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      palm kernel 1

      Good evening everyone. GM is there any ritual a pregnant woman can embark on in order to keep negative energies away from her and her unborn child. Most times women wears pins saying it protects the unborn child from bad people

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      We have so far taught a lot of rituals for keeping negative energies away. These rituals are practical to anyone, pregnant or not pregnant.

      When you talk about attaching pin (office pin) on a cloth. You must understand that the practice serves only a purpose. It only protect you from a charm which people know as ntụtụ. A spell cast which pushes numerous pin inside your body which if not noticed earlier, administration of injection leads to early death.
      Attaching pin on your cloth only prevent you from such charm but not all charms.

      There are so many ways you can get self protection from various charms and witchcraft. One is to insert ọgwụ amosu in your body.
      With this, you will stay safe from being hypnotised or affected by poisonous charms.

      Thank u wise one.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      One thing you must know with charm is that charm has to do with powers.
      If powers coming against you are greater than what is seen in you, resistance stands little or no chances.

      This is why it takes different measures for protective charms. Do you know that okpoto mmụọ is one of the major anti poison/ charms?

      I don’t like exposing top secrets but you people often move me into doing things against my wish. However, we are still on our tradition as seen @ great light house of wisdom discussion forum where we reveal all truth for the benefits of mankind.

      We use okpoto to carry masquerade on a special occasion where other dangerous masquerades and dibias have to attend.
      Example: festive period or masquerade contest.

      Here, another secret remains that an okpoto stem gotten beside river serves like an okpoto plant which is planted by a spiritualist burying an egg, ntụ Nsị egbe, ógbè oseoji, mkpụrụ akwụ ojukwu and akwa ngwele on the ground before planting the okpoto.
      These two different okpoto are different from okpoto plant seen in the bush or forest.
      We call the okpoto planted at home using the above method okpoto achara acha. Meaning it’s more like a juju, excess power.

      It serves so powerful like okpoto by the side of water or inside water _river which we call okpoto iyi.
      These are known as okpoto amosu!

      You can use them for protection against charms. We use them to prepare protective charms. Here, dry them on the sun (expose on the sun till it is dried).
      Masquerades carry it, crossing on the mouth so the followers.
      No amount of spell casting touches them.

      Nothing you can do to get them hypnotised.
      We call it okpoto gbagburu enyi (okpoto that strike death the elephant).
      We call it okpoto mmụọ (okpoto spirit). During treatment to a person infected with poisonous charms, because charm is proving effective been manifest by the spirits. As a doctor, for quick relief, you have to put across okpoto plant across the door step of your treatment room or patient room. This practice keeps the disturbing spirit of away thereby exposing the patient to quick recovering.

      Finally, I have spells which I often give to families, parents with children.
      The spell is a mixture of plants, nuts, birds, animals and roots which has been purified and joined together before the great ezumezu for fight against witchcraft (amosu).

      palm kernel 2

      We put them inside a plastic can where you have to put udeaki inside or any cream oil of your choice for body lotion. Use daily for children and yourself. It protects you from evil eyes and witchcraft attacks.

      It fights and protects children from witchcraft attacks.
      It protects children from bad dreams, attack at night which is known as nightmare, night cry, restlessness and convulsion (ife ike) .
      Use daily on them if you put udeaki (black palm kernel oil).

      It’s also best use for children who are dada to keep them safe from strange attack coming from their sects(ndị otú).
      It protects against hypnotisation having so many dangerous roots to name but few are: ugagu, inyi, okpoto iyi, garlic, lemon grass etc
      It contains leaves such as iyi eri ọba, ebube agụ, agamevu, efulefu, okporo ede mmụọ, etc
      It contains ugene ilu, akwụ ojukwu, mkpịsị aka enwe, anụ bụ idiot, obi agu, isi agulo, chichangele, ikwighikwi, etc

      We wrap it up with a black cloth, attaching ego ayori (pending) .
      It will serve you till world comes to an end hence all things are dried and can’t be rotten.

      palm kernel 3

      You only have to change oil from time to time to help serve you better. Each time the oil finish, do refill with pure udeaki _ black palm kernel oil.
      The protection comes without oil unless you demand for oil, we can add it oil.

      As I said earlier you can use it with udeaki or any lotion oil. Example, these oil they use which you were meant to call ‘olive oil’ (in Nigeria).
      Go for body lotion oil. Anything body lotion oil which is applicable if you can’t get udeaki.
      It lasts eternal and can’t spoil.
      It’s what families have known me for.

      It goes for the fee of 10,000 naira with waybill charges nation wide.
      The price here comes with little palm kernel black oil inside.

      Whenever the oil gets exhausted, you add oil again and keep for daily and future usage.

      For daily usage : Dip your finger and lick the oil during stomach bite or whenever you feel body disorder and can’t ascertain what really happen to you.
      No child that you use the oil who experience convulsion and night disturbances (fear at night).

      It fights against witches that fall upon someone. It performs numerous protection works for humanity.

