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      Capuchin Obum…..
      what is the different between mystic religion and odinala,am interested to join AMORC,will that be a problem if i combine it with odinala religion???

      Capuchin Obumnemechukwuanoo Ichie Iyiagbaoku you must know why light house of wisdom is here. Light house of wisdom is here for the truth. The truth is for the people! This is why it’s always our slogan saying, THE TRUTH WE KNOW, WE MAKE KNOWN TO YOU. It’s a deep word but then, ofeke never understood.

      If you concur that light house of wisdom is here with the truth for the people, you should not consult light house of wisdom on your personal decision. All you needed is the truth, hence truth offers best guide. It saves the life of its owner!! You can only invite us to help on your choice of decision when you lack knowledge of the truth.

      Truth gives you maximum freedom to make choices and live a free life in your world. This we encourage, support and advertise. Do whatever that pleases you but BE WISE.

      Ignorant (ofeke) can only cause regret, the leader and director of HAD I KNOWN. This is why you must be very careful and avoid been ofeke maka na ofeke ajọka.

      Often do we say, don’t engage yourself with any religious body. Have you not heard or read from us that religion is a human ideology which contradict the truth? No religion is perfect or near perfection. No religion has helped human race. No religion stand for truth but for selfish interest. Call it ARMOC or whatever, so far it’s a religious body, they are same.

      Who I am to choose a life for you or stand against your decision when you had seen a very good reason to do as your heart pleases? It’s your life and your world. Live it to the fullness but BE WISE.

      Ọdịnala you talked about if “you younger spiritual practitioners” and “new generation” would understand: is not a religion. Ọdịnala is not a religion.

      Do you know what the word ọdịnala means? It’s true that we all speaks Igbo but then not all of us understand most Igbo we spoke often.

      This is what ọdịnala means in Igbo Language.

      Ọdịnala means what is already founded on earth before human existence. Ọdịnala in other hands stands for What was, What is, What shall be. This is why the wise often has this saying that ọdịnala anaghị anwụ anwụ _ ọdịnala is immortal (it never die).

      If this happens to be a puzzle and you were asked to find that which was before human creation, that which is with men and shall forever be with men: what could be your answer?

      Your answer can’t be different from the truth we know.

      It’s the spirits!

      Spirits are the ọdịnala we talked about.

      Ọdịnala aren’t that which you thought neither is it what you were meant to believe. This is why you must be careful not to call ọdịnala a traditional religion.

      Tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.

      This is what we also call ọdịbendị in Igbo Language. Tradition of the people looks like a religion of the people hence it talks about belief of the people.

      If this is truth because it’s true, the question remains, does light house of wisdom stand for ọdịbendị _ tradition?

      To answer the question, I have to tell you that I have been to India on spiritual matters which I spent three good years. India is a country not here in African. They don’t share border with Nigeria or Africa yet they practice ọdịnala.

      When I left India, before I returned back to Nigeria, I visited Egypt. The reason I named these places is to help truth hence neither shared border with Igbo nation nor Nigeria yet they practice ọdịnala.

      When you talk about ọdịnala, you are talking about finding life to humanity, the truth and the way. It’s true that we have so many traditional religions across the world but here, we aren’t talking about these religions but the word ọdịnala (which was explained earlier).

      Ọdịnala has to do with true spiritual practices. Ọdịnala as the name stand gives us the room to use what was created for the sole purpose of its creation for worship. Remember, it’s only the spirits human owes worship.

      Do you know see what ọdịnala talks about?

      This is why all things we use for worship are not man made but natural. We give back to nature what nature has given to us. As simple as that!

      When you see incense sticks, even when you mistake it for a fire wood, the aroma has to tell you that there’s a different between egbe and égbè. The gods made it possible. It’s wisdom to find reason for creatures.

      This is why we pray the spirits with nzu. Don’t say its Igbo traditional religion. You are mistaken, if you must say that. If ọdịnala are like traditional belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. How come the Indians pray the gods with nzu?

