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      Odogwu Akataaka:
      There’s this misinformation, misguiding that we often get from said spiritualist upon spiritual consultation which I have to state clear right now.

      This misinformation has been on for only gods know how long. Leaving people in confused state. It has to do with Chi ụwa and Onye ụwa (your spirit guard and your Reincarnator).

      Often do spiritualists with little spiritual information make people understand that your onye ụwa is your chi ụwa.

      Often do people assume that their chi ụwa is same as their ònye ụwa. This is where services of a truth sayer is highly required. A truth sayer is different from a spiritualist hence not all spiritualists are truth sayers.

      A truth sayer is a person who knows the truth and often says the truth he knows and at the same time defends the truth he knows.

      It’s true that to know the truth, you must become spiritually enlightened thus it is spirit that giveth wisdom. Without wisdom, none could have access to the truth

      This is why all true spiritualists know the truth but few are truth sayers.

      Back to the issue of the moment, onye ụwa and chi ụwa.

      Your chi edu m ụwa we have discussed in details. At this period, no old member of light house of wisdom can get confused over who is chi ụwa mmadụ – one’s spirit guard. But onye ụwa we haven’t discussed in details.

      For more information on chi ụwa, click to read

      What is Chi And Who is Your Chi (Spirits/Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel)?

      Now to know your onye ụwa _ your reincarnator.

      Last night we discussed about the ancestors, who they are.

      Having known much about the ancestors reading from our discussions last night, would help this very discussion this morning. Angels guide.

      While discussing the ancestors last night, you were made to understand that your ancestors are people who shared lineage with you. They are our dead parents _forefathers. The great grand father, the great grand grand fathers, the great grand grand grand ……… Are the ancestors.
      Truth never lies!

      This is why we must keep saying the truth no matter what happens, maka gịnị? Eziokwu bụ ndụ _ because truth is life.

      In one of our discussions, you were made to understand that humans are spirits reincarnate. Everyone as seen here on earth today, yesterday and tomorrow got originated and reincarnated from a kingdom in the realm of spirits.

      We are here on earth to help services. It’s as a result of this true nature call that we have different destinies.

      These destinies are what we know as divine gift of nature to humanity. It is for services to nature. Thus I always say given back to nature what nature has given to us. As simple as that!!

      We are called to serve and that is why we are here here on earth.
      It’s as a result of this service and destiny given to us that some are herbalists (dibia mkpa akwụkwọ), Root Workers(dibia mgbọrọgwụ), Priests (ndị nchụàjà), some have passion for sowing cloths and we call them tailors, some have passion for singing, we call them singers (musicians), some have comic characters, we call them comedians, some have passion for electronics etc.

      Now, this passion as I used here has to do with your destiny. I have to review this hence good number of you find it impossible to know and acknowledge your destinies. Hereby suffering today!

      It’s that which is deposited in you that your spirit often seek for. A child who follows his passion ends up becoming a super star.

      Giving up is like giving up your life and purposes. This passion is a clear way by which our destinies are reviewed to us.

      This is why without knowing what is law, you ask a pupil what he would want to become as he grows up. He soundly answers saying” I wish to become a doctor when I grow up”

      Ask him/her one million times night and day, if she keeps saying same thing without mixing words, train him to become a doctor as he often proclaims.
      The reason has to do with the pure spirit which is still in him/her.

      Remember at this very stage we talk about the child is still a virgin. That’s to say, he still lives in purity. Don’t neglect what he says, it has spirit supports.

      When one is sent for a purpose to take care of things created, as a messenger, we now come here to do the work assigned to us. When we arrive here on earth. We must come through a family lineage.

      This is when one would be born into family of Eke or Nkwọ. They say, he is a son of Okorie and Amaka.
      As he grows, his chi guards him for the true mission for which he was born.

      Hope you are following? Your chi guides you_Chi onye edube ya ije na ụwa ya. Our people would say, chi gị dube gị _ may your angel guide you!

      This chi is whom we made you understand earlier that he is a spirit that is assigned to you in the realm of spirits to help lead you in the world as well as helping your destiny to manifest.

      As your chi leads, it’s this chi who now teaches you how to make designs.


      This is when you may have grown up, having interest on sewing (as a tailor).

      Sitting, sleeping, walking on the road, you often come up with thoughts to create designs. When you sit down, you think deep over the pattern. When you may have drawn it, you begin to create the design on your sewing machine. Upon perfection, people see it and have to appreciate the style. They place demands.

      You have so many works to do for the people. After some while, you will be known as a good designer, a professional designer. This is when our peoples would say, chi onye etube ya ugo.

      Those who have passion for football, entertainment go on doing their best. Coming up with different dancing styles.

      As a dancer, when you sleep, your chi shall lead you to a realm where you see different dancing styles. Sometimes you practice with them.

      When you wake up, you remember the dream and wish to repeat same dance style.
      When you did, you became perfect and people learn from you.

      Good morning odogwu akataaka

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Asị na gị buputara egwu ọfụ. That Okeke or Mgbeke has a new dance style. Hearing this, the people, congregation would summon you to come and dance perhaps with your group.

      You honor their invitation. Your coming would be like coming of new moon. Everyone would want to see you dance as a good dancer. They have to cheer you up.

      As many as possible gift shall be given to you. People enjoy, have fun and be happy for being a human. These are reasons each and every one of us is here today. To help in one different way and another. The reason we keep praying, saying: live and let’s live (egbe bere ugo bere).

      Its your destiny that shall make you great and wealthy upon angels guide.
      It’s the gift of a man that makes him rich.

