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Difference between your chi, onye ụwa, ndị ụwa and ndị otu.

Forums CHILDREN Difference between your chi, onye ụwa, ndị ụwa and ndị otu.

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    Odogwu Akataaka:
    The Difference Between Your Chi, Onye Ụwa, Ndị Ụwa and Ndị Otú.

    (Copied from our Whatsaap discussion forum @Light house of wisdom)
    Knowing the difference between your Chi (guardian angel), Onye ụwa (reincarnator), Ndi Otu (realm of origin) and Ndi Uwa (re-incarnate). Questions people ask and answers that help knowledge:

    Adigom: If I may ask how is chi different from onye uwa, I thought onye uwa is the same thing as chi?

    Ernest Lagos: They are both different.

    Gerrald Adazi: They are different

    Adigom: Pls what’s the difference? More light to your path.

    Gerrald Adazi: Chi is your guidian angel. Onye uwa is your reincarnate (pass life).

    Adigom: I know my onye uwa but I thought they are the same, it means I don’t know my chi.

    Gerrald Adazi: Your onye uwa, may be your great grand parents or ancestors that reincarnate you, but chi is your spirit guide. Reincarnation comes in place if one had an unfulfilled or unsuccessful mission on earth before death so he or she will be back to earth to complete it. So dear, chi and onye uwa are not same. You can know your chi through consultations…

    Ernest Lagos: If your onye uwa is your great grand parents or ancestors, then who are your ndi uwa and ndi otu?
    What are the differences?
    Did you know?
    Was it not mostly called ndi uwa and ndi otu?

    Gerrald Adazi: Ndi uwa or ndi otu is simply your realm of origin, as we have mariners e.t.c. We all came from a realm in the spirit…..

    Odogwuakataaka: In addendum, we say ndi uwa and ndi otu (plural). When we say ndi uwa, we simply mean your reincarnator(s). Because, your onye uwa has onye uwa also, you are now in union with them making them your ‘ndi ụwa’ _ Re_incarnator(s).
    It’s quite understanding that your re-incarnator (person who has existed), came for a mission which someone has earlier came before him. This is the possible reason you see lineage that are gifted with music or dibia (spiritism) or wrestler (ọka mgba).
    We say, his father was a dibia or a wrestler. So his great grand father and great grand grand father was. If you happen to become a wrestler in same lineage as a result of re-incarnate, perhaps you are the 9th generation or 5th, those who have existed for the same course are your ‘ndi ụwa’ – Re_incarnator(s) while the immediate dead relative is your reincarnator _ onye ụwa.
    They are spirits who you are to consult when you need spiritual guide, helping your earthly mission.
    They are the ones who are to attend to your course. Telling you what to be done and how to do it. They are the ones who are to visit you in the dreams as ndi ichie (ancestors) for better and for worse.
    Whenever and wherever you summoned them, they must answer! They can’t hide their faces away from you neither will they keep quite when you call upon them. Because, you are here for them as well as they are there for you. Reason you must not maintain a distance with the ancestors.
    When you saw an elder or elders in the dream providing answers to your difficult questions and sometimes providing help. Know that the ancestors, your reincarnator(s) are at work.
    This is when you sit and get guidance from elders in the dream upon prayer request. They can only do this using wisdom. Whichever measure they find possible to deliver such services, they apply. This is why they are wise. Knowledge that makes a difference.

    Then, your ndi otu simply means your realms of origin. The spirits who are there. The spirits which you left to the world for a mission. They are your ndi otu!
    These spirits play a different role but similar role like ndi ụwa.
    The only difference as seen in both is that they have not existed here on earth as human beings.
    In most cases, when you call upon them, because they aren’t human and moreover, as a result of your spiritual level, they may find pleasure answering you using the face of human being. They are reason we have iyi ụwa (water of Reincarnate), for the mariners.

    Furthermore, we say ‘Chi gi’ (your guardian angel)

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    Grand Master

    This spirit person is different also. Before we make a visit to this world from our different realms, each of us was assigned with individual spirits guide.

