7 Things You Must Know, If You’ve Been Called to be Dibia

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      Please sir, I have a call to be a dibia. Though I was refusing it. But they have frustrated me both in the seminary and business after I left the seminary. Now I have accepted.
      But I don’t just want to be a dibia, I wanna be a very strong dibia.
      How do I institute a very strong agwu?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Thanks to the gods and goddesses who subjected you to hard state of affairs that brought you down on your kneels today. Igbo do say and its 100% truth “ekweghị ekwe, na-ekwere n’ute ekwere”.
      Haven said that, I will also let you know that your dream of becoming a great dibịa is realistic. I pray the gods and goddesses who called you for this work to hear you and make it come true.

      Let me also offer a professional guide on same subject raised before I proceed.

      Igbo has this true proverbial sayings “onye bu mmadụ ụzọ sibe ite, ka ya enwe mkpọkọrọ ọba” meaning he who is first in practice have much knowledge than later. Moreover, as a truth sayer who might have come from same direction you are coming, I have words of wisdom you share with you.
      You must pay attention to hear them. I have to take my time to teach you, enlighten you so that your dreams come true upon this revelation.

      First, to become a strong dibịa is to have a strong deity behind you.

      What does this mean mean?
      Without haven a strong deity by your side, you must not get afar in your spiritual mission. Oke dibịa dịka oké arụsị is an Igbo adage (strong dibịa is like a strong deity).

      2nd: to become a strong dibịa, you needed to know and have deeper knowledge of spiritism. Knowledge of the truth is the power to catapult you in this mission. You can’t work beyond your limit of Spiritual knowledge.

      3rd: to make your dreams come true, becoming a strong dibịa, you must be a truth sayer. To become a truth sayer, you must learn to hear from the spirit to transmit to humans. It’s the spirits and only the spirits that can tell you the truth you need to know about anyone. When you have this key, you’re sure to make a strong dibịa.

      4th: know that there are many field of practice in “dibiaship”. Examine yourself to see which field you have special interest or could practice well. You must not be all if you don’t have such deity that could lead you towards all. Reason you must know which area you where called to serve. Getting to the know this and standing for it is “getting to know your success and standing for it”. That’s when you know that there are root workers, herbalist, priest, consultants etc. You must not be all if you lack the calling. You will become all if you are called to do all these.

      5th: be original. Be yourself and always yourself. Don’t be like me, don’t even try be me or anyone. Always be yourself. Let that in you be you in reality. Never have in mind to imitate another. Always look up to your ezumezu.

      6th: place of practice is another fact of consideration and observation. In spiritual mission, obedience is better than sacrifice. Don’t when you were not asked to. Have no choice beyond your ezumezu point of service. Meaning, always be where they want you to be. Refuse not to stay, leave or dwell where they do joy choose for you. Doing so is working where your angels failed trade.

      I remain the great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. I have gone far in the realm of spirit. Reason it’s impossible for me to return a failure. What I know I make known to you.

      Coming to the last but not the least, seven is the number of perfection. I will stop at seven for today, when sleep gets more enjoyable, you can then start snoring. When you get first and second code, other codes get revealed to you.

      7th: never do what will make your ezumezu forsake you. Ula mmụọ dịka ula ụgụrụ _ when the spirit left, its like of the harmattan. They are not easy coming when you invite them, if they do, keep them, enjoy them, pray them and always celebrate them. It will become a great season all through. If they eventually go because of act, they don’t easily make a return. Reason you needed knowledge of the truth.

      Haven satisfied that, coming to your request to institute a strong agwụ. Agwụ is not two neither do we have small agwọ and big agwụ. Agwụ works for you owing to your chi and destiny. Watch your fingers, measure them. Are they equal? So also is our destinies. Our Destiny even though we are called to be dibịa must present itself like the fingers. Destiny can’t be equal. Reason you see dibịa who has greater knowledge of herbs and roots than others. It has to do with the destiny. He is destined to do so. Because he is, his agwụ would make it possible. In regards to this message, agwụ is here to help with our chi within the limit of our destiny’s/powers.

      There are dibias who can see afa no matter their age and endeavour. His agwụ can’t reveal messages for him through afa if he is not called to die so.

      So, there’s no way we dibịa institute strong and stronger agwụ for anyone.

      I am bringing this information to your doorstep so that you don’t fall victim of deceit. What a dibịa will do is to institute agwụ for you, when that is done done, information about your agwụ will b made known to you.

      If you obeyed and go by the information made available to you, with time, your agwụ will manifest. Nevertheless forget, as human grows in physical so they will do spiritual. What does this mean?
      Just like a child born today is not expected to become an adults or elder today, so our spiritual mission. So, don’t allow anything to carry your away. If you see dibias leaving luxurious life, don’t be carried away. If you you don’t see dibias living in mansion, let that not shake you. If you see dibias having millions and billions of naira, don’t worry about that. Keep growing your spiritual base.

      Your spiritual growth will soon call these things to you. Money is a spirit. So, growing your spiritual base is growing your money base. When you refuse to put first things that needed to be placed first in your own mission, you sure to fall back to calamity.

      These information comes your way to mark a witness to your success and failure. Choose the words and be successful, reject them to record failure.
      Almost every one want to be great in their art and carrier, finally, few happened to get to their apex. It has to do with knowledge of the truth. You can’t go beyond your limit of knowledge. Ebe onye madebere, ka ọ jedebere.
      Words of spirit.

      It’s only at light house of wisdom forum you get such information as shared freely. Outside, you pay with your nose to the exposition. Freely we received, we are courageous given freely to seekers of knowledge, so you make a difference.

      For more information, contact the admin on WhatsApp 07062855001

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