Can a Spiritualist Do Work For Anyone Without Their Presence?

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      Greetings to our supreme father odogwu akataaka and all the members to this great forum. GM, please I want to ask if it will be affective/potent for a dibia to tie Aja ogbo na ukeh for someone who is having setback in his business that base in overseas without demanding his presence?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Dibịa can do anything for anyone presence or absence using his name no matter where he is based. Never forget, we are human and spirit. Do you even know that human beings are also spirits beings?

      If you know the truth as said, that simply means you can connect to anyone wherever you are using spiritual knowledge. Through air you can easily gain direct link with someone living oversea and under sea. Through water you can gain access to someone seen and unseen. Through fire or sun (light) you can gain fast access to someone known or unknown to you providing you have his or her right details.

      What a dibịa needed about you to perform any ritual is not your presence or picture but your real names and identity.

      I don’t work with pictures.

      None has ever given me a picture for work.

      I have work with names and identity.

      We are few who can access the code. Only those with greater powers and knowledge knows the possible means to access it.

      Remember, air is a spirit.

      Water is a spirit.

      Earth_ land is a spirit.

      So the sun, trees and other things seen and unseen.

      Because they are, you can access any human being live or dead with these elements providing you have their names and details.

      Names is one of the commonest nature link to all creatures. If you can call iroko tree and someone who knows it will not provide bamboo tree for you in its place. Knowing what you called and what that was made available for you would confirm it. You can do so with in identity of anyone by calling names of anyone by his/her true names.

      If Aeroplan by air could take you to Canada from Nigeria without missing its way on air, so juju, ritual sacrifices could work on Chidera Nwachukwu Uzoatuegwu in Pakistan without delay.

      Don’t forget, just like aeroplane don’t move without a pilot, so juju do not move without a pilot.

      The great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. Ajọ nwa.

      These are things you know better to make a different man. By the revelation and true knowledge of the spirits, we are liable to make a difference. Using available true spiritual information in our space to rule our world. It’s not a magic. Don’t be deceived.
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