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      A-Z Details Why Christ Came, Reason for His Death And Coming Back.

      Copied from our Whatsaap discussion forum @light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.

      Okoye :
      Please wise one I have heard much about end time and that Christ is coming soon.
      What do you have to say about it? I need your divine explanation sir.

      Odogwuakataaka: This is not why we are here even though it’s somewhat attached to our purpose of being here. It’s attached to our reason of being here for the purpose of life. Truth is life!
      He who has truth doesn’t fear death knowing that death is a messenger. What am I saying? Get to understand purpose of light house of wisdom. Light house of wisdom as pioneers of truth: stand for truth. This is why we tell you the truth day and night at all cost. Because it’s the truth, we must say it. Coming to the issue of the moment as the question maybe! CHRIST IS COMING AGAIN! He must come again!!

      Odogwuakataaka: One may ask, why is he coming again?
      To face the truth, bringing hidden information as related to Christ (Yeshua), the Messiah, Emmanuel, we must understand spirituality.

      I have made us understand because it’s true that we all came from a realm in the spirits and are here on earth for a purpose. Many of us have just visited while some have revisited. Those who have to return after death for continuity or for another mission upon spirits permit is what we known as reincarnation!

      Odogwuakataaka: The visit and revisit is for a purpose. When we discussed reincarnation, I made us understand that possible reasons for reincarnation is for a mission failed or achieved! These are two reasons for reincarnation.

      Odogwuakataaka: Because you were assigned for a purpose, if you did well, you might get re-incarnate (upon spirits permit). So it’s when you do not do well, you might probably not re-incarnate to complete the mandate or get re-incarnate to complete your assignment. It’s left for the spirits to decide.

      So it is in the life of Christ. Christ came for a purpose, he was a success to the purpose for which he came. Which was the possible reason for his coming back as promised and prophesied. Christ is not the only spirit who perfected his mission on earth and has to come back. Just like Elijah, who has came and may have reasons to come back to life as many times as possible: Christ shall come back to life.

      Odogwuakataaka: Nevertheless, this is not why we are here as I said earlier because it’s those who do evil that fear calamity. It’s only a criminal and offender who are afraid of police and punishment. If you are right, you are right both in heaven and earth. If you are guilty, you are guilty in the land of living and earth beyond.

      Odogwuakataaka: This is why iroko tree is not scared of whirlwind. No matter how long wind blows, thunder strikes: it’s not for iroko tree. Because he stand gidigbam like zuma rock!

      Chioma: My able GM I greet u more light to ur path. I want to use this medium to thank every member of light bearers and our great monitors ever since I joined light house of wisdom I have only performed the kolanut ritual and ose oji prayers. Ise oji is indeed a powerful weapon since i started using it for prayers I have never asked and not received whatever I ask for I get, this page is indeed wonderful. I may not know the whole uses of ose oji and colanut but the ones I know and have practiced are really effective thank u all once again especially the GM for exposing us to hidden truth may u live long iseeee

      Odogwuakataaka: Light house of wisdom is here to set your path straight. Bringing to you all necessary spiritual information you would need to become a man and woman you were meant to be. Live a life of fulfilment to help stand right and just before your realm of origin just like Christ. This truth when you know it and practice it brings you in line and connection with infinite

      Possibilities. They are the possible forces, having approved the second coming of Christ! Know the truth!

      Odogwuakataaka: Why is Christ coming again is a question that begs for an answer?

      Odogwuakataaka: To know why Christ is coming again is to know why he was here before. Christ came to pay the prize for a life lost in the garden of Eden by the first woman and man (Adam and Eve). They ignorantly lost everlasting life.

      Odogwuakataaka: This was the only reason he came!

      Odogwuakataaka: Because human was created in the image of the gods. Human possessed immortality not by privilege but by right. Though the right was conditional. That’s to say, it’s a decision which lies in the hands of the grand maker. As a Potter, he decides how the pot looks like and how it stands. Reason he attached punishments, conditions and rules to human lives and government.

      Odogwuakataaka: The gods had wanted humanity to live immortal life (having endless life).