      Another who has gift of singing shall as well be guided by his chi.

      To so many realms he shall be taken to learn how to sing and how to make chorus. When he attend, he listen to them and have to join them sing most times out to physical world. Sometimes you wake up seeing yourself singing and wish to continue with the song. The more you sing, the more the vibrations!

      You now balance them with stanzas. Sometimes you sing to the hearing of your mother or a close friend who listened as you sleep and sing. When you woke up, he may wish you continue only to find out you could not. Because the music was so good to hear, he may ask you to sing the song for him.
      Seeing these happening, you know that you are in line with your destiny.

      When such a person died, returning to his realm of origin. Because he perfected his earthly mission too well. The people and his people won’t stop crying for his death.

      These are signs telling the gods that services of Onyebuchi is highly needed by the people.

      It’s left for the gods to decide. Upon their decision, they could say, okay. Onyebuchi can’t return back to life having fulfilled his earthly mission but we have to send another spirit person to continue from where he stopped. He has to go through same lineage of Eke family.

      When the spirits arrive through conception (birth).

      The people rejoice that a child is born. As he grows, I Onyebuchi (the spirit and an ancestor) would be his onye ụwa _ his/her reincarnator.
      I shall work with his chi edu m ụwa, making sure that the true mission is fulfilled. This is where your chi ụwa plays a different role from your onye ụwa.

      Onye ụwa here could be the person who now appears often in dancing or singing competitions in an image of human being to show you a sign or protect you from danger (when an enemy attack). He is not your chi.

      Onye ụwa is the person you often see in your dream, who often gives you advice, counsel and teaches you mystics: in human like. Not your chi edu m ụwa.

      He is not your chi hence you can’t see chi. You can’t see a spirit.
      But can see your onye ụwa.
      You can see your onye ụwa with same image of his/her true earthly person. Ya bụ awụrụ mmadụ mbụ ya.

      Chi onye doesn’t turn to human or put on humans image. Onye ụwa does!

      Your onye ụwa, owing to the true purpose of your destiny often visits and watches over you. Knowing this truth is reason we are often ask where necessary to recognise them through sacrifices.

      These ritual sacrifices are possible when he/she has a course to attend on your behalf but lack the powers (energy) to do so. They cry for blood sacrifices!

      Remember when I thought us about sacrifices and powers of sacrifices. I made it clear to us that all spirits requires an energy for work just like humans.

      And this energy they can’t get unless we give it unto them.

      Humans and spirits have mutual relationship.
      They are like left and right. They offer services together.

      What humans are doing for the spirits are equal to what spirits are doing for humans.

      This is why we are said to be prosperous, rich and wealthy knowing and practicing this true knowledge.

      Aka nri kwọọcha aka ekpe, aka ekpe atụgharịa kwọọcha aka nri.
      At a certain point of services, spirits that have services for us require sacrifices to help perfect their mission otherwise they would be restricted in the realm from doing so.

      This is why those who know their being and practice the truth they know make a difference in their world

      It’s not stupid when you see something offering cow to a deity.
      It’s not as a result of too much money that we offer ram sacrifices.
      It’s not because you can buy a fowl or it’s too cheap that we use them for sacrifices.

      When we talk about spiritual empowerment, one’s ability to empower his spirit talks about his greatness and great abundance. We talk about blood sacrifices!

      As human drink water for energy to do work and food so spirits take blood for energy. Have you asked why spirits refused humans not to eat blood but flesh and bones of the animals?

      Wisdom gives you life and comfort, happiness, riches and security. Get knowledge and understanding of the truth.

      Truth is life _ eziokwu bụ ndụ. This is why you must know the truth and practice the truth you know

      The truth you know and practice shall set you free from ignorant, poverty, scarcity, insecurity, and gives you all you deserve. This is why you must say thanks to the gods and goddesses.

      None was created to suffer. We only suffer when we lack knowledge of the truth.
      We only suffer not knowing what we should know.
      Human are asked not to eat blood because blood is food and energy to the spirits.
      These information reache you upon angels guide.

      This is how we do it often right here at great light house of wisdom discussion forum where knowledge of the truth rules.

      I have gone far in the realm of spirit, knowing the truth and can’t return a failure. Its impossible! I have gone too far

      I know the truth, the truth I know makes me a difference man. The truth I know I make known to you so that you make a difference among your equals.

      Shun ofeke maka na ofeke ajọka. Nke bụ eziokwu.

      Ife ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ. More light on our paths as angels guide us all.


        I’m a new comer here and I’m very happy to be here. My question now is how to know my Guardian angel, I know my Reincarnator but I don’t know my Guardian angel.
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          Grand master please how do i know my Guardian Angel and my Reincarnator ?


            I feel blessed to have found this forum: I have come to know my chi uwa, in the spirit person of great Menadel and my onye uwa, in the person of Duru Ihedoro. My question now is how to relate and communicate with them…




              Good day I’m new here, how can I know chi uwa and onye uwa?


                Greetings, the Grand Master of wisdom, greetings to fellow wisdom seekers.

                Please how do I contact the Grand Master, either by phone or email. I joined the telegram group but no activities. I’m facing serious opposition in my workplace both physical and spiritual.

                Hypeman Rich

                  Can you communicate with your spirit guard through soliloquy?


                    Thanks very much for the teaching. How is the feeding of Onye uwa done? Is it something one can do alone on her own?

                      1. Great teaching

                        Thanks for the teaching and I want to ask if I always see my Chi in dreams and later I don’t see him again what is the cause?


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