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      Apart from consultations has any one found useful links with their ancestors. We don’t talk about this area much in England which I think is a shame.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      We have had lots of lectures on ancestors in the past.
      I don’t know what you may want us to talk about them which we had not said.
      Nevertheless, I remembered my promise last time to make this ‘issue’ of next moment.
      For the fact the same questions repeated within the month.
      That’s to say, there’s need to discuss them.
      Now, our ancestors.
      When we stay ancestors, they aren’t strangers neither are they forces unknown to us.
      Not at all!
      Ancestors: your ancestors as you may wish to know, they are your forefathers.
      Those through whom your earthly mission are possible.
      Those you share same lineage with.
      Those who have earlier existed here on earth before your birth.
      Those who has lived and died, through whom you come to exist.
      They are your great grand fathers, your great grand grand fathers, your great grand grand grand……..fathers/mothers.
      Whosoever that is alive is not an ancestor irrespective his old age or whatsoever but the dead.
      Haven known these, one may ask, what is my relationship with the dead?
      You know, just like the preacher would say NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE DEAD AND THE Living.
      How truthful is this word and saying that, no relationship between the dead and the living?
      Well, to answer this is to know the truth. To know the truth is to visit the land of the spirits. In the realm of spirit, truth is the keyword. Knowing this is trusting their information or information from spiritual world.
      Going by the truth as we should, we find out that there’s a deep relationship which exist inbetween the dead and the living
      To understand this better know that you who is alive today is a spirit.
      Do you doubt the possibility of the truth as said?
      Don’t doubt the truth thus truth never lie.
      You are a spirit.
      You can only understand this better the moment you fall asleep.
      What happens then!
      Your body lies waste while the spirits leaves the body. At this point, the spirit wander about in the universe and earth beyond.
      As this happens, some one may come knocking at your door without you knowing.
      Sometimes, someone come calling your names without you hearing.
      In most cases, owing to events you met in the journey, you might be pushed and heat with heavy blow without you taken knowledge or responding.
      Often times, the spirits wanders and sometimes faces great challenges that he has to finish judgement to help return.
      Until this is done, he can’t return to the body.
      This is where you see the difference between body and spirits. Understanding while the gods and goddesses are spirits and human are humans as said
      The difference between is because, human possess flesh(body) and blood while the spirits beings (the gods and goddesses) doesn’t possess body (flesh) and blood.
      This is why they remain invisible whereas human being are visible
      When human body dies, the spirit left the body and has to return to the spirit world (probably his realm of incarnate, realm of origin ) while the body has to lie waste to the earth and get discomposed.
      When this spirits returns where it comes from, it automatically rejoins the spirits beings as one of them. This is where we see the ancestors.
      Because we (humans) are spirits and one with the spirits beings (living in the realm of spirit), we do consult them. When this is done, owing to our relationship with them, they can’t refuse to answer us
      This is how we come to call our chi _ spirit guide, and he answers.
      We call our realms of origin e.g marine world, they have to answer.
      Same way we call our ancestors they will answer us.
      He who says there is no spirit should check his mental health. Even the lunatic can’t question the possibility and true existence of the spirits beings.
      Our ancestors plays a major role in our lives hence the lineage, blood relation and true representives. This is why the wise often pray them saying as
      we represent you here on ea

      rth, do well to represent us earth beyond. We mote it be!
      Talking about the elders who has the great ability, sound judgement over humanity, they are the ancestors. This is why, after death, they are the ones to sit and judge us. They shall execute judgement
      Most often, our enemies wished to send us to early grave, it’s our ancestors that do stand for us saying No.
      When we got lost from our world to world unknown, by their infinite powers, they seek after us, led us back to the world with care and caution
      This is where most of us got directed by an elder with strange or unfamiliar face when we got lost in the dream
      GM, please what is Ancestor in Igbo. And can a woman be an Ancestor?
      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Our ancestors had never ceased to intercede for us helping our world even when we are ignorant of them. They do take care of us understanding that no matter the age, we are still children and their children.
      If they allow us to be humiliated by a strange spirits, it’s shame unto them. Reason they could do anything to save us upon our ignorance
      The wise remains a favorite before them and at their presence. Recognising them is wisdom.
      This is why you must acknowledge them. Pray your ancestors as you pray your chi.
      Knowing them and their great responsibility is wisdom.
      How many of you do read the bible?
      Do you have a Bible?
      If you are a Bible student, you find out that in the bible, many times the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did wrong and ought to be punished. Adonai could look and remember his covenant with Jacob and shed his sword (against them).
      Never despise your ancestor’s for they made it possible for your earthly existence.
      Otherwise, who could have gave birth to you?
      Could you have been born?
      The love the gods has for you could be as a result of what your ancestors did. This is why, when they did good, the children reap from their good deeds. So it’s when they did evil, the children shall not go unpunished.
      We say, you inherited curses from the evil of the ancient. And so it’s!
      When they carefully, upon spirit guide institute a thing on the portion, been their inheritance. Be careful not to approach those things with ignorance
      If you do, you find out that no matter how wise you think you are, you can’t be wiser than the gods and the ancestors. No strange power found in the universe will deliver you from their mighty hands.
      Good number of the ancient (the ancestors) lived a holy life.
      Only ofeke play with this world and activities as seen here on earth
      It was as a result of their state of purity that earth gave support to all their deeds that we today feel the heat or reap the dividends. This is why, what they did millions and thousands of years ago are still and remains active till tomorrow
      Give honor to whom honor is due. Don’t look at the ancient and said they were in dark age then. There was never a time in life when earth was dark for days if not at night after creation. How could you say, they lived in dark age?
      Did you have different water if not same water they had?
      Did you march or touch different earth if not same earth they took dwelling (before now) ?
      That’s to say, before Abraham, Christ was born.
      No matter how wise you are, you can’t be wiser than the ancestors
      An apple does not fall far from its tree.
      Knowing that water gives life asked you to drink water for life.
      Knowing that the sun give luminary, asked you to see by the light of sunshine.
      Knowing that your ancestors has a many role to play in your life and destiny, get to know them and draw too close to them.
      May the gods and goddesses help to translate, transmit into us with best of our ability helping knowledge of the truth. These are my prayers for you. More light on your path as angels guide us all.

      Isee odogwu akataka.

      Alex Uzo:
      Odogwu akataka! More wisdom on your path

      Pls I need to private chat you 4 directions on the registration… Can I have your no. To do that.. Thanks n more light to your path…
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