      Odogwuakataaka: Even though they allowed the fruit of knowledge of life as found in the garden, it was not enough reason for them (Adam and Eve) to succumb to deception. Just like what is happening in our world today! Poverty is not enough reason for you to kill your brother, sister or any human to get rich. Don’t stain blood of the innocent to get rich no matter what happened. Don’t be guilty of blood for any selfish reasons. If you do, you have directly and indirectly attracted a condemnation to yourself. That’s first fail to earthly mission.

      Odogwuakataaka: Stay with positive energies to draw positive forces that cause wealth and great abundance. To know how is why we are here.

      Odogwuakataaka: Adam and Eve were punished, cursed for disobedience to the instructions as given by the creator(s). Do not eat from this fruit was the instruction. Beside the tree and its fruit, you may eat all of these! It was a clear guide!

      Odogwuakataaka: While Lucifer came in person of a serpent. In one of our discussions @Light house of wisdom I made us understood why Lucifer chose serpent among other animals. It was simply because serpent is the wisest. Among every other living creatures, it remains the wisest.

      Odogwuakataaka: For perfection, wisdom works with wisdom. Which was the possible reason for the mission fulfilled. While Lucifer came to the woman in person of serpent, the mission recorded a great deal of success.

      Odogwuakataaka: She ate the fruit and gave also to his husband (Adam). He ate and both of them got condemned!

      Odogwuakataaka: The instruction stated earlier before the time that penalty to the disobedient is death. This was how they became mortal and because no human was with them at that point or period of time, we inherited death as their offspring.

      Odogwuakataaka: For the prize to be paid, they (spirits) took council and it was agreed that only an innocent blood would be able to pay the prize otherwise human will forever remain mortal.

      Odogwuakataaka: Reading from source of wisdom and creation to mankind, humans are not innocent (because majority came through Adam and Eve).

      Odogwuakataaka: Once birth is possible as a result of sex, the born_child has directly failed in the lineage of Adam and Eve (nature mandate).

      Odogwuakataaka: Having concluded this to be true, it was impossible for a man or woman to pay the prize hence they are guilty, having been judged and condemned by wisdom and the law. Every human being is guilty as a result of this disobedience to the rule in the garden. This was how Christ accepted to pay the prize. Because he was the only begotten son of the most high who dwells with him in heavenly kingdom.

      Odogwuakataaka: When he was permitted to do so, an angel was sent to a virgin known as Mary. Remember, wisdom works with wisdom for perfection.

      Odogwuakataaka: You can’t mix white and black to get white.


      For the blood ritual of the innocent to pay the prize and be accepted by all divine entities, infinite possibilities: the Holy spirits, a woman who has not known a man must be involved.

      Odogwuakataaka: Since no son of Adam or Eve can pay the prize, that’s to say, the possibility of the birth of the son must not see the canal knowledge of a mortal man and woman. The canal knowledge we call ‘sex’.

      Odogwuakataaka: This was the divine purpose for the message as sent to the virgin by archangel Gabriel.

      Odogwuakataaka: While Gabriel visited Mary. He greeted Mary with greetings of the Saints and say, Hail Mary full of grace! The Lord is with you. Blessed you are among all women.

      Odogwuakataaka: It was a great honour and act of discipline been a virgin. Mary was able to maintain her virginity as a result of her obedience to the teachings, moral standard, law and tradition of her people: the Jews.
      In Isra’el, it was a tradition for elders to pass guidance to their offspring.

      Odogwuakataaka: This is just like what we have today in our society when you hear a mother telling his children: our land forbid this and that. You hear a father saying, my son don’t do this and that for this reason. This is what we do and what we don’t do. Sometimes, children lack the knowledge and understanding of the fact that these Do and Don’t are subject of the spirits for better life to mankind.

      Odogwuakataaka: Here, in the life of Mary, we saw how the tradition helped divine purposes.

      Odogwuakataaka: This is why you people must learn to listen to wisdom and truth. Listen to elders and learn your traditions. Human and spirits are same. Most traditions are possible upon angels guide.

      Odogwuakataaka: When Mary listened to Angel’s message, she understood the mission and in no distance time she realized that she was pregnant by the help of holy spirits (not angels).