      Do we share same tradition with them? What is the relationship between an Igbo, Yoruba and India, yet we all pray the gods with nzu, incense etc.

      Seeing these proves wisdom of the gods among humanity irrespective where you are and where you come from. Ọdịnala is one, in truth and in spirit. We affirm in Igbo Language, aja ala bụ otu – earth are same wherever you go. Water are same wherever you go _ osimmiri bụ otu na ụwa nille. Urukpuru juru ụwa nille ọnụ _ skies that covers the whole world.

      This true information is mystic powers which the spirits used to conquer and rule over mankind. It’s same air you breath here in Nigeria that the Japanese and English breath for life. It’s same sun and moon. These true knowledge is what we observe and call ọdịnala. Hence they all exist before human creation. They shall be till infinity. They are immortal. They are spirits messengers.

      Ọdịnala is not a religion but true spiritual practices through which we worship and commune with the spirits.

      This is why it’s same marine rituals that we practice across the word irrespective the race and the people. All earthly inhabitants with wisdom acknowledge mariners.
      When we do these, be careful not to say it’s a traditional religion. You are deceiving yourself!

      We take knowledge of the power as seen on the sun and the moon, the stars and the air. These information wasn’t meant known in any assembly of the people but was possibly made known to mankind by the gods and goddesses (the infinite possibilities). Seeing these, wisdom makes you understand that mmụọ dike _ spirits are powerful.

      When we perform sacrifices with animals, the effects speaks volume, makes changes when the sacrifices are well received by the gods. This practice doesn’t asks where it was done and who did it. So far you has the knowledge and ability to practice it, the result remains same any day, any time, and any where.

      Ọdịnala do not maintain same name and same manner of practices among the people as seen in religion. Just like the Igbo saying, nkụ dị na mba, n’eghere mba nri. This is why “ọdịnala” because its a subject to nature permits human race to practice the truth within their ability. Not been yoked with norms, models, pattern and sequence.

      In ọdịnala practice, no one is a leader or supreme leader if not the gods and goddesses. Do you now understand while we don’t have anyone to pay tithe and offering to?

      Do you now see the reason why I, no matter my level as a “Grand Master Of Knowledge” had never acknowledged you become my disciples but often ask you know the truth? Do you now understand why it’s always my wish to teach you how to fish instead of given you fishes? Mmụọ dike!

      We practice upon angels guide hence no human is a master above others. We are equal from same creator and none should be considered a master or supreme being if not the gods and goddesses.

      Ọ bụ ha bụ ndị ike na ikenga. Ọ bụ ha ji ọfọ weere na_enye anyị bụ mmadụ ọfọ. This is why none dies and go with ọfọ to the land of spirits. You die and leave ọfọ behind as a messenger who has finished his mission. Another missionary takes over, anyị ọ kpọọkwa ya aka ji ọfọ. Life goes on!

      We freely practice, worship and commune the gods as seen within us. This is why I as an Igbo can’t be praying with unfamiliar names such as Eledumare, Mohammed, Jesus, Shekina, Adọnaị, Shitu, Budha, Abraham, Jacob, Serigne Fall, Serigne Mbake but with the name Chukwu Okike (the most high, grand creator) Agwụ nsi m(spirits of my mystic powers) Ndị ichie be anyị(my ancestors), àjà ala be anyị (mother earth), anyanwụ na agbara (the sun and her ministers), osimiri na ndị bi n’ime osimiri dịka nwa mmiri m bụ (marine and the gods and goddesses that dwelt there in. I pray them as a mariner been my realm of origin. The truth I know not what I belief or was thought to believe. I know who I am), etc.

      It’s through ọdịnala practices that each and everyone of us come to understand oneself.

      If I have said the truth I know. Haven read it, I pray the spirit of wisdom to help interpretation so that you understand the information to help your decision. Whatever you decide, let it be as it is unto you.

      I am a priest, not a judge or a decision maker. I don’t decide for the people. I only tell people the truth I know.
      Angels guide

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