    It is this spirit person who accompany you to the world and have to be with you all through your earthly existence, in good and bad moment until death do you apart. We call him ‘Chi ụwa’.
    This chi is why people answers Chibụzọ (god is first). When we hear about this chi, don’t misunderstand him to be same as the creator. The creator is not your chi ụwa (spirit guide). Chinedu m ije (god that lead my path). Chibugom (god my success) Chibuihem (god is light to my path ). Chi bu onye inye Akam (god my helper).
    These and lots more are individual names we bear which talks about our chi and his responsibilities to our individual lives.
    This is why each and everyone of us must know and draw close to his/her Chi (spirit guide). We only lost in life, suffer untold hardship when we lost contact with this spirit person’s. When you get connected to him/her, you make a difference.
    It’s this spirit guide which takes your prayers and request to the spirit world whenever you pray (been a messenger).
    It’s this spirit person who answers on your behalf whenever you are summoned in the spirit, in good or bad.
    Knowing all these ask you to draw closer to your chi, build strong spiritual connect with your chi uwa and see how your life changes for good.
    Many person’s have lost knowledge of life and activities as seen on earth therefore suffers the penalty. This is why some face early death even when it wasn’t their time to die.
    This is why some suffered untold hardship, even when it’s not their destiny.
    This is why some are been subjected to slavery even when they have crown on their head.
    This is why people work like elephants to eat like ants.
    When you lost contact with your chi, the power behind your destiny will be hidden.

    When this is happening, don’t misunderstand the concept. Be careful not to point filthy fingers on innocent people, accusing them of bewitching you.
    It’s all your fault, therefore don’t blame anyone neither do you blame the gods.
    While we always say, THE GODS ARE WISE!
    indeed they are wise!
    They can’t force you to know what you should know neither will they force you to do what you should do.
    Human and spirits were given freedom. We have freedom of decision, this is why you have the right to choose whatever life style that befit you. Be it good or bad, yet you leave (if your gods permit).

    Good number of people who feed with gun today, it’s never their destiny to make a living in blood shed and robbery, instead, they chose to do so.
    While you thread on a path different from your destiny, you lost peace of mind.
    Your heart beats in each attempt and every mission undertaken.

    Grand Master

    It’s a sign of warning from your spirit guide, telling you it’s dangerous for you.
    If you heed to him and take aback, it get better for you, if not, you have yourself to blame!

    When you are right in your path of life, the true sign is PEACE OF MIND.
    This is first thing you experience!
    When this is done, keep fit rituals and see success comes your way.
    We get lost of our destiny upon spiritual ignorance.
    When you lost spiritual knowledge, you lost angels guide.
    This is when you don’t read signs, listen perhaps to hear sound of warning from your chi, this is a time you do things at your will without seeking spiritual approval.
    When you find yourself in this arena, YOU ARE GONE! You are finished.
    Worthless are your lives.
    You don’t live on purpose and for a purpose.

    Because you have chosen ignorance over wisdom, your chi have no other choice than to allow calamity to befall you. What happens, you become victim of accident, prisoner, gun shot, poison, poverty, failure and disappointment etc.

    If the mission is so important that you must live to fulfill it (which are slightly), what they do (the gods) is to allow you suffer for a time been and from that point of suffer get you reconnect to the true path.
    This is where and how we come unto our destiny helpers upon hardship or trouble times.

    If they have considered and found the mission replaceable, you get lost and another person will be born for the true mission. These are reasons why you
    must be careful in life. Knowing that your life benefit you more than you think it benefits the gods.

    In no distance time, I shall find time to teach you what happens after death when you lost your destiny (purpose of life, birth).
    Because good number of persons think death is the end. In the lecture, I shall bring you details on what happens to he who lived unfulfilled destiny. Telling you that death is a transition not an end.
    The gods are wise!

    This is light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules, we tell you the truth day after day. Whatever is the truth, that is what we live up to telling you. We don’t care how you accept it to be true. So far it’s the truth, we make it known to you.
    The truth you know shall set you free. We have gone far in the realms of spirits and can’t return as failures. This is why we are different!
    We are different because we know the truth!
    It’s only true spiritual information that brings about desired wisdom.
    Wisdom in application is the power.
    Why the wise are the most powerful you may ask?
    Its because:
    No power without wisdom!
    No wisdom without truth!!
    No truth without information!!
    While you need spiritual information/knowledge.
    @Light house of wisdom where knowledge rules, we keep spiritual updates to help you make a difference.
    These we do upon angels guide.
    Because we got our first in spirituality, haven paid our dues, we deliver at any point in time without any form of attack and obstructions.
    Angels guide!
    More light to our paths.

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