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    Grand Master

      Godwin: Thanks a million for your eye opening lectures GGM. May the gods and goddesses grant you long life so you can continue your good work for humanity.
      I have two questions to ask my able GGM.
      (1). If someone’s ancestor has committed sin that is working against the offspring’s progress and success as a result of the sin committed, should one amongst the descendants discover that the problem he is facing is as a result of the ancestral sin and have his deliverance, can such deliverance free him and his own offspring (children) at once?
      (2). Just like the first question, if a mariner do his/her marine settlement can that settlement cover the children that will come as mariners or such settlement would be done for the children individually in the future?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Questions (1)
      Sins of the ancestors have powers on their descendants.
      Let me explain.

      This is how it happens spiritually and why it has to be so.

      For example, if I Odogwuakagaaka should kill an innocent person with a great destiny and important mission to fulfil. Perhaps on a land disputes. And it was done without ọfọ na ogu( due justice). The killing has brought an attention of the gods: the attention invoked their wrath.

      Perhaps the deceased came to liberate his family or the society at large. Have you seen that such mission is a great commission for the gods and human at large?

      Now he was killed by me because a land dispute!
      If I had sold the land without eating from its farm produce, the calamity will be less on me. That’s to say, i may bear it myself, upon my head the moment I am still alive and after death.

      Here, it has nothing to do with my children and children’s children. We say here “ife onye metere, o weere isi ya buru”.

      But if I had eaten a harvest from the blood land, alongside my wife, sons and daughters whereby none of them said nothing against the evil I did. The curse we shall bear together and it shall go down to the children children’s children (still counting)

      The gods have to avenge, putting a mark of remembrance on my lineage to enforce their wrath on my descendants.
      This is how we inherit curses and have to suffer as a result of sins of the fathers.

      This curse continues and have to manifest itself in so many ways. Do remember, it’s the judgement of the gods. That’s to say, they may choose to punish with anything which they deemed okay. It could be poverty or sorrow. It could be early death or hatred. Whichever, its understood that none of their punishments is little or a minor. They are wise.

      If tomorrow a generation rise against the ugly situation to seek for deliverance, good and fine. If one wakes up and seeks to know what happened and to deliver himself, good and fine. The gods are willing and ready to say the truth, revealing secrets to tender heart. When he has the true information and wishes to deliver his home or members of his family, this is what we call “ịgbara isi”.

      At the course of the deliverance, skull of dead person must be present (ọkpụkpụ isi onye nwụrụ anwụ) This skull represents the ancestors (the dead), saying this deliverance was caused by the dead against the living.

      Head of a goat and sheep will be present.
      The head of the goat represents foolishness and the head of the sheep represents mercy and pity..

      Because it has attracted the wrath of the gods, head of a pussycat has to be present.
      Pussycat here stands for witchcraft.

      You know when the gods fight for a course against the living, its effects look like witchcraft. This is why Christianity often misunderstood African ancestors for evil but then venerate Eauropean ancestors as angels. They say, St John and St Abraham, St Monica, St Stephen etc.
      Our people are happy, accepting these doctrines!

      What am I saying?
      The workforce of the gods, vengence of the gods upon the living is a witchcraft.

      This is why head of a pussycat has to be involved and so many other ritual items. These items are well pronounced at the course of deliverance exercise.

      Pending on the gravity, weight of the curse. Some curses may require a he_goat for final cleansing or sheep. When we use he_goat for effects we say, mkpi ihere/ifere, ohuu ihere/ifere.

      Sometimes there will be no need to make use of live animal at last.

      It’s during the ritual deliverance that one has to say prayers that set only him /her free. Do you now see how it works?

      If you had said prayers on your head refusing your family (sons and daughters) perhaps you had had one or two as at the time. They are not free but the ones yet to be born.

      Unless you said deliverance prayers inclusive. Calling their names such as my daughters Chinaza, Ebere and my sons Ebube and Chiadi are all included. I asks for their deliverance too, may they never feel the heat and weight of this curse again as am free with them today.

      Having said these, there’s need to also mention unborn children.

      Understand that spirituality and spiritual exercise asked for wisdom. This is why every spiritualist has to be wise to help assignments otherwise there must be “coma” (sign of rejection) at end of every ritual done.

      Now if it has to be done on behalf of the family (the entire family). This is where the priest/spiritualist would make present at the family (obi or obu) for cleansing of the land. Such ritual are done at midnights.