      Did I say it serves beyond these?
      You can tell that when you begin to use it.
      This is spirituality. We give back to nature what nature has given to us.
      Ife ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

      palm kernel



      Thanks for such enlightening knowledge, Odogwu akataka

      Thanks a bunch, the great spiritual navigator isi mmiri Igbo nile.ones i have the money i will via you ASAP

      Ututu Oma, GM

      Sir, please how do one settle his/her ogbanje mates to be in peace with them and gain favors from them?
      Especially when they are showing you pepper and blocking all progress

      Please help, GM

      Angel guide.

      May you days be long Odogwuakataka 1, OSI Mmili Igbonile, the eyes of the gods, The Great Grand Master, My Lord Spiritual, Ekenem GI ke me kwa ndi iji eje. I great the monitors of this great group, may the gods reward you all for this services.

      Odogwuakataka 1, even if I give you silver or gold it will not be enough to pay for the great wisdom you have impacted in me more especially making me to be free from ofeke (foolishness) ndi uka, for this selfless services you are rendering to humanity may the gods and goddesses who have called you reward you heavily, Thank You my father.

      Pls I have a question, I see people wear four cowries on their neckless, I ask my father is there is any spiritual effect to that? Pls I want to know sir.

      Iseeee.Odogwu akataka,isi mmiri igbo nile,okara mmadu okara mmuo,I respect you a lot,may the Gods and Goddesses keep you for us.
      Dear GGM ,greetings to you the one and only ODOGWU AKATAKA ,The Great mouthpiece of the gods and goddesses.. Pls can/does this also solve the issues of eating in the dream,which is a major issue to me,if not what can I do to get over this(eating in the dream].May we continue to be favoured by the gods and goddesses, as the angels guide.More lights on our paths .iseeeee

      GM I will need this one please

      …does it provide protection as well when the amusu/charm is targeted at ones biz/endeavors.Much regards still.Iseeee

      EGBOH :
      Issee. Thank you wise one. Long live!!!

      I have a family member who said she is barren because a neighbour in the village touched her womb days after wedding. I have read and seen things like that happened on social media. I mean real life experience. What can such a woman do to become pregnant . Does a touch from an evil person blocked a woman from conceiving? If yes, what is the remedy?

      I write to encourage everyone pls when assignments are given and u ve taken it to last letter be very patient oo they ways of the gods and goddesses are different ooo 8yrs of affliction has been broken oo I thank the gods and goddesses and the wisdom of gm and his patients to guide us wen we are even going and talking astray he really is a father to us oo don’t for once take his words with kids gloves cos wisdom comes from him in his purest form isee

      3month ago we went and carried out our assignment wen we we’re done we expected instant magic but gm said spirituality is not magic patients wen u obey instructions u wait until the spirit in their time for ur sake act on ur behalf they will surely act we we’re so impatient but GMs fatherly rebuke and tough love kept us in check now see oo things we are looking for after 8yrs are coming to play ooo pls I encourage all obedience and patients is key to liberation oo

      Our faces are different so is our problems and solutions so is the time of our liberation are different but wen we remain true to instructions and we carry it out thus we not only reap the benefit we challenge our Chi our ancestors our agwu our realm of origin our spiritual mates all infinite possibilities that we av obeyed acted our own path it up to them to acknowledge and act their own path wch its dependent on their wisdom cos they are wiser .

      Never underestimate the teachings of the wise even if u don’t understand as at when ur in despiration be patient just for a while cos the wise see afar thus they can’t mislead u remain focus listen to wisdom assimilate it understand knowledge and carry out instructions thus ur liberation is at hand when u question ask to learn not to grumble remain steadfast to instructions at all time u will reap the benefit in no distant time.isee

      You’re a blessing

      Thank you chidi my joy has no end oo am dancing joyously.

      And all that adhere to the instructions and teachings of gm wisdom is really profitable to direct watch and see how ur flowers will blossom in no distant time so mote it be.

      I was a witness. And we celebrated together. Odogwu Akataaka. You must live for us. More light to your great part our father.

      Wondrous testimony

      Odogwu Akatanka, the great one with an outstanding wisdom. I great u and thank you beyond measure for your teachings and uncovering the truth in the spirit realm. May u live long… Isee

      Am so happy for u my bro,am a living testimony our joy will know no bound,our GGM u will live long to enjoy the fruits of ur labour Iseeeee.

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        Odogwu Akataka, I greet you, today is my first time in this group and with the testimonies am seeing here, you are truly a great man. I will notify you once I gather the money. Life has really dealt with I and my sisters. You shall live long to reap the good things of your labour. Iseeee


          Greetings GM,how can I make the order of the protection oil against witchcraft as its not including in the to pay and order for it.thank you

          Future President

            Good morning sir

            please I am interested in the black perm kernel  oil, protection oil. i live in Abuja. How do I go about it? does it also work for open doors?


              Odogwuakataka I great you great one.

              Please how do I know my chi and how can I settle him please guide me on this, thanks.


                Good evening Odogwu akataka the wise one,I greet you sir.

                please how do I place order and make payment for the black protection oil for witchcrafts am based in Lagos sir.


                  Good evening Grand master. I am grateful for your wisdom and guidance. What is the cost in $ please? Greetings everyone. Iseeeeee


                    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Please am new here and I’ve read a lot already, am in utmost bewilderment because I’ve been running away from my background and root, now am willing to learn, it’s a gradual step and I believe I’ll get their with your help GM.</p>
                    Thank you and more light on your path

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