At What Point In Life Are Our Destiny Chosen – Before Birth Or After Birth?

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    Grand Master

      Franklin Onyelo Odiaka:

      Great Odogwu Akataka
      The Gods bless you Eke, Orie, Afor, na Nkwor……
      Grand Master… Consider my Question as a son who seek to know.
      Just the way you taught us on AGWU on the website, that no one seek AGWU, but AGWU SEEKS anyone who is chosen.
      Now my question is, can Agwu seek someone after birth like a grown up person or must it be from childhood or from conception before birth?
      Is it possible to be chosen by AGWU Spirit as a matured man or woman

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      All spirit that are linked to us boiled down to our destiny.

      The moment your destiny was granted in the realm of spirit, same time it calls upon all forces that would work with it.

      It’s like a government.

      Immediately a government comes on board, it calls upon all parastatals and institutions to work with it.

      That’s how our destiny are.

      No one comes first or last. They all come at the same time.

      So the question remains, when do our destiny make known to us? After birth or before birth?

      Is it when we are still young or when we get older?

      Finding answers to the above states clear when agwụ seek for us.

      So, let the house answer.
      Best and first answer will be considered best student of the month with a merit.

      Answer if you know. It’s open for everyone.

      If we get the answer, we then continue our discussion. Angels guide

      Good day GM, may God reward your good heart and wisdom day-by-day Iseee. Base on the question, I would say it’s before the birth that destines had been bestowed on us. Thanks

      Sir Frank:
      Good morning Grand Master Odogwu Akataka Isi mmiri Igbo, may the Gods and Goddesses continue to bless you and more light on your Path Ise. In my own understanding as a student of light house of wisdom where truth is broken in pieces for mankind, our destiny comes to known to us after birth. Thanks.

      Gozie Mbah:
      I really envy your teaching and wisdom.

      Good day Grand master the answer is at birth.

      Uchechukwu Origwe:
      To me I would say that destiny found a child before birth, that’s why it is possible to know a child’s destiny even when he was in his mother’s womb. The case of Samson is an example.

      In our tradition days gone by, parents do go to find out what the unborn child is bringing to the world even while he’s still a fetus. So, if destiny meets a child after birth how come it could be discerned before birth?

      I can even say that every child is a replica of an assignment (destiny). The gods and goddesses choose an assignment (destiny) and therefore choose the bearer; that’s the human person who’s coming to fulfill such an assignment (destiny). So, destiny is found before birth not after the birth. (My opinion please).

      Able God:
      Ubosi Chi kere onye ka okere ihe oga abu.

      So destiny begins at birth.

      Chuks Editor:
      Our Destiny comes with us before conception.

      And made known to us when we have come of age to know our left and right. Also through the help of Spiritual consultation.

      Harmony Godwin:
      Our destiny is known from childhood.

      Francis Chukwuma:
      Greetings to everyone, our destiny is known before birth.

      James Thrive:
      After birth when we get older.. stands to be corrected.

      Sammy Okorie:
      Destiny are make known to us after birth or before birth depending the destiny the individual carries. Destiny are not the same, Just like when yeshua was born the angels the Gods and Goddess assigned to his earthly mission came to announce his destiny before his arrival.

      Some people discovered their destiny at a young age while some discovered theirs at a old age… Destiny are not the same, So I will say destiny are made known to us before birth.

      Eze Emenike:
      Adighi agba afa akaraaka.
      Destiny is known after the birth especially at the time you have recognized the forces that follow you to this world .

      Our Destiny is made known to us after birth. Because before birth, we know nothing about ourselves.

      When we get older, by then it must have manifest and showcased itself to us in different ways. The forces that guide us as a child must have left us and allow us to work towards embracing our call or fulfilling our Destiny. That is when the driving force towards Destiny fulfillment will start disturbing you. Ur chi will manifest, Ndi mmiri, ndi otu, Agwu etc will also manifest and task for settlement because its considered that u are of age to settle them.

      Though some teachings will say that it manifests according to ur iyi uwa and agreement between ndi otu. But it’s still the same. All is at reasonable youthful age when u can reason critically and otherwise.

      From my little knowledge this is what I think grandmaster…

      Angels guide..

      Nkechinyere Asaba 2:
      The great odogwuakataka,isi mmiri Igbo Nile, ekenem gi. To me Nna m, our destiny is made known to us after birth.

      To second question: I am saying that it’s when we are young,but the problem we are facing today is that parents don’t really care or look deep into their children in spiritual matters this day, rather they prefer taking that child from church to church thereby delaying the manifestation of that child’s destiny, so when the child grows and couldn’t bear the heat anymore, he or she will start looking for solution,, perhaps at an older age.
      Thanks, remain to be corrected sir.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      It’s a good afọ day. All thanks to the gods and goddesses for good life, health and wealth. To those who still clamor for these, may they live to have them in great abundance by the light of truth. Because truth is light and life, may we never be confused on our path finding and searching for truth. Isee

      Many wonderful answers so far from the wonderful people of this great assembly. Truly, truly, the spirits are powerful _ mmụọ dike.

      I remain your one and only high priest from Abrudeh city. The great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. Ajọ nwa!

      Here we go through your answers to funding first correct and detailed answers among the list to help announce best student of the month and merit.

      Here are the questions:

      So the question remains, when do our destiny make known to us? After birth or before birth?

      Is it when we are still young or when we get older?


      How did you forget the questions are two in one?

      Uchechukwu, you answered one leaving the other. Half mark scored.

      Here are the questions:
      Odogwu Akataaka:
      So the question remains, when do our destiny make known to us? After birth or before birth?

      Is it when we are still young or when we get older?