      In most cases the spiritualist putting red attire but naked (without pant) draws the sacrificial sheep or goat round about the whole family house. We call it ịkpụ arụ.

      This sacrificial goat or sheep will not be on rope as ritual takes place. It will be drawn round about the family houses one after another with incarnations/prayers (pleading the gods for light on the path of the living).

      When it is done and perfected, the sacrificial animal shall be taken away alive from the territory with left hand down to a straight road outside the family territory.
      When this is done, akpọ ya ewu ejiri bupu arụ, ụchụ, uke na umeniyi. It get better for them.

      The evil will be forgiven, calamity taken away from the people. The yoke will be broken! All things passed away hence the prize paid for forgiveness of sin.
      Angels guide!

      BIG JOE:
      The GGM may u live long,thanks for the lesson learned today may the creator of d universe,the gods and goddesses guide and protect u all day long as Angels guide Iseeeeeee

      Emmanuel Frank:
      Gm may your days be long sir what you are teaching us is reality and fact no priest or so called rev father’s has ever trow such enlightenment to us. We all are learning very well in the university of light house of wisdom.

      Godwin Agada:
      May the gods and goddesses bless you more abundantly my able GM. Wow! You just answered my questions perfectly. What a great wisdom! Thanks for answering my questions.

      I see the light house of wisdom metamorphosing into a universal institution of unimaginable magnitude. So more it be, Iseee.

      We are grateful for this great teachings sir!!! May you live long. Pls sir I will like to know how one can know if he/she is a mariner.

      Emmanuel Frank:
      Gm sir can you trow more light to me concerning witchcraft and there manipulations?

      In as much as your questions and curiousity will be attended, let’s know that GM is still a man with flesh and blood. He has been online since morning and should be allowed to attend to other things and himself.

      I am sure that he will attend to your curiosity as soon as possible.

      Angels guides. Iseee

      Lord Jiggy:
      Gm sir can you explain the situation why person you reincarnate from can be stopping your success

      Frank Okonkwo Abuja:
      Great spiritual teacher of our time!

      Henry Jos:
      Yet another tonic from the Grand Master of Wisdom, Odogwu Akataaka!

      May your days be long, iseee.

      Chukwuebuka II:
      I thank the gods & goddesses for the infinite Wisdom bestowed upon our Great Grand Master! His days will be long! Iseee!

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      My utmost respect for GM with spiritual truth. Sir how can one make offerings to his/her ancestors apart from pouring libations of(kola nuts,drinks,foods etc) on the ground. I may have missed this topic if you had treated it before. Thank.

      Chigor Lawrence:
      Great teaching

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      Thank you sir GM. My curiosity is the origin of Adam and Eve. But The Most High and god and goddesses created man using the dust. Were human beings living in the spiritual realm as spirit before Adam was made to live in this physical world? Is so,why the word ‘CREATE’? This is in respect to creation of Adam.

      Diamond Diamond:
      Wow… What a great message from the Grand Master himself. More light on your path sir

      The eyes of my understanding has been enlighten…

      This is what the Pastor’s and Dibias can never reveal so as to continue to hold you spellbound.

      Christopher Thomas:
      The Great GM.
      My nephew told me something about using URINE to ward away evil and cleanse.
      How true is this.
      Can more light be shed on this

      Uchenna IGWUILO:
      Thank you so much for the eye opening..May you live Long!!!

      Vivian Onitsha 2:
      Wisdom speaks..adi ama aka,….nnukwu muo….iputa na ogbo obodo edere juu….jisi ike na olu nna Anyi..odogwuakataka….nnukwu nna ka IBU….more light to your path sir

      Pls fellow light bearers bear with me..I was just praising our grandmaster with our language

      Uchechukwu Origwe:
      Isi mmiri Igbo n’ile, eke ne m gi oo kene kwa ndi mmuo gi na ha so eje ozi oo.
      I greet every light bearer in this house.
      Muo di ike
      Giving me opportunity to learn all these by the gods shows that the Gods really love me so much.
      I must make a difference, thank you Odogwu Akataka 1, Isi mmiri Igbo n’ile, I’m privileged to have you.

      Odowgu Akataka.. Okara mmadu Okara mmuo.. Oje na mmuo oje na mmadu.. Mmpa Nnukwu nukwu.. Onye Oma n’ iga adi..
      May d presence of ur great ancestors not depart from U..