      Odogwuakataaka: You must know the difference between angels and Holy Spirits. We had the discussions earlier in the house. You can read it later on our post @nairaland.

      Odogwuakataaka: https://www.nairaland.com/4169665/difference-between-god-gods-goddess.

      Odogwuakataaka: Yosef the young man the young maiden Mary was engaged to was not allowed to have sex with her all through the pregnancy to help divine mandate.

      Odogwuakataaka: When Christ was born, he lived for the sole mission by which he came despite temptation by Lucifer to pull him off track. He resisted!
      Because of wisdom. Absolute knowledge! Christ is wise!!

      Odogwuakataaka: Wisdom! This is why we kept talking about wisdom and can’t stop saying the truth.

      Odogwuakataaka: When he paid the prize through death on stake at Calvary, he got resurrected after three days and was later ascended to heaven where he came from (his realm of origin).

      Odogwuakataaka: Do you all get knowledge from the true story?

      Odogwuakataaka: What human and life are like?

      Odogwuakataaka: Wisdom comes through spiritual information. While you need the truth!

      Odogwuakataaka: Getting to heaven, he was gladly welcome into the kingdom by all heavenly host. It was right there he was asked by the most high to have a seat on his right and was honored as king. He was promised to reign and rule over mankind till time indefinite. Remember the word PROMISED! Meaning, to come!

      Odogwuakataaka: He has not been pronounced yet king over humanity even though he has paid the prize. Time shall come when he will become the king.

      Odogwuakataaka: When? Someone may ask?

      Odogwuakataaka: Now I tell you this truth! Christ death was not to become a king over humanity but to redeem humanity from mortality into immortality.

      Okoye: Am glad to be your student more light to your path.

      Odogwuakataaka: Having paid the price perfectly, his actions

      at the course of duty was well pleased by his father (the most high). Because he was pleased, returning to the kingdom after so many years with fulfilled mission, he was presented with another honour ‘becoming a king over mankind’.
      Maka na onye mara rie, enyekwa ya ozo. (he who does well deserves better opportunities)

      Odogwuakataaka: This was how a king was promised to Christ.

      Odogwuakataaka: Now, to become a thing is for a merit (qualification). Merit comes as a result of approved and passed test. This is why it’s common to fight a war to become a warrior. Important position is not granted to undeserved but deserved. How do we know who deserves an important position? It’s through trial and test!

      Odogwuakataaka: This is why you are been tested most times by the gods.

      Odogwuakataaka: This is why in history, a great warrior is discovered from battle field. So kings are known for war to stand the position, receiving honour.

      Odogwuakataaka: For Christ to become a king as promised, he must go to war!

      Odogwuakataaka: He has not gone yet! The war is coming

      Odogwuakataaka: The war we known as “Armageddon”!

      Odogwuakataaka: It’s going to be between positive energies and negative energies. Christ is going to lead heavenly armies as a commander in conjuction with every holy spirits in heaven, on earth and other realms (earth beyond)!

      Odogwuakataaka: He will fight Lucifer the Satan and his demons for a thousand years

      Odogwuakataaka: We look forward seeing that to come!

      Odogwuakataaka: When that happens, he must definitely win. When he win, he shall reign and rule over mankind. He will organise his government in a modern to rule off evil, permitting immortality to humanity. We shall reign with him because we are one with him. We are light bearers. Children of the most high.

      Odogwuakataaka: Truth advocate and light bearers

      Awuzie: Iseeeee

      Odogwuakataaka: This is why we are here @light house of wisdom. To know the truth and practice the truth to help us keep fit, dwelling in the path where light shines

      Odogwuakataaka: The truth you must know to help you make a difference man and woman.

      Odogwuakataaka: Angels guide


        I don’t believe in this, if Jesus died to restore man imotality why do man still die after his death, and no man is particularly the son of mist high being of creator.


          Even the people of Isreal and the Jewish don’t believe in Jesus Christ so is Abrahamic religion, if he is the remdemer of mankind our ancestors would have told us about him so other Abrahamic religion will tell us about him also, because he is from Jewish and he is a Jewish how come his people don’t believe in him and said he is not the Messiah….what do you have to say about this please clearify me with more prove.

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