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      To command one doing your will, doing as you say asked for powers.
      This is why we must let you know about AWELE DO AS I SAY – EKWUEKWE!

      This is an awele which are done with various animals and birds, roots and herbs before the final ritual which saw the blood sacrifices for ritual effects. Truly, nothing happens for nothing!

      For one to do as you say without objections, nodding head like agama lizard, you need to know the secret.
      The Awele you see above can’t be dropped on the ground or allowed to touch the ground for any reason. This is why you have to hang it on the wall (inside your room).

      Remove the cover which the purpose is to guide it to your reach. As soon as you receive this package, kindly remove and put the other that has feathers on it. That serves as the cover till infinity.

      Just put inside, the feather has to be inside while the other side makes the cover.
      Hang on your wall where none would touch especially a woman in her menstrual circle. Any day she touches it, the awele becomes useless.

      AWELE DO AS I SAY is in powdered. When this awele is been prepared (oge anusiri ya anu), the subject (client) are invited to have it for the ritual perfection or demand to receive it at his residence. should he comes, the priest will have to mark with new razor blade four lines on his tongue and the spell will be inserted. On his four head also, top toes and back of his palms. If he can’t visit the temple for any reason and have to order to receive it, he has to look for who is not Ofeke (spiritual ignorant) to do it.
      To know who is Ofeke and not Ofeke, the priest may help upon consultation. That’s to say, you have to provide details of the person for consult.

      The remainder will be stored as directed earlier. Each time he has an assignment and wish to use the awele, he/she has to collect little and face the sun on barefoot. Say what he want calling name of the person repeatedly. Afterwards, he lick little and blow the rest on the sky facing the sun.
      (rest of information and how many times to blow it shall be given to you on order).
      Go and meet with him/her to ask exactly that which you requested with your awele before the goddess of the sun. Ask, it shall be given unto you! Mmuo dike – Spirit are most powerful

      This awele doesn’t require any human or animal blood ritual sacrifice for renewal or for any reason hence it has been done.

      It forbid palm oil. Don’t eat food cooked with palm oil when you set for the mission until you done with the mission.

      It can’t work on unnamed person unless you say your prayer’s otherwise.

      The more you use it, more effective it becomes. It stops been active the moment you stop using them.

      Don’t ask me the precaution if I have said it requires no blood ritual be it human or animal. It is harmless!

      Because this is online information, we aren’t given further details about awele ekwuekwe if not to the client who makes order. Other information on it’s effectiveness comes your way upon request!

      For order, click the link below to order for Awele ekwuekwe – DO AS I SAY SPELL.

      Price: $300
      Delivery to within Nigeria #2,000
      Delivery to any other part of the world $20


      For more information, write the admin on +2347062855001(WhatsApp)


        How do I get it


          Please I need this ASAP


            How do i get it


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