      Ana m anu (I hear)!!

      I can relate with the teaching on d ancestors..
      One day I followed a friend n went for consultation.. There a massage from his ancestors came..

      He was told to go and buy d adjoining plots of land beside his house.. That he (his father and kinsman BOTH LATE) have settled..

      my guy was like.. eehn where will I get that kind of money..

      6 months or thereabout after.. We met again and I asked him how far with the land..
      You know what??
      He’s completed the payment already.. Wow

      Mmuo di Ike!!

      Eugenie Austral:
      More light on your path GM, hope you could rest a bit and thanks so much for your time and yours teaching. My question is to know the position of the sun and the moon in the spirituality

      Uchechukwu Origwe:
      Odogwu Akataka 1 whose teachings inspire my being: your life shall be like tomorrow, because tomorrow never ends.

      Sir little question on this topic.
      As we came from different realms not necessarily a descendant of Adam, how come Adam’s fall affected every one? (bcoz we are not necessarily of Adam’s origin)
      Or if we all(all humanity) descend from Adam, how come our different genes and colours as it is today?

      More light Ezi nna m

      Promise Chizurumoke:
      Mmo dike

      Chukwunonso Alado God Win:
      Thanks so much

      Please master, how do I use ose oji in the morning before going to work?

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      Thank you GM for the answer given to my question.

      Chukwuebuka II:
      All information has been archived on our website!! All you need to know and all the basic questions have been answered and posted to our website

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      GM I have just redeemed my pledge to support to the house.

      I wish to appeal to the general house to endeavour to redeem our pledges for this month of April.

      Those who can redeem yp to the end of the year should please do.

      Those who can do a freewill donation should please do.

      This will go a long way to FasTrack the building of our temple which in turn will be for the benefit of every member.

      I wish to let us know that sowing into a spiritual project of this scope comes with it’s great rewards.

      Let us be guided as Angels guides. Iseee

      Can you drop the acct number? I wanna redeem . Thanks

      Ghen Mone:
      I like the article you wrote on nairaland. There business and trade forum.the spiritiual forum I would like join these two forum and also need spiritual guidance the name of guardian angel.

      Good morning Able GM, and my fellow light bearers, I just redeemed mine with 5k.

      Ghen Mone:
      I will like to join the business promotion forum and spell casting and deliverance forum.i need spiritual guidance about the archangel of fortune.i want to know more about tetragammaton consecrated oil. I want to know how to connect with my archangel through my date of birth name.what are the oil rings powder for fast sales for a business man/woman.deliverance from marine world. on dream of sex and eating .what the necessary saceifice a business Man/woman must carry to be successful as trader.

      I also need spiritual guidance on how to sacrifice to the archangel for protection and prosperity.

      Valentino Max:
      Thank you, I’m a member, i was removed but I have just redeemed my pledge and decided to join back, bcos I enjoy the great teachings of the GM, may the gods and goddesses continue to bless our paths

      Ezeh Oge:
      Good evening GM, am ezeh oge hukwu. Am so happy to have found this forum because I have been on soul search on spatiality and from some of your write up’s I gained in saith in to some of my dream’s and problems, may the god and goddesses continue to light your part

      Ikechukwu Awuzie:
      Here is a spiritual forum. We are ritualistic not dreams interpreters. GM does not permit such any longer. But, you can build your spiritual vibration for self dream interpretation. It is very important and simple. Engage in rituals as given by the gods and goddesses through our grand master. Be ritualistic and you can take care of your personal dreams.
      More light to ur paths.

      Eze Onyinye:
      Please sir I want to know things about dreams

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      Good day my able GM. Please I want to know about the area of marine kingdom. Good numbers of people have testified been to the realm located beneath the water,that every good thing of the world is there. Some alleged that people go there to acquire spiritual power. Some also alleged that marine people do initiate non Mariners and also cause lot of evils such as sucking human blood,tying people’s destinies etc. That the photographs of women beautified with beads and others and holding Snake is Eze Nwanyi is their Mother. These photos are sold in spiritual shops. Please Sir I need you to throw light on this believes. Thank you.

      Johnson Chine.:
      Am happy to be here, hope to learn, and solve some problems. Thanks.

      Ezeh Oge:
      Ututu oma GM, please I won’t to know something about reincarnation and how to do the rituals. More lights to your path

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