not, don’t talk about innocent. Never lie to the gods. They are not your equal nor human that you can deceive. This is why you must be careful with things you say.

      Work more also on your actions. Demonstrate your words and let your actions fall with your words. Don’t be dull.

      This is rituals, it’s spiritual war fare. Your actions and words must work with your ritual materials for perfection. This is why you need knowledge for perfect result.

      Make use of language you can speak fluently. They are spirits not human. They hear every language. No language you speak today the spirit can’t hear and understand. Knowing this will help you speak language you know better, preferably your mother’s tongue.

      Stop that nonsense called speaking in tongues. Never use a language you don’t know it’s meaning during rituals.

      More light on your path as angels guide us all.

      Ask whatever is your intentions. Don’t ask everything even when you need everything.

      The gods are wise. Every ritual must be precise to help proof your seriousness. If your problem is job, let it be your prayer intention. This you must focus and ask for that which has been troubling you.

      Let them know how you need the job and why you need the job. Let them know companies you wish to gain employment and how much you have tried. Let them know what it means for someone to be without job. Let them know the shame and reproach job unemployment have caused you.

      These is how we say prayers.

      Do not ask for car, helicopter, job, millions of naira, political post, marriage, children and everything: all at once. That is rubbish prayers. It calls for no attention.

      They know you need all of these. The reason why you must be precise to help them understand area they should work on you presently. Such ritual prayers provide effective results and such the gods and goddess are pleased to hear.

      After prayer which will not take you down to 4:30 am. Remember to start by 1:30 am to end 4:00 am. Never exceed 4:30 am. We perform rituals reading times. Witches hour start 1:30 am to end 4:30. And this ritual must be performed within the time frame).

      After the ritual, break the kolanut and throw them outside for the gods and goddesses. Never throw them inside your room.

      Throw away after breaking it through your window or door post. Whichever that seems okay to you. If you are a tenant. I advise you read your environment to understand your neighbors or landlord.

      This will help you know better place to throw the ritual item. Let the gods and goddesses know why you are throwing the kolanut where you did. If you are a tenant, let them know that you are not in your house this is why you chose to keep it there for them. You hope to have a house of your own soon.
      Then throw it!

      This does not mean you will throw it inside the bush.
      It’s not acceptable. Throw instead where it will not be suspected.

      This advice is for your security and happiness. If you are in your house or feel comfortable, throw it at the entrance of your building. It’s very good; welcoming them at your home.

      May the gods and goddess hear your prayer and grant your heart full desires.

      So I mote it be!


        Most one pray till 4.am? Atimes your prayer request may last only 30minutes or 1 hour.


          good morning able GM, pls can a woman partake in this? I mean a husband with his wife? can she pray with a kolanut also? pls guide us GM


            Priceless spiritual guidance, I appreciate.

            Phembeck Obatala
              1. Your highness wise one, please are we going to leave the kolanut inside the water for 7days and say d prayer on 7thday or everyday for seven days? Wise one more wisdom

                I have two questions to ask

                1)Most one pray till 4.am? Atimes your prayer request may last only 30minutes or 1 hour,

                2) please are we going to leave the kolanut inside the water for 7days and say d prayer on 7thday or everyday for seven days? Wise one more wisdom

                Thanks wise one


                  <p style=”text-align: center;”>Please I am a new member and will appreciate some guidance, also I am a female.</p>
                  Please can I participate in this?

                  Beside my house and at the back of it is a bush, can I still throw it there?

                  What if my prayer does not last till 4a.m, can I stop?

                  Please is it 4 kolanuts for each day of the 7days?

                  Please, what is cotyledons.

                  Thank you and more wisdom



                    I greet you Wise one.

                    Please am I new member, I need answers to these questions;

                    1. Must one pray till 4:00am or can I stop anytime I finish my prayers?

                    2. For like how many hours can the water be soak, because sometimes I don’t sleep, I can stay awake till 1:30 let me know when I can soak it

                    3. I believe this ritual is to be repeated for the 7 days?

                    Thank you Wise one as I await for you response.


                      Wise one Will I use the same water to wash my face and the cola ?




                          on which day the ritual is performed sir?


                            1.Is it necessary I pray from 1:30 til 4:30.

                            2. Is it that I will need 7 kola nuts for the 7 days period?

                            3. After the prayers can I take the kola nuts far from my area of residence since I stay in a rented apartment with neighbors around.

                            4. I should use same water of soaking the kolanut to wash


                            Monster zoza

                              Thanks a lot for this guidance but please help in to understand more like

                              1. Will I use same water used in soaking the kola nut to wash my face?
                              2. Is it a mandatory to pray from 1:30 to 4:30?
                              3. Please can I throw the kola nuts where people walk through? Since the people around me won’t understand

                              4. Can I eat out of the kola nut after the prayer?

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