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    Dada: All you Must Know About Dada (Dreadlocks)

    Obiora Jerry:
    Great one can u enlighten me on Dada

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    What do you want to know about Dada?

    Obiora Jerry:
    Please I want to know more about Dada

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    You want us to discuss Dada?
    Get to know that all Dada are mariners (nwa mmiri).
    When a marine child is born, as a result of his earthly mission, his sect (ndị nje ya, ndị ọgbọ na uke ) would pay him a visit all day and night.
    When they come, what they do is to keep playing with him (entertainment). As days goes by, as his/her hairs kept getting stronger, they begin to lock the hairs (causing dreadlock).
    While these happens, parents or the nursing mother is restricted to put on lamp at night in a room where the child sleeps.
    Should you do, they would torture the new born causing him sickness and disturbances.
    This is when you have discover that he/she does cry all night (as soon as they arrive).

    If the parents takes note, putting off the light, they continue with their assignment to lock the hairs silently.
    As the child grows, the hair keep locking together.
    Should you don’t want the child to keep dread, you have to consult a spiritualist for necessary ritual sacrifices, appeasing them.
    It’s during this ritual performance that we (spiritualist) seek for their permission to allow the new born to grow for whatever be the mission.
    This has to be perfectly done without mistake hence 85% of Dada has powers to undertake their mission at any early stage in life irrespective their age.
    They are pure Ogbanje, 100%.

    Yes it’s through our earthly mission in Connection with our realm of origin proves all human to be ọgbanje but their own is over 100%, if we have over 100%.
    Therefore, everything about Dada calls for special attention.
    Some Dada spoke before eight to nine months while some have fast walk.
    They never have and wish delay for their mission world.
    That’s why they often seen doing things faster than their equals.

    During the ritual performances, mutual agreements are reached between the spiritualist and the sect, which is expected to pass across the parents or guardian.
    These are possible reasons for seasonal rituals done for Dada to help their destiny such as saraka.

    Most often they would give clear information, restricting the parents from exposing the child to so many things (which the parents needs to observe for well being of the child).
    When these are carefully done, it help the child’s destiny as soon as possible
    A situation whereby parents are ofeke (lacking spiritual knowledge of all these) it has negative effects in Dada upbringing. This might bring about constant visit to hospital thus the child do fall sick occasionally. When this happens, the (Ofeke) parents keep taken the child to hospital for medical check up owing to the night cry or sickness caused by the sects.

    Ogadinma Njinkeonye:
    Greetings GGM

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Religion has as well played an ugly role towards this development. A situation whereby an ofeke pastor would be consulted in such case.
    When he comes, he takes ground nut oil which they called olive oil and pour on the child’s head and ask for razor to cut the hair claiming he is now a heavenly child.
    Spirits can’t be chase away like chickens.

    Ogadinma Njinkeonye:
    I will need you to consult for me about my life

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    It spelt doom when done, because you have neglected them, not following the proceedings, you have ignorantly subject the child’s destiny in trier. This is how good number of destiny are lost ignorantly Courtesy of ofeke parents.

    Your parents can’t be your spirit guide. The last your mother or your father would do, is to become your spirit guide or act as your spirit destiny helper.
    It’s not permitted and can’t be possible. They can only help train you to become a doctor, engineer etc. If these training they offered to you happens to go contrary to the purpose why you are here (mission world), success won’t come by no matter how far you tried. Because it’s not why you are here! You won’t have spirit permit! They won’t permit you to have success in all endeavor.

    To effect their powers, they is when would come against you in many ways, exposing you to danger and challenges, causing trouble and accidents, bringing ruin and calamity to your ends. They must devise a mean to hurt you down; causing frustration.

    This is all about Dada

    Angels guide



    Odogwu akaatata my name is Nnajiofor obioha I am dada too and I don’t know where my own dada is taking me to.i am confused for over years,my business is not moving well,I travelled to abroad and came back with nothing.please tell me what to do in other to stop all this problem thanks.

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