      Anyways, we can’t refuse to accept you got the answers right. You hit the nail on the head with true proof boil down to our culture and traditions.

      You made a remark with high profile answers. Exactly what I expected.

      You are the best student of the month that is why on behalf of this great assembly, I will buy you a recharge card of 5000 naira and 3 months worth subscription.
      Write me on WhatsApp as soon as you receive this message, drop your phone number where we send the recharge card and a number you browse with so that we buy you 3 months worth of data.

      Keep it up.

      Have you seen when agwụ seek for us and made known to us?

      That’s while our destiny is never and will never be considered amateur.

      To prove this further for those who are yet uncleared about the answers as chosen. Our destiny are made known to us before birth. It’s for the purpose of the destiny that we were created. So, for that reason, it’s ignorant to say we choose destiny rather its our destiny that chose us.

      How many of us read our discussion on ilo ụwa _ reincarnation?

      In our discussion on reincarnation, we talked about this. It’s for the purpose of the destiny/assignment that we were created. If not for it, there’s no reason for our creation or appointment. Our creation in other words is an appointment. Often you hear me calling us messengers.

      We are messengers. Each and every one of us was commissioned for a duty, why we were created.

      But in that, just like all fingers aren’t equal, so our divine destiny’s.

      That’s how it comes into play that some head looks bigger and much important than others.

      That’s how it looks like some have to be under person’s to manifest their destiny. Just like the word Igwebuike, there are destiny of which without backup of the person considered a minor won’t get accomplished.

      Reason we are divine and wonderfully made for the sole purpose of continuity.

      Like some of us who are dibịa, our work won’t be fully accomplished when there are no persons to help provide ritual games for us.

      That’s why today you see some persons whose labour are to hunt for chameleon. How they get these items remains a wonder before a canal man.

      Ask him to supply you one minion chameleon or lizard or toad in a week, he will bring it for you.

      But if you were asked to get five by yourself, one week you are still searching for one chameleon.

      These are why we are here. For different purposes, assignments, destinys.

      So this is not made known to us after birth but before birth.

      And I tell you, some of us maybe by the power of their chi, agwụ and other forces were able to remain whom they are, knowing whom they are and purpose of their creation without third party revelation or information.

      Ututu oma ezi onye nkuzi ….your teachings and writeups are food to my soul…ya gazie.

      Sometimes I do envy you, great one.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      To proof it further. Listen to children. Listening to them will help you identify their destinys if you keep your head low and down to earth.

      You hear them confessing their destinys.

      Ask their teachers. I mean a teacher whose destiny is to teach. They are good identifying one’s destiny.

      You hear them engaging the children on heart review questions.

      That’s when you get questions such as, what will you become when you grow up?

      Those children who knows themselves would tell you what he will become when he/she grows up.

      If you think he/she is joking. Wake him up in the middle of the night and repeat same questions to him. He will say same thing over and over again.

      Ask him next year, that’s what he/she will keep saying.

      This is where you get the Bible quote by the wise King Solomon in the book of Proverbs 22:6.

      What did it say?

      Somebody should tell us.

      Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

      This is where the white man asked you to CATCH THEM YOUNG.

      To train the child in the way he should go is to keep him up and in line to his destiny as made known to you.

      Catch them young makes the secret known to you as a parent or guardian to help the child and help the destiny by keeping close watch, match and perfect direction so that he doesn’t fall apart.

      To fall apart is to get in contact and in touch with things that put our destinies in question. To get involved with illicit act that will pursue the holy spirits, guardian spirits who have been with us to watch over us for the purpose of the destiny.

      When you catch them young, they remain on their life path and never go astray. That’s when the child knows when to say prayers and where to say prayers.

      That’s when the child knows when to perform a ritual sacrifices and where to perform them.

      Some of you at tender age, you can recall or your parents would tell you that you do like playing alone happily and always take your food outdoors sometimes and most times to eat as you play.

      Should the parents watch closely and pay attention to words you spoke, he will understand who the child is and what she is doing.

      We feed our otu and ogbanje who came visiting.

      We played with them and happy staying, sharing and canvassing with them. When they remembered us in the realm, they feel happy and wish to pay us a visit.

      When they come, we become happy seeing them and make out time to play with them and share with them. Same time, we make reports to them.

      Telling them what bothers us. What our challenges are as a human being. They themselves for the love they have for us do reciprocate in friendly manner, providing help and assistance. They help us fight our battles and win our warfare.

      When we keep it up, our life will be fulfilled without falling apart. That’s how it looks like he doesn’t know dibịa yet no spell works against him. He doesn’t go to dibịa but if you remember him, having evil intentions, you will have a nightmare.

      That’s when he find life and things of life so easy and simple. He never struggle getting anything. He never struggled to achieve a goal. All his journey makes easy, silili-welele.

      Because we don’t have time frame for destiny, that’s why we have Kidstar.

      Some destiny do not stay too long and must not see old age.

      Some destiny were for the purpose of other people’s destiny.

      They come like John to help make a way for another’s destiny.

      That’s what we see in the life of John and Christ.

      Some destiny would come today to fulfil their mission tomorrow or same day.

      Have you seen where a child was born today and have to die today or next day?

      It’s for a purpose. Nothing happens for no just course. Every birth today is for a purpose and that purpose is a definition of destiny.

      It surprises me when people call early death ogbanje and refused to acknowledge those of us still alive ogbanje.

      Many times I do tell my mother I am an ogbanje. She says, Tụfịakwa, you aren’t ogbanje. Stop saying that nwa m.

      Not too long she acknowledged the true fact who is ogbanje and why I am one of the living ogbanje onye ụwa.

      I think I have done justice to the question?

      More light on our path as angels guide us all.


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