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    Grand Master

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      Good evening Grand Master, please I want to know the other realms of origin apart from water, animal and heaven. If when man dies, his spirit or soul goes back to his realm of origin, what will go to the land of the dead?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Where is the land of the dead?
      Land of the dead is it different from land of the spirits?
      Is there where the dead assembly after death that we can say here is land of the dead?
      Of course no where!

      When you die (because you must die).
      To understand death, know that it’s a messenger. Have I not told you that death is a spirit like every other spirits?

      Death is a messenger like every other spirits. It performs her duty like other spirits does.

      Alex Uzo:
      Odogwuakataka nnukwu (big daddy) daddy, I found out I reincarnated from my mother’s side, I have been suffering since, I went there yesterday, with oji gba uzo ano (4 cotyledon kolanut) and wine, the eldest, my mother’s eldest brother prayed for me, blessed me, and anointed me, gave me the kola to go pray, break it and drop on the ground. Odogwuakataka any word nnukwu daddy about this?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Death only comes upon spirits permit. When death is permitted over a person, she goes and have her assignment done.

      When she is done, taken life away from the body (person), the spirit (soul) immediately left the body and return to the realm where he comes from.

      The body lie on the ground. We say, he/she is dead. Reading from this, you find out that death lost power killing a spirit but the flesh. Spirits are immortal!

      It’s the soul/spirit that left, reaching the realm that has to give account of the person on earth (proving we are missionaries). Immediately the spirit arrive, the first sect to welcome him back home are whom we known and called “ndị ọgbọ na uke”.

      Do you know who they are?
      They are your equals, grades and mates.
      We call them ọgbọ na uke!

      These are the forces that when a child is born, they are the ones that pays visit, tormenting him. We call them ọgba nje/ọgbọ nje (jealous mates/disturbing spirits )!

      They are the ones that locks child’s hair (causing Dread lock ).
      They are reason why children laugh even when they are yet to see or talk.
      They are the ones who first play with you as you arrived here on earth before you begin to talk and speak a language human understand.
      They are the ones to first welcome you here on earth.

      Back to what happens after death, as I was saying: When you are welcome, still in their midst, given little story about how and what you met during your earthly mission comes the elders.
      Among the elders are your ancestors.

      The rest are those who shares no earthly lineage with you but are high ranks spirits that governs the realm. No matter your realm of origin, these elders are there as judges.

      These elders has the great responsibility to give account and account for their kingdom to the supreme being (chi ukwu Okike) when most needed.

      Your ancestors are the ones who shall stand to talk and give account of you.
      The elders has to pay them attention!

      Do know, in the realm of spirit, no lies and accusation. Truth is the watch word.
      Whatever judgement they passed across is what the elders stand to rule over.

      If they said you did well because you did well, so be it.
      If you perfected your earthly mission, you shall be honored, promoted accordingly.
      No punishment for you.

      If not, you shall get punished as they wish. The gods are wise. So whosoever that says, there is a place where the dead await after death has no truth to tell.
      After all things, the spirits because they are one and for one intention, they shall do things to perfection. This has to do with their future plans for humanity (those who served well).
      Among them, some might return back or another spirit will be sent to continue where he stopped. This we call reincarnation.
      It’s left for the gods to say, go back and finish your assignment.
      It’s left for them to say, you must not return but remain here to suffer (should you did bad).

      It’s left for them to decide saying, go and continue from where

      you stopped. Whichever, it has to do with them not you.

      Whatever choice, freedom
      you have for expression, it is here on earth (where freedom is given to humanity) not in the realm of spirits.
      In the realm, high ranks spirits takes decisions for you. You have no choice and freedom if you aren’t a high rank spirit (found among them).

      Our spiritual engagements, exercises, sacrifices stands for many dividends to us, now and later.
      Angels